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Cleveland Browns football, have you ever seen a team this terrible?

The Cleveland Browns have just lost their 7th game of the 2017 season. This loss came in over-time where they lost to the Tennessee Titans by a score of 12-9. I guess ...

Kyle Shanahan
Is Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan running from the Cleveland Browns front office or Johnny Manziel?

The Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan wants out of Cleveland. We have to wonder if he is running from the Browns front office, or the teams wasted draft pick Johnny Manziel. ...

Browns Flag
The Cleveland Browns impressed by Derek Carr’s pro day.

Will the Cleveland Browns draft a QB in this years NFL draft? The news of Derek Carr's pro day has impressed the Browns front office. Carr had an incredible showing and made ...

Karlos Dansby
Karlos Dansby signs a four year deal with the Cleveland Browns. Well he make it 4 years at 32-years-old?

The Cleveland Browns jumped into free agency with both feet. They signed a couple of guys to good-sized contracts, and one of those contracts is difficult to understand. Signing 32-year-old Karlos Dansby ...

Joe Banner
Are the Cleveland Browns compounding mistakes after mistakes? They passed on Gary Kubiak because he wanted to bring in coaches.

The Cleveland Browns seem like one of the most clueless organizations in the NFL. They passed on hiring Gary Kubiak because he wanted to bring about 5 of his Houston coaches with ...

John Elway
If Jimmy Haslam III were smart he would move on from Adam Gase. Elway is going to beat the Browns again.

Jimmy Haslam III and the other 2 stooges that run the Cleveland Browns are waiting to interview Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase. It has been made clear, John Elway wants Gase to stay ...

NFL: Preseason-Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns
Browns owner Haslam III letter to fans talks about the 5 Pro Bowl Players on the team. The Problem is the 3 stooges in the front Office Jimmy.

The owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam III letter to the fans is troublesome to say the least.  It appears as though, he is trying to convince the world what an ...

According To Adam Schefter Alec Scheiner Has agreed To Become The Cleveland Browns New President

The Cleveland Browns may have just hired away Jerry Jones right hand man to become the new President of the Cleveland Browns. According to Adam Schefter, Alec Scheiner the Cowboys senior VP ...

Are The Cleveland Browns Being Realistic With Trent Richardson’s Prognosis?

Trent Richardson just had his left knee surgically repaired for the third time since high school and the second time this year. The Cleveland Browns are saying they expect Trent Richardson to ...

Will This Be Peyton Hillis Last Season With The Cleveland Browns?

Peyton Hillis hasn't contributed  much to the Cleveland Browns offense this year. As a matter of fact some think Hillis has been offensive to the Browns  much of this season. Hillis has ...

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