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Andrew Luck
Stopping Andrew Luck & the Colts offense from scoring 31 points won’t be up to the Cleveland Browns quarterback whoever he is.

When the Cleveland Browns take on Andrew Luck, and his high-powered Indianapolis Colts offense, the problem won't be who the Browns starting quarterback is, it will be how to stop Luck and ...

Brian Hoyer & Johnny Manziel
Browns head coach Mike Pettine now thinks he has 2 starting quarterbacks in Hoyer & Johnny Manziel.

Here we go again. The Cleveland Browns coming into the 2014 season, not knowing who their quarterback is going to be. Pettine thinks both, Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer would be capable ...

Brian Hoyer 21
Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer’s tweet to Ben Tate looks as though he is the starter.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is very excited about the Ben Tate signing. Tate brings a 4.7 yard per carry rushing average to the Cleveland offensive backfield. Hoyer has something to be ...

Johnny Manziel
After the Browns coaching hires, lets hope they don’t waste a draft pick on Johnny Manziel. He won’t last long in the NFL.

The pieces of another Browns coaching staff are falling into place. The Brown are loaded with picks heading into the 2014 NFL draft, and fans have mixed emotions about who the Browns ...

Brandon Weeden9
Browns coach Rob Chudsinski still not naming Brandon Weeden the starting QB.

Rookie head coach Rob Chudzinski still not ready to name Brandon Weeden as the Team's starting quarterback. Weeden looked good in his first preseason game. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner did a good ...

Rob Chudzinski4
Browns coach Chudzinski is not pleased with interceptions. He better get used to it if Weeden is starting.

Head coach Rob Chudzinski is less than pleased with the interceptions his defense is generating in training camp.  Chud has good reason to be worried, he knows in the back of his ...

Weeden sissy
One fan writes in “I lost total respect for the browns,To keep Weedon, what a waste of a human being. Now we have a Sissy QB.”

Yes sir, that is the story of Cleveland Sports. They bring them in and they ship them out of here. Brandon Weeden had a terrible rookie season. The Cleveland Browns front office ...

Colt McCoy 2013
Browns coach Rob Chudzinski mentions Colt McCoy and excitement in same sentence,Colt has a shot at Starting.

Chudzinski hasn't been the coach of the Cleveland Browns for long, but he knows he is going to have to give quarterback Colt McCoy a shot at starting this season. The Browns ...

Brandon Weeden Sacked By American flag
Browns Fans Are Sadly Mistaken The Joe Banner, Brandon Weeden Statement,No Way Is He The Browns Named Starter

All it has taken is one statement from Joe Banner about Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden to throw the ms-informed fans in Cleveland into a Weeden frenzy. Joe Banner did not say Brandon ...

Is The Browns Q.B. Brandon Weeden Guilty Of Freudian slip? Freud Said, “People Say What They Mean”

On Monday the Browns 2012 starting quarterback Brandon Weeden, the man the team used the 22nd pick of the 2012 draft on said; "he didn't believe he could run Chip Kelly's zone-read ...

Some Fans Say Colt McCoy Still Cleveland’s Best Quarterback Why Can’t Shurmur See That?

Some of the fans in Cleveland are saying Colt McCoy is still the better quarterback in Cleveland. Pat Shurmur sure can't see that. For some reason Shurmur's mind was made up to ...

Why Rush Brandon Weeden When He’s Not Ready In Cleveland? Kosar Didn’t Start For 8 Games

The inexperience of the Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur really shows with his decision to prematurely name Brandon Weeden the Browns starting quarterback last week. Even Bernie Kosar didn't start in ...

Browns Weeden Says He Worked Hard For 10 Practices Wow

Brandon Weeden was asked what he thought about being named the Browns starting quarterback for this Friday night when the Browns take on the Detroit Lions in their first pre-season game. Brandon ...

For The First Time Since His Arrival Pat Shurmur Officially Made The Browns His Team Could This Decision Be Fatal

For some reason Head Coach Pat Shurmur had his mind made up the Cleveland Browns were going to screw over Colt McCoy since they drafted Brandon Weeden in the first round. Oh ...

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