I am convinced the Browns loaded up their defensive front with some talented guys in free agency. They still didn’t make a move to bring in a quarterback to compete with Weeden. Now the focus in some reports say the Browns could be working out a deal to send former number one pick Phil Taylor to New England.

Lets not forget the Browns still have Colt McCoy on the team. Presently McCoy is out-of-town representing his fellow  Cleveland Browns at union meetings. McCoy is the teams union representative. People think the Browns are hell-bent to bring in a quarterback to compete because Haslam III said that Weeden would have to compete for the starting quarterback role. Well, lets not forget that McCoy is still on the team and if you listened to what Haslam said over the super bowl weekend, you would have heard him say the Browns were not going to trade any of their players.

If Jimmy Haslam holds true to his word, that means McCoy would be competing for the starter role. Some fans think McCoy out-played Weeden in last season preseason, they think McCoy should have been the starter going into the regular season. He wasn’t and his preseason performance was completely ignored by the moron that was running the team.

Jimmy Haslam III who loves college football, knows McCoy is a competitor. He knows what McCoy did in college and in his mind he thinks McCoy can win in the NFL.  Colt McCoy gives the Browns something Weeden lacks, he has an incredible football I.Q. and he has the ability to scramble.

Before we trade a former first round player like Taylor to New England for another back up quarterback lets not forget that the competition Haslam wants to see could very well be between McCoy and Weeden in camp.  This season could get a real chance to compete. Not like the 3 ring circus led by an idiot last season.

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  1. DAVID

    Haslam is a Fan OF Colt McCoy ..He loved him in college..He made this remark long time ago …McCoy has never had a fair shake with a better surrounding Cast~…
    Oh by the way Colt did outplay Weeden last preseason The old regime had blinders on for whatever reason! …But Give Colt Credit he is hanging in there, not bad mouthing anyone and still working hard….I say He may be your starting QB this fall , if his preseason goes well….The kid is good Great Football IQ and is a scrambler I think his scramble yards is around 12 when he gets out and scrambles …Hey they don1t call him COLT for nothing being from Texas~

    • Russell koontz

      The other regime saw Weeden as the only chance of saving their own jobs, which is sad because, most of the other picks they made were good. I like Weeden, wish he was younger. McCoy, would have started off better, therefore, more wins!

  2. Dave

    Would hate to see Taylor go, I think he brings a nice/nasty temperment to the D but not realy sure how he makes the transition to the 3-4, But so far I am reasonably please the way the front office is performing.. early days though.

  3. Russell koontz

    Last time I read an article of yours, we disagreed about it all. I have to say, you are on point here. Haslem and Banner have more of a mess left for them then most people see. I don’t think they will trade Rubin or Taylor but it sure looks that way. I would rather take a chance with E.J. Manuel @6 then trade anyone for Mallett, including a pick. McCoy has got the sh#t end of the stick, Great article!

    • LG

      Thanks Russell, we have to agree to disagree sometimes. That is what makes the world great..

  4. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I agree
      Taylor is good.
      Mallett is nothing.
      Dont deal with the patriots we would lose that one

  5. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … if the browns feel the need to bring in mallett , wouldn’t this mean they don’t feel like mccoy can push weeden for the starting job ??

    • LG

      I really don’t think the team is going to bring in Mallett, just the reports that are going around right now with the trade issues. We will see soon enough.

  6. Autopilot

    The Mallett trade just doesn’t make much financial sense to the Browns or the Patriots for the following reasons.

    1. Assuming the Browns do get Mallett and he becomes their starting quarterback, the current CBA agreement prohibits them from renegotiating his contract beyond his current 4-year deal. Therefore, the Browns will only have him locked up for this year and next before he becomes a free agent quarterback. That scenario wouldn’t favor the Browns long-term because Mallett could then hold them “hostage” on contract negotiations and quite likely bolt to the highest bidder after next season.

    2. From the Patriots perspective, the only quarterback they have on their roster behind Brady and Mallett is Mike Kafka (who really breathes confidence in the team if Brady goes down with injury…not!). So, where do they find a solid backup quarterback to Brady if they let Mallett go? I say that they can’t because of the very weak crop of QBs still remaining in free agency and in the upcoming draft. If they were going to deal Mallett, they would have taken back Cassel (or made a run at Matt Moore or someone else of that caliber). A trade for Matt Flynn would be cost-prohibitive. So, to trade Mallett would be foolish to them at this point because they would have no insurance policy if Brady goes down to injury.

