Some of the fans in Cleveland are saying Colt McCoy is still the better quarterback in Cleveland. Pat Shurmur sure can’t see that. For some reason Shurmur’s mind was made up to not give McCoy a fair shot at becoming the Browns starter in 2012. Why is Shurmur going through camp with blinders on? Fans think McCoy would do anything to get the Cleveland Browns a win, he runs when he has to and he fights for every yard he can get his team. Even though the Browns have only played one pre-season game, the fans are already saying Weeden looks like a guy with two left feet. The fans are saying Weeden doesn’t have the ability to get out of trouble when he is facing pressure.

McCoy on the other hand was the Browns leading rusher in the Detroit game. If the Cleveland Browns want to win they really need to re-assess the Browns starting quarterback. The same fans are saying they didn’t have the talent to give McCoy a fair shot last season. The Browns lacked the receivers, the offensive line could protect him and the team really didn’t have much time to work on the new offense last season due to the lock-out.

What’s you take on the Cleveland Browns rush to start Brandon Weeden? Do you think Weeden is the guy that will help the Browns win? Or do you think the Browns should give Colt McCoy the chance to start in 2012. Just leave your reply below……

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  1. ABrown

    I think there’s a lot of desperation in the strange desire to see Weeden as the best ever and McCoy as the worst. If MCCoy is no good then last year is all his fault instead of management’s and the Browns are now on the right track because they have drafted a truly great quarterback who will now make everything ok and save everyone’s jobs.

    When I watched highlights of Luck’s debut, I noticed how much what he was doing looked like the way McCoy plays. When Luck was pressured, he threw a short outlet pass and I thought “It’s good he doesn’t play in Cleveland — can’t throw the long ball.” Then when Luck’s pocket collapsed, he escaped the rush and ran for a first down. Again, good thing he’s not in Cleveland, “He didn’t go through all his reads and ran out of the pocket because he was afraid.” Then Luck threw a long ball down the field and hit his receiver in stride at the goal line. I’ve seen Colt do this so many times at Texas and then I heard that the receive was Quam Cosby, one of Colt’s undersized-and-slow-but-determined-to-catch-the-pass receivers at Texas.

    When Colt got the team in the Red Zone on Friday, the play calling was suddenly really conservative, almost guaranteed not to pick up the lst down. When colt hit a receiver who was covered on a long pass put the only place where the taller player could go up and catch it, some local commentators said he put the receiver in a bad position — where he could jump for it.

    Colt gets criticized when he sshort, when he throws long, when he escapes a sack and runs for positive yards. And he never gets praised for protecting the football in a way that led the league. That’s right. You may not have heard about it in Cleveland, but the Browns last year had one of the lowest turnover totals of any NFL team.

    In what was one of the all time worst situations for a QB, McCoy played his heart out and did some really good things. A person would have to be really determined not to see it if they couldn’t see it.

  2. Joel McClurg

    To ABrown What you’re saying is the truth. What I’m also wondering is, was it Shurmur telling Heckert he wanted Weeden or Heckert telling Shurmur? Last year’s draft was good and we improved more than our AFC North opponents; this year, we take Richardson which I thought was a good move; then, according to reports from the draft floor, Heckert, apparently locked in on Weeden, heard a “rumor” that someone was thinking of drafting Weeden, so he blew up our draft and used our first round pick on Weeden!
    Then to complete the blow up, he again was said to have heard another “rumor” someone was thinking of taking Schwartz, so at the top of the second round, we take a right tackle who they said later that “they hoped he could handle the right tackle spot” and if he couldn’t, they might have to move him in to guard! Top of the second round
    mind you. Then, Heckert heard a “rumor” someone was interested in Hughes and took him at the top of the third round! Blow up complete!
    We seemed to fixate on Weeden and took him too early; then did the same with Schwartz and Hughes. I bet I’ve heard draft analysts say over and over, “Never draft for need, unless the best athlete remaining satisfies one of your needs”. Weeden wasn’t the best athlete left on the board by a long shot, but we took him and started the ruination of this year’s draft. If we had just realized as ABrown stated above that McCoy wasn’t given a real shot last year and had drafted to get him the maximum help, we’d be on our way instead of “Waiting Until Next Year”.

    • ABrown

      I heard something like that during the draft day coverage, except that the Browns planned to take Baylor’s WR Kendall Wright until the Titans took him at 20 and then switched to Weeden who was projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

      At 22 we could have chosen DeCastro and then the talented tackle Mike Adams in the early 2nd round like Pittsburgh did. Adams slid out of 1st round because of off field stuff but they will probably both wind up as all Pros in the O-Line.

      Best athlete available is sometimes the o-line

      • LG

        DeCastro would have been the pick. Without a doubt the Cleveland Browns should have taken him before the Pittsburgh Steelers took him!!!

        • ABrown

          Definitely DeCastro. Reports are he’s already a stud on the Pittsburgh line and he was right there for the pick. Either of our tackles could have been stronger with him beside them and think about the pulling guard to launch the running game.

  3. Al E.

    Well, I don’t think the Browns deserve McCoy. They dump 14 million on a rookie after determining that McCoy failed to perform to their expectations despite surrounding him with the most talented bunch of srew-ups the NFL has seen in a long time.
    Frankly, I think the biggest screw-up is Pat Shurmur. There is NO doubt that he has some vendetta against McCoy. What? He doesn’t like clean cut, hard working, optimistic, men of faith? Well, if it’s not all of those, it’s probably the later. I’m not a Bible thumper type, but, it sure seems he had/has an agenda against McCoy. It seems VERY suspicious to have a head coach, who just can’t wait to shout to the world that Weeden is THE man for the Browns. What? Based on PRACTICE? Wow, what an idiotic decision. Before even seeing ONE preseason game! What kind of head coach is this guy?
    Where has Browns President Mike Holmgren been? Since when have you been an ostrich Mike? It sure seems you’ve had your head buried…or have you lost it, and gone along with whatever Shurmur wanted? Who the hell works for who? No, I really don’t think you deserve a QB like McCoy.
    Holgren and Shurmur have nailed themselves into a coffin corner; A $14 million one at that. It’s like going all-in without ever seeing your hand. Not even a blind drunk in Vegas would do that…so why did they?

  4. ABrown

    A fan on another site mentioned a concussion, but he was joking. It’s hard to understand why people make bad decisions and stick with them without thinking head injury.

    • LG

      ABrown do you ever check your e-mail?


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