Sources are reporting that coaching candidates around the NFL are speaking with former head coach Rob Chudzinski.  They are also reportedly surprised that Chud isn’t giving the Cleveland Browns front office glowing reviews.

With so many rumors floating around the NFL these days, it is hard to say if any of these reports are true. But put yourself in Chud’s position. What is he supposed to do if he is contacted by someone who wants to inquire about his time in Cleveland.

The Browns stuck a knife in his back. They put him in a position to fail and he did fail. Then the team fired him on the same day the season ended. I am the last guy who would be sticking up for Chudzonski. I thought the three stooges made a mistake by hiring him in the first place.

But come on man, firing him after only one season in Cleveland and  giving him a quarterback as brainless as Brandon Weeden appears, wasn’t exactly fair. What coach in their right mind would come to work for the Cleveland Browns after the way the team dealt with Chud?

Anyone who is decent, isn’t going to set themselves up for failure the way Chudzinski did. The Browns front office has turned this franchise into the laughing-stock of the NFL and there is no turning back now.

One of the biggest mistakes the new ownership did was putting Joe Banner into a place that allows him to call all the shots. This guy has an ego that is bigger than the stadium the team plays in.

Whether or not Chudzinski is talking or not isn’t the issue here. The issue runs deeper than this. The problem is the ownership and the front office. No one wants to work for someone who won’t give you a chance to succeed.


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    • Joe

      I guess it depends on wheather or not his contract allows him to discuss such things. He will still be compensated under the contract and may be hurting himself financially by discussing his former employers.

  2. longhaul

    I don’t really see the big deal about firing him. we should not have hired him to begin with.he is as bad as shurmur. he was givin more talent then shurmur and did less with it. why wait another year and see the same thing. he should have nothing but good things to say about the front office. they gave him a chance nobody else will. look at his team from last year and look at them this year. need I say more

  3. JIM V

    Dr. William Demming said, “When there is a problem with a Company (Corp.), Look at the top! Not the bottom!” If Banner & Lombardi were so great, Why were they avaiable?…Ozzie Newsome has been with the Ravens, for how many years! You would think Haslam would have learned something from the owners of the Steelers on how to run a NFL team. We need to find out how Green bay City was able to buy their team? I just hope Chudzinski tells the truth about the so called Executive Management!

  4. Peter de prick

    Hmm lets see win in one year when we trade away your running back, make you start a chump at QB and then say we are not happy so win or one year and you are done. no doubt the Clowns are in total control.

  5. Paul Avery

    If he EVER wants to work in the NFL again, he would be wise to keep his lips firmly closed. First off, it makes him look classy and he gets to look like a good guy. If he blabs, he sounds bitter and petty and will quickly be blacklisted by every owner in the NFL, arena football and possibly the lingerie league. High profile people know better.

  6. ForeverABrownsFan

    the answer to your question, “What coach in their right mind would come to work for the Cleveland Browns after the way the team dealt with Chud?” Another poor excuse of a coach, that will be most likely their next dumb choice.

  7. ForeverABrownsFan

    Also from your comment, “The Browns front office has turned this franchise into the laughing-stock of the NFL and there is no turning back now.”

    Sorry LG but the Browns own that one well before Chud came to town.

    • LG

      Sure they did, but it seems to be getting worse not Better….

  8. JIM V

    Don’t kid yourselves! The other owners know exactly what’s going on in Cleveland.

  9. Ron Scholl

    Joe Banner is the problem at best he is a bean counter. And he is even fxxking that up the team is having to pay for getting rid of coaches and paying him and Lombardi. If they are in positions of power we are doomed

  10. Bobby D

    You do know who the Browns are going to make their HC right. I know they are waiting for the whole Denver thing to play out but the guy they really are going after is already sitting for the year. They just need to say that they have looked at all good candidates before they make their selection.

    He has been with us before. He will be here again. He really is what we need. His name has been associated with successful HC in the NFL for 30 years.

    Rob Ryan.

    • LG

      Are you serious Bobby D?


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