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Brian Hoyer
Listen up you Brian Hoyer haters, he didn’t cost the Cleveland Browns a win over the Ravens he out-performed Joe Flacco.

How long are people going to be hating on Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer? The guy played an amazing game against the Baltimore Ravens. He out-performed Joe Flacco, who won a Super ...

Johnny Manziel
It’s time to stop with the Johnny Manziel on the field distractions. The Cleveland Browns offense doesn’t need him at this point.

The Cleveland Browns should stop interrupting the flow of their offense, by putting Johnny Manziel into the game. Head coach Mike Pettine, was right when he said he didn’t want to force ...

paul kruger
3 Keys for the Cleveland Browns to beat the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday.

Here we are, week 3 of the NFL season, the Cleveland Browns are coming off a huge win over the New Orleans Saints and the Baltimore Ravens are their next opponent. The ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns QB Brian Hoyer is getting his teammates to elevate their abilities with him as their quarterback. That’s how to win in the NFL.

When the Cleveland Browns were dumb enough in this years draft, to trade away the pick that could have brought Sammy Watkins to Cleveland, fans were stunned with amazement. Especially already knowing ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns QB Brian Hoyer showed he has what it takes to start in the NFL.

Coming into the 2014 season, the Cleveland Browns faithful were wondering about Mike Pettine picking Brain Hoyer over their first round draft pick Johnny Manziel at the quarterback position. In the Browns ...

Can the Cleveland Browns had Ben Roethlisberger his second loss since he became the starting QB for the Steelers?

The Cleveland Browns will start their season today, against a quarterback that has only lost once against the Browns. Cleveland’s defense has to apply pressure to Roethlisberger. If the Browns can get ...

Gary Slagle
With the Cleveland Browns about to open their 2014 season, one fan begs Jimmy Haslam III not to have a losing season.

The Cleveland Browns will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, to open their 2014 NFL season. With that being said, one life-long Browns fan is begging team owner Jimmy Haslam III, not to ...

Kyle Shanahan
Browns OC Kyle Shanahan says Johnny Manziel was worth 1st round pick. Why did 21 other teams pass him by?

While the Cleveland Browns new rookie quarterback is out applying for trademarks, his offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was busy telling the media what a great first round pick Manziel was.  Shanahan is ...

Connor Shaw
Can Connor Shaw survive the Cleveland Browns final cuts?

Today at 4:00p.m. Est. The Cleveland Browns have to announce their final 53-man roster. One guy who is hoping he proved his worth to the team is quarterback Connor Shaw. Shaw was ...

Josh Gordon
The Cleveland Browns banished wide receiver Josh Gordon seeks team’s permission to play in the CFL.

When Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon said he loves the game of football, he wasn’t kidding. According to a recent report in Sports Illustrated, Gordon is seeking the teams permission to ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns QB Brian Hoyer “I’m more relaxed than ever.”

When the Cleveland Browns made the decision to name Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback, it was like giving a muscle relaxer to Brian Hoyer. He can now stop looking over his ...

Johnny Manziel
It’s starting to look like the Cleveland Browns wasted another 1st round pick on QB Johnny Manziel.

When the Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel with the 22nd pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, some people were excited. People who really know about NFL football, didn’t ...

Cleveland Browns
Head coach Mike Pettine has plenty of work to do to get his Cleveland Browns ready for the 2014 NFL season.

The Cleveland Browns have started their new era, with a rookie head coach leading the team. Mike Pettine has to be a bit upset with what he saw, in Detroit last night. ...

Ndamukong Suh
It’s too bad the Browns are starting Hoyer, it would have been interesting to see Manziel facing Ndamukong Suh.

When the Cleveland Browns named Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback against the Detroit Lions this Saturday, they took away an interesting match up. It would have been interesting to see how ...

Josh Gordon
Browns WR Josh Gordon participating in practice at camp today. He will phone into his appeal hearing this afternoon.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Josh Gordon is back at practice this morning in full pads practicing with the 1st team. Gordon who is taking part in his appeal hearing, will do so ...

Cleveland Browns
Both Cleveland quarterbacks have plenty of work to do before the season starts.

If you were one of the people who attended the Browns Family Day scrimmage, you already know there is no clear leader in the race to become the starting quarterback, for the ...

Jason Pinkston
Cleveland Browns issued a statement about the absense of OL Jason Pinkston.

After refusing to comment on the absence of their offensive linemen Jason Pinkston, the Cleveland Browns have now issued a statement.  The team said, Pinkston has not been medically cleared to take ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns Brian Hoyer out duels Johnny Manziel on second day of training camp.GM Ray Farmer says Hoyer’s been phenomenal.

Day 2 of the Cleveland Browns training camp, saw Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer, out duel rookie Johnny Manziel. Hoyer was able to complete several nice passes down field, as Manziel seemed to ...

Brian Hoyer & Johnny Manziel
Will the Cleveland Browns pick Brian Hoyer, or Johnny Manziel to start at QB? This is a question Milke Pettine shouldn’t be facing.

When the Cleveland Browns open their training camp this weekend, head coach Mike Pettine will begin the evaluation process of the quarterbacks.  Pettine explained in a recent interview, he will name the ...

Mike Pettine
Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine said the team will stick behind Josh Gordon. He won’t be cut.

Without going into too many details, head coach of the Cleveland Browns, Mike Pettine said; “the team will stand behind Josh Gordon, He won’t be cut.” Pettine was asked in a recent ...

Jimmy Haslam III
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III could still be under criminal investigation for his part in the Pilot Flying J rebate scam.

Just days ago, when we learned the Government and Pilot Flying J truck stops cut a deal, we thought it would end the criminal investigation, surrounding employees of the company. Little did ...

Manziel in bathroom rolling money
Source within the Browns organization reveals team will be giving Johnny Manziel a drug test, they will be plucking out a hair too.

The Cleveland Browns will be sending Johnny Manziel for a drug test, this is what my source inside the Cleveland Browns organization revealed to me. The team is very pissed off about ...

Josh Gordon
Can Josh Gordon and the NFLPA work out a reduced suspension? The Browns are betting on it.

Finally, there is a hearing date set, about the Cleveland Browns star receiver Josh Gordon and his banishment from the NFL for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. The ...

Johnny Manziel and Justin Bieber
Does Manziel’s partying with Bieber have Jimmy Haslam III & the Cleveland Browns concerned?

When the Cleveland Browns heard about their 22nd pick in this years NFL draft partying with Justin Bieber, it seemed to set off an alarm. Think about it, the Browns just finished ...

Jimmy Haslam III
Has Jimmy Haslam III & the Cleveland Browns gotten more than they bargained for with Johnny Manziel who says he won’t change?

The Cleveland Browns might have taken on a big problem with Johnny Manziel. Haslam III asked people in the organization to talk to Manziel, to calm him down, especially with his use ...

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