Some of the fans in Cleveland are saying Colt McCoy is still the better quarterback in Cleveland. Pat Shurmur sure can't see that. For some reason Shurmur's mind was made up to not give McCoy a fair shot at becoming the Browns starter in 2012. Why is Shurmur going through camp with blinders on? Fans think McCoy would do anything to get the Cleveland Browns a win, he runs when he has to and he fights for every yard he can get his team. Even though the Browns have only played one pre-season game, the fans are already saying Weeden looks like a guy with two left feet. The fans are saying Weeden doesn't have the ability to get out of trouble when he is facing pressure.

McCoy on the other hand was the Browns leading rusher in the Detroit game. If the Cleveland Browns want to win they really need to re-assess the Browns starting quarterback. The same fans are saying they didn't have the talent to give McCoy a fair shot last season. The Browns lacked the receivers, the offensive line could protect him and the team really didn't have much time to work on the new offense last season due to the lock-out.

What's you take on the Cleveland Browns rush to start Brandon Weeden? Do you think Weeden is the guy that will help the Browns win? Or do you think the Browns should give Colt McCoy the chance to start in 2012. Just leave your reply below......

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