The Cleveland Browns are looking for a quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft, and our source informs us that quarterback won’t be Johnny Manziel. The Cleveland Browns won’t take a chance on the guy who could have more bark than bite coming into the NFL.

Manziel has a long history of trouble coming out of the NCAA. The Browns won’t take the chance on him coming into the NFL and being a bust. Cleveland is coming off a lesson learned the last time they took a quarterback in the first round of the draft and it left a bad taste in the teams mouth they don’t want to relive.

There’s a new GM in Cleveland and this guy is known for bringing in QB’s through free agency. Now our source isn’t reporting the Browns won’t take a QB in the draft, but he is telling us that QB won’t be Johnny Manziel.

So if the Browns aren’t going to take Manziel, who will they draft? That is the question no one seems to have the answer for yet. We may have to wait until draft day to find out.

Farmer is keeping this a very closely guarded secret. There won’t be a Manziel sighting in Cleveland in 2014 unless he is on the visiting team.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. todd

    Terrible reporting. Writer is obviously uninformed. The new GM is a first time GM and has no history AT ALL making decisions. Smh.

    • LG

      You should try a comedy club Todd, you are the one who is uninformed on what Ray Farmer is and is not and how much experience he has.

  2. Sean

    SAMMY!!! Only smart choice…

    • LG

      couldn’t agree more.

  3. Big Duke

    When the Browns say they don’t plan to draft Johnny Football, what it really means is it’s 100% certain they do plan to draft Johnny Football. It gets worse, oh yes, much, much worse….to secure drafting him the Browns will open the vault and give numerous #1 draft picks to secure his selection.


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