    3. Because of #2, the asking price for Mallett would be quite steep. Too steep (in my opinion) to justify bringing him in for only two seasons with no long-term guarantee because of the CBA issues noted in #1.

    So, I would be really surprised to see such a deal take place for Mallett. It makes for good print, but it doesn’t make much sense for either party involved.

    • RB

      Well said Auto.

  7. Dave

    Colt was a better than average collage quarterback, and he may even still be a better than average pro QB, but there is somthing about him that has people NOT TALKING about him in a positive light. I have moved past the QB issue, and before you jump, I think Weeden is the QB for the up comming year then we burn a draft pick next year on some talented QB, never liked the Mc Coy or Weeden pick, and I wouldnt sell the farm on a back up QB even if it comes from the Pat’s. I say keep building to the plan and take one more year of growing pain to evsure a positive future, just my Friday thoughts. have a great weekend.

    • LG

      Dave I agree on not bringing in Mallett…

  8. Brian

    Look for Banner to bring in Kolb

    • autopilot

      Kolb would make much better sense than Mallett. I don’t think that Kolb will bring much (if any improvement), but he will at least push Weeden to improve. Adding a person like Kolb to the mix (or if they do manage to find a way to get Mallett) will possibly mean the end of the line for McCoy in Cleveland.

      However, I believe that McCoy can bring as much to the table as anyone from outside the organization. Given the opportunity (which he was not afforded last season), he can succeed with the much-improved depth chart from when he was the starter two seasons ago.

    • Bob

      Exactly. I have felt this all along. If so, bye Colt or bye Brandon. I actually also think the Patriots or the Saints may have their eye on Colt as a backup for their two aging QBs.

      • LG

        Bob, at this point I really feel that Colt stays put and gets a real shot this year. I could be completely wrong….But I think so….

        • Bob

          I hope you are right. I think they should keep him especially since he has one year left on his contract and since the QB pickings are slim. He deserves the shot of a complete camp and season, which he never got.

          • LG

            Bob checkout the new McCoy article.

    • RB

      Everything I’ve read says he’s headed to the Jets. I have have no problem bringing him in to compete with Weeden.

  9. areyouallinsane?

    i dont give a rats ass what he did in college the kid has shit arm strength we watched him for two years he sucks and he did majically become a super star hes a back up at best and thats just it he is a back up mallet is a back up as well he has terrible tendancies did any of you front office knucleheads watch him agianst ohio state its evident you didnt watch the tape and you will see every tendancy i speek of throwing low bad reads and forceing the ball time and time agin hes a terrible qb and not worth colt let alone phil taylor you will lose this guy as a fan period if you make such a knucklehead move and trade phil for a bumling stumbling off the mark crap in his pants omg someone is coming here take it i,m gonna fall down qb weeden is the real deal and because you dont like the pick your gonna f this up i just know it well he had a great reciever to throw to in blackmon well no shit? so get him a blackmon and stop playing around with the idea that mallet is anything other than big bird that can throw a football wake up dont do it for godsakes you will f up everything you have done in free agency we dont need a damn qb we need recivers that will catch the ball and that are over 6 ft tall WAKE UP

    • Anonymous

      just a bit more on defense. then we need people who will run good routs and catch the damn ball period!!!1 outside of Gordon these dudes aint catchin a cold let alone a pass. not since the 90’s have we even had a steady receiving group! we can play all the dawg defense we want but if we cant score its all for not!

    • Yeshua

      You don’t care about what McCoy did in college, then tell us to watch the tape of Mallett when he played against OSU in college to realize he’s not good. Brilliant argument.

  10. dan dyer

    Why is everyone stuck on the notion that McCoy never had his chance? He has started 21 games and is 6-15. He probably should have started last year and would have probably done better in Shurmurs shit offense, it fit his skill set better than Weeden’s. But they seen him in 2012 and were unimpressed, leading them to draft Weeden. That’s the NFL, get used to it…if you draft a QB in the 1st round he is going to play.
    On another note, Banner has said numerous times that he feels the defensive line is a strength and he does not think they have to many players. He likes the fact that they have 6 players to rotate thru 3 positions and will be able to keep them fresh. Having heard that from him, I do not feel they will be trading to get Mallet. I could see them try and sign Kolb, Campbell, or draft a QB in the later rounds.

