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Johnny Manziel
One Browns fan reminds us that Manziel is smarter than Weeden. Johnny scored solid 32 (out of 50) on the Wonderlic test.

It won't be Johnny Manziel's brain that stops him from being a competitive player in the NFL. According to one Browns fan, Manziel is a lot smarter than the Browns last drafted ...

The Cleveland Browns have cut their former wasted first round draft pick Brandon Weeden.

The Cleveland Browns have rid themselves and the city of Cleveland of one of the worst quarterbacks to ever wear the teams colors. Brandon Weeden is officially off the Cleveland Browns. Yes, ...

Browns Flag
With Ray Farmer as the team’s GM will an end come to the Cleveland Browns Inexplicable jackassery this season?

When the Cleveland Browns came back into the NFL in 1999, there was a group of guys running the team that actually seemed to care about football. Then came the death of ...

Brian Hoyer Bengals win
The Cleveland Browns answer to the QB position seems to be Brian Hoyer. Mike Pettine keeps talking about him.

The Cleveland  Browns may not be seeking out a quarterback in this years NFL draft. The teams new head coach Mike Pettine continues to support the thought of starting Brian Hoyer in ...

Brandon Weeden
Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer to inform Weeden & His agent what the quarterbacks grade is and where he stands with the team soon.

The Cleveland Browns new general manager Ray Farmer, who is attending the NFL combine, was asked about the future of Brandon Weeden and the Cleveland Browns. Judging by how Farmer answered the ...

Weeden sissy
Why is Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden backtracking about wanting out? Here’s one theory.

Why is Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden backing down on his request to leave the Browns? Just days after the NFL ran a featured article telling the world how sources close to ...

Brian Hoyer 1
Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer expects to start for the team in 2014. He is already running.

You have to love the confidence Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer brings to the table. The guy is rehabbing from his ACL surgery and he fully expects to be ready by April ...

Brandon Weeden 6
What’s next for the Cleveland Browns former 1st round draft pick Brandon Weeden? Perhaps he should try golf. He can’t make it in team sports.

The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be parting ways, with their former 1st round draft pick Brandon Weeden. As Tony Grossi, the ESPN Cleveland reporter puts it, Brandon Weeden's future in Cleveland ...

Kirk Cousins
Browns make it official naming Kyle Shanahan as the teams new OC now fans wonder if Kirk Cousins will follow him to Cleveland.

After days of speculation, the Cleveland Browns have made it official with the official announcement, the team has signed Kyle Shanahan as their new offensive coordinator.  Like it or not Shanahan brings ...

Bob Stoops
After the Browns made the mistake of drafting Brandon Weeden you would think they would stay away from anyone with the word Oklahoma attached to him.

As the Cleveland Browns continue to search for Rob Chudzinksi's replacement, the rumor mill is churning at full speed. The latest is Bob Stoops from Oklahoma having the inside track to become ...

Browns Flag
Should the Browns stick with Campbell or gamble and start Alex Tanney at QB?

The 4-10 Cleveland Browns travel to play the New York Jets this Sunday. The Browns are facing another season with double-digit losses. This is what the fans in Cleveland are accustomed to. ...

Brandon Weeden 2
The Cleveland Browns say goodbye to Caleb Hanie does this mean Brandon Weeden is back?

The Cleveland Browns have sent quarterback Caleb Hanie packing. They signed the backup QB when both Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden went down with concussions. People still want to know how Weeden ...

Rob Chudzinski first game
Which quarterback would you start for the Browns in New England?

This Sunday when the 4-8 Cleveland Browns travel to New England to take on the 9-3 Patriots, head coach Rob Chudzinski has the difficult task of naming a starting quarterback. With concussions ...

Mike Holmgren
Picture this Cleveland, Weeden picked 22nd,Wilson picked 75th and Foles picked 88th. Holmgren screwed Browns fans.

I remember the day the Cleveland Browns hired Mike Holmgren to come in and run the team like it was yesterday. People were excited thinking about Holmgren building the City of Cleveland ...

Brandon Weeden Sacked By American flag
If you didn’t see Brandon Weeden’s performance against Jacksonville, you wouldn’t believe it.

Brandon Weeden, the quarterback that the Cleveland Browns had no other choice but to start against the Jacksonville Jaguars, once again proved he doesn't have the mental capacity to compete in the ...

Alex Tanny30
Browns QB Alex Tanney working overtime learning Cleveland’s play book.

Alex Tanney, the quarterback the Cleveland Browns poached off the Cowboys practice squad has impressed head coach Rob Chudzinski. Tanny has been working day and night learning the Browns play book. He ...

Brandon Weeden Interception
Has Brandon Weeden just alienated what little Browns fan base he had left with his 5 year-old Twitter commnets?

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden isn't good enough to play quarterback in the NFL. Now he isn't smart enough to keep his mouth shut and he said, he doesn't need a bunch of ...

Weeden injurers thumb
Chudzinski confirms Browns offensive terminology similar to that of the Cowboys. Tanny could play if needed

Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski confirmed in his Wednesday appearance on 92.3 the fan, that the Browns offensive terminology is similar to that of the Dallas Cowboys. This means Alex Tanny, the ...

Alex Tanny
Browns fans want to see Tanny Start Sunday against the Jaguars, that’s how bad Weeden is.

This Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, the last thing fans want to see is Brandon Weeden getting the start. You could tell by the boos when Weeden ...

Rob Chudzinski & Norv Turner
Have any Browns fan thought about our head coach Chudzinski & OC Norv Turner? They Suck.

Now that we can see, this Cleveland Browns team is no better than teams in the past, it is time to take a look at the head coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive ...

Tebow Shirt
Will the 4-7 Browns turn the offense back over to Weeden,Will they Sign Tim Tebow, could they go 4-12?

The Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski has some decisions to make. His team is playing terrible football and he is back thinking about who the team's starting quarterback will be. Should ...

Long Sleeve
The Only thing the Cleveland Browns did well today, was to make Pittsburgh look good.

The Cleveland Browns lost their second game in a row to divisional rival Pittsburgh Steelers today. The Browns looked terrible on both sides of the football. The thing the Browns did well ...

Brandon Weeden10
Browns Brandon Weeden on NFL trade deadline, “I’ve been traded before (in baseball). It’s out of my control.”

Brandon Weeden doesn't want the Cleveland Browns to trade him. He now wants to stay in Cleveland and get another shot at leading the Browns offense.  He is a little thick-headed I ...

Browns bench Brandon Weeden, plus the Weeden-B-Gon T-shirt. Cleveland has seen enough. (Photo)

The Cleveland Browns have benched quarterback Brandon Weeden and will start this 20th quarterback since coming back to the NFL in 1999. Weeden who was drafted under the Mike Holmgren regime, never ...

Brandon Weeden Interception
You have to wonder if the Brandon Weeden Pussification factor played into Chuds decision.

The Cleveland Browns have sat Brandon Weeden for the second time this season. You have to imagine Weeden's future with the Cleveland Browns is in serious jeopardy.  The Browns face a fierce ...

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