Colt McCoy the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback is already the target of some Cleveland print media’s attacks.  It is obvious that some people just don’t understand the game of football and have no clue as to the pressure Colt McCoy has been under.  Some people have written that soon if the Browns continue to play as they have been the Cleveland Fans will turn on Colt McCoy. True fans of the sports understand the need of a good wide receiver for McCoy to throw the ball to.

The Browns offensive line hasn’t done a banner job buying McCoy ample time to throw the ball either. McCoy has faced a ton of pressure this year as well. People who write for the Plain Dealer the home town news paper for many Browns fans have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to McCoy’s accuracy.  We should line up all these writers and then rush them and knock them on their butts and see how accurate they would be. McCoy just can’t do it all by himself that is the real problem.

He needs quality receivers and quality protection too. The Browns have had trouble protecting their quarterbacks ever since returning to the league in 1999. The Browns have also messed up the careers of some quarterbacks who if they played for other NFL teams could have been good. Take Tim Couch for an example. Lets hope this same thing doesn’t happen to Colt McCoy.  People in Cleveland knew the Browns were in need if a good wide receiver, the Browns went after defensive players instead in their last draft.

If anyone is to blame for McCoy’s performance thus far this year is should be the person calling the plays. Given enough time McCoy could be one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL. So give him a fair chance, give him someone to throw to and then write your articles if he were to fail.

Just don’t place all the blame for the losses this season on Colt McCoy…. For and the Plain Dealer writers it is easy to sit back and cause problems…. It is not all McCoy’s fault the way the Browns have played….

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  1. bigdawgy54

    I have to disagree. McCoy has bigger issues than the lack of receivers and line protection.
    His throwing accuracy has digressed. He’s terrible on the long passes. He can’t see the middle of the field. He lacks arm strength……more than we thought.
    I think McCoy has the ability to be a “servicable” quarterback but not the “franchise” quarterback the Browns badly need.
    Colt McCoy is a good young man. He has football acumen. He might even make a good coach one day. Unfortunately he is not blessed with the physical skills to be the kind of quarterback that can take a team on his shoulders and elevate the play of others by his performance.
    There’s a reason McCoy was a 3rd round pick. I think Holmgren took a bet/gamble on him. But, Holmgren hedged his bet by obtaining 2 1st round picks to use as leverage in the 2012 draft. I think McCoy literally only has 11 more games to prove his worth. If not, Holmgren will use those 2 1st round picks to go after a quarterback.
    I would love to see McCoy start to light it up. But, I don’t think we’re going to see that happen.


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