    • autopilot

      The Patriots have confirmed that they have received inquiries about Mallett from both the Browns and the Buccaneers. So, apparently, if a deal could be struck the Browns are in with Mallett…regardless about what Banner has said about the defensive line.

      But, as I said earlier, I just don’t see such a trade happening due to the obstacles for the Browns to overcome and the lack of depth at the position for the Patriots.

      • dan dyer

        Of course they have. Everyone one knows that Lombardi has asked what it would take to get Mallet. Doesn’t mean it is going to happen. My point was that they will not be getting rid of any of the D-line to get him.

        • autopilot

          I sure hope they don’t do that, either. If they do, then my original thought of Lombardi being a part of the front office may come true…that he doesn’t have a clue.

          But, my point is that Lombardi is enamored with Mallet and might be willing to make a bad trade to get him…just saying. Hopefully, Banner will keep that from happening because it would be a lousy decision.

          • dan dyer

            well said

  11. David Corbean

    I agree whole heartedly about getting 1 Veteran WR for Weeden or McCoy to throw to.You already have Little, Cooper, Benjamin and Gordon sooo, solidify it with a key veteran WR and a FB or 2- back backfield and you’ve got the D- on their toes.I really like the way the D- dense is going and with a key WR and the TE situation it turns thus team from 5-11/ 6-10 to a 9-7 10-6 team already.

  12. dzam227

    I have to say you sure like to throw around the term idiot a lot; although I’m not sure if you were referring to Lerner, Holmgren, Heckert, or Shurmer. I kindly disagree with most of what you’re saying. I also like Colt. He does have great football IQ and a ton of moxie, but he is not a starting NFL QB; at least not in a cold weather city like Cleveland. He could possibly be successful with a dome team that ran a west coast style offense, but he just doesnt have the arm strength, especially not to run Chuds and Norv’s vertical chunck offense. He also constantly will miss (never even see) open recievers and check down, as well as underthrow or be late with throws. Great guy with great leadership intangibles, but not the franchise QB to lead the Browns to the promised land. Is Weeden that guy? Honestly I dont know. He has all the physical tools and a ton of upside, but he also struggled at times reading D’s and missing open recievers, forcing throws, looking confused, etc…Are these growing pains by a 29 year old rookie that Norv and Chud can straighten out? I think so, but I dont know. I do know Weeden at least has a chance to be the franchise QB we have been trying to find for the past 13 years. Is Mallett the answer? Geno Smith? I dont know that either; I just know Colt is not.

    • LG

      will miss (never even see) open recievers, did you watch Weeden at all in 2012???

      • dzam227

        Did you not read my post? I said Weedon was also guilty of missing recievers. He looked very much like a rookie QB many times last season. However, I’ve never seen Colt throw a ball even remotely close to how Weedon can spin it. The difference between Weedon and McCoy is Weedon actually has all the physical tools needed to be a franchise. Not to mention Shurmers horrible excuse of an offense would put any QB at a disadvantage. Yes I know all the McCoy lovers will talk about the disadvantages he encountered as far as poor recievers and learning 2 Offenses in 2 years, but it doesnt change the fact he just isnt capable of being an elite QB. Whype is it in this QB driben league even teams desperate for a QB arent willing to trade a 6th rounder for him and take a chance? They must all be idiots.

        • LG

          I suggest you read ABrown’s response to Clint, it breaks it down very nicely as to who is the more accurate quarterback between McCoy and Weeden… As far as trading for McCoy he wasn’t available any coast yet. So don’t believe the hype that no one wants him…..

  13. marty

    Weedon showed nothing last season.He is far from accurate. He does have a nice spin on the ball, it just spins 20 feet above our receivers.I can’t blame him for not running with the ball. Sissys just back away and curl-up with ball.There is nothing wrong with Colt’s arm. The play has to be called. Shurmer never called for a deep pass.If you watch the video on Colt, 50 yard passes, all air, is good enough for me.


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