Myles Garrett, the man the Cleveland Browns had high hopes for is now in the NFL's concussion protocol. Yes, after playing in just 3-games this season, Garrett complained about concussion like symptoms and the Browns had no choice but to place him in the protocol.

The number one pick in this years NFL draft has played in just 3-games so far this season. Rumor has it that Garrett asked the Browns not to draft him, before the draft. If that's the case, I wonder what his true feelings are about playing football in Cleveland.

This guy was supposed to be a beast, a guy that could help the Browns defense tremendously. In the 3-games he's played in, he does have 4 sacks and 11 total tackles. He does have the ability to be a difference maker on the Cleveland defense, but to make a difference you have to play.

The last thing the Browns need is another wasted first round pick. Garrett was the number one over-all pick. First it was his ankle and now it's his head. I'm not saying he is faking these injuries because he never wanted to be in Cleveland in the first place. But I'd say if a player really doesn't want to play for the Browns, why draft him in the first place.

Part of the Browns problem looks to be lack of heart. The team doesn't show much heart this season. They look like they don't know how to play for pride, and sometimes they look like they forgot what pride is.

If the rumor about Garrett is true, than his heart isn't with the Cleveland Browns. If a guys heart really isn't in Cleveland, how can the team expect him to go out there every week, and be a leader?

The answer is simple. They can't. The Browns have a major problem win it comes to picking the right players to be on their team. I'm not saying Garrett isn't the right player. It's way to early to tell yet.

But I am saying the Cleveland Browns need leaders, and they need leaders with plenty of heart too. It's going to take a couple of seasons to tell if Garrett is one of those guys. So far, we have to wonder.....


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