Coming to a First Energy Stadium near you, is an epic rivalry, when the Cleveland Browns take on the Baltimore Ravens.  Inside this rivalry is another rivalry that was born on Sunday September 15,2013.

We don’t really know the truth surrounding this inner rivalry between Phil Taylor and Ray Rice, but rumor has it that Rice spit into the face of Taylor.

Taylor comes to the field weighing 335 lbs. He stands 6’3′ tall and he towers over Rice who is a smaller player. Taylor can slam Rice into the field anytime he wants and it was Taylor who gave Rice a few bruises in the last game that had Rice at less than 100% going forward.

The Browns shut down Rice in the first match up and we expect the team to shut him down again this weekend. The Cleveland Defense has to come out quick to set the pace in the game.

Taylor has to be looking forward to this rematch. He has to be licking his chops for a chance to hit Ray Rice again especially with the things that took place in the last game.

The Browns will focus on Rice and Taylor will be looking for a way to make him pay for the mistake he made in game one. The Browns need a strong defensive performance for the entire 60 minutes in this game.

You can bank on the fact that Phil Taylor will be giving this one his all.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Joel

    Learn how to use some punctuation, broseph. Apostrophes and commas are important.

    • LG

      How many do u need?

  2. Jim V

    LG I think you need to clarify that this site is for sports, mainly football Cleveland Browns football! This is not a online college course! I understand everything you write. I understand most of the people who contribute to sports 360. What I can’t understand is those few who want to critique you or find fault.The only thing I can figure out about some of them is that there mother’s potty train them backwards on the toilet seat when they were babies. Maybe that’s the problem! I am glad that you brought up the incident between Taylor and rice I had forgotten! However, I’m certainly looking forward to this game. I think it’s going to be a humdinger.What makes this more interesting as I write at this time. Cincinnati lost last night! I’m sorry that may not have been proper grammar??? As always, LG Keep up the good work and go Brown’s!

    • LG

      Jim V, when people can’t come up with an intelligent argument the first thing they do is pick apart the writing.

  3. bc

    Rice would have been highly covered anyways by the Browns D, as he is a threat that must be contained and or shut down. The Baltimore Ravens are hated in Cleveland maybe even more so than the Steelers. With the incident with him and Taylor, I am thinking it is going to be game on and lets punch some people into next week anyways. The Balt. Crows will be coming into town with their usual swagger. The difference from the fist game and this the second game with them this season, is that Taylor seemingly continues to harbor some ill will after Rice lied and said it did not happen. So I would expect that he Rice will be a bigger target than just shutting the Crows down. They are not the same team as in the past. Gipson and Ward, both very Hard Hitters should get some payback whenever he gets into the secondary. It would be very nice to see the Crows battered and beaten. Flacco is playing at a lessor level than last years playoffs. They are beatable, and the Team knows it. I look for an upset on Sunday. It would seem the 2 games with the Squeelers are as well. Not to mention we got Cinci once already, and twice is a huge possibility with Atkins out with an ACL. The rest of their injuries are mounting as well. Sunday is going to be a fine game won by Browns…..bc


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