Before you can fix a problem, you have to realize you have a problem. That is the first step to correcting it.. When the Browns signed corner back Chris Owens, they took the first step in admitting they have a problem in the defensive secondary. They sure didn’t fix their problem with this signing, they may have added to it. Owens was attacked when he was on the field, in Atlanta they did what they had to do to stop the abuse, they benched him.

So what do the Browns do? They go out and sign him to a one year deal. The bright side I guess if there is one, is they only signed him for one year. The big problem could come if they actually put Owens on the field. Once you are abused in the secondary, teams seem to remember it. If Owens is in the defensive secondary, teams will attack him by throwing the ball his way.

Cleveland already has a guy like that, his name is Buster Skrine. When they used him in the secondary you knew bad things were coming his way. Now with the addition of Owens, the Browns can take turns watching bad things happen.

It isn’t good to go out and get a guy that is going to add to a problem the team already admitted they have. Owens is not going to be the answer to the Browns defensive secondary needs.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. James

    I hope/pray this is a special teams signing…

  2. Chris

    I’m starting to think the new owner and Lombardi ande just sabotaging the team. We had the 2nd highest cap space and haven’t signed one relevant person!

  3. tlorenzo

    We had signed relevant players, but this time we sure as heck didn’t…..We could keep Skrine in an’d play as bad as Owens……

    Hope the “new” Browns are still looking at Millner in the draft.

  4. Leon II

    I actually think it was a good signing if they are planning on using him correctly. With releasing Patterson last year we needed depth at the CB position. Not every player on the team needs to be an impact starter, nor with the new salary cap can any team afford 53 top dollar starters. So if they brought him in thinking he was going to morph into a shutdown corner its a bad signing. But if they brought him in as a depth and situational player then it is a solid, necessary signing.


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