Mike Holmgren is done as the President of the Cleveland Browns. As soon as October 25th approaches and Joe Banner takes the rains of Browns president or C.E.O. Mike Holmgren will no longer have any say as to what happens with the Cleveland Browns. Yes sir 24 million dollars in salary and Holmgren still  hasn’t produced a winning team. The Brown won one game this season, many will argue that he hasn’t had ample time to get the job done. Many might even say, if the Browns become winners it will be because of the work Holmgren did getting the team to where it is.   Are you serious?

Mike Holmgren made a major mistake hiring Pat Shurmur to be the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Shumur was a loser when he got here and he still stinks as a play caller. Holmgren’s claim to fame came with the Green Bay Packers. When he moved to Seattle and was made the coach and G.M. he sucked. Holmgren has sucked in Cleveland and he also sucked up plenty of money while doing it. The Browns didn’t get what they paid for with Mike Holmgren and they certainly didn’t get what Holmgren paid for either when it comes to paying a head coach. The Cleveland Browns have a poor excuse for a head coach that doesn’t even understand how to use the talent he has on his team.

Look at what Montario Hardesty was able to produce for the Cleveland Browns coming off the bench last Sunday for a injured Richardson. Just think, if Shurmur would have been switching Richardson and Hardesty in and out of the game for the past 5 weeks, then Richardson wouldn’t have been pushed coming off a knee injury which required surgery to repair, and maybe he wouldn’t have gotten injured last week.

Shurmur doesn’t have the common sense to be a head coach in the NFL. Holmgren didn’t do the Browns a favor hiring Pat Shurmur as a head coach he did the Browns and the loyal fans of the Cleveland Browns a disservice. Pat Shumur should be packing his things and getting ready to make an exit from the Cleveland Browns right along with Mike Holmgren. Lets face it, if Holmgren wasn’t the team President the chances of Pat Shumur being a head coach in Cleveland or in any other NFL city would be slim and none. I’ll go a little further in saying, no one in their right mind would hire Pat Shumur as their head coach of their football team. You do not reward failure in the NFL with a promotion. That is exactly what Mike Holmgren has done with his friend Pat Shurmur.

Shurmur failed miserably as an offensive coordinator with the Rams going 1-15 and 7-9 . Why would anyone who knows NFL football put Pat Shurmur in control of their football team? Makes no sense…..None……Yet Mike Holmgren did it…His last act in the NFL will be remembered for placing a moron in charge of his football team so he could further exploit Randy Learners check book…

Haslam has got to right this wrong.




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  1. Browns Fan

    Ouch. I wonder what you are going to say about the next head coach when he too most likely fails to make the playoffs? Maybe you should play quarterback for the Browns? Because as an arm-chair quarterback you certainly have ALL the answers to all the Browns front office and coaching problems. I agree that there certainly are major issues on this team … but common on! You have no right or experience or expertise to print such a bold opinion on the current firing of Holmgren. Don’t our Browns run essentially the same scheme as the Packers (they are supposed to!)? Maybe it has more to do with players who needed time to grow … and finally have made strides in the right direction (and a lot less to do with the people in charge of coaching them)?

    • LG

      Come on man, have you seen Pat Shurmur’s record as a play caller in the NFL? There is no way this guy should have ever been given a head coaching job. If Holmgren didn’t have a past relationship with his family I doubt he would have gotten the job as the Browns head coach…

    • ABrown

      Browns Fan, of course LG has a right to comment on firing Shurmur. We all have a right to comment because we are fans and the Browns’ fan base is a big part of its value.

      Should Shurmur be fired for having a losing record?

      Yes, that’s what happens in the NFL.

      Here are examples of what has happened to coaches who drafted a QB, started him the first year, and the QB won less games than the year before. Weeden appears to be on track to do that here in Cleveland.

      Blaine Gabbert (JAX) The Jaguars went from 8 and 8 to 5 and 11 with the rookie QB and Coach Jack Del Rio was fired

      Jimmy Clausen: The Panthers went from 8 and 8 to 2 and 14 with the rookie QB and Coach John Fox was fired.

      Ryan Fitzpatrick: Buffalo went from 7 and 9 to 6 and 10 and Coach Dick Jauron was fired.

      Josh Freeman: Tampa went from 9 and 7 to 3 and 13, then improved to 10 and 6, but dropped back to 4 and 12 last year and Coach Raheem Morris was fired.

      Jay Cutler: The Broncos went from 9 and 7 to 7 and 9 the first year and then 8 and 8 the second year when Coach Shanahan was fired and Cutler was traded.

      Weeden is on track to join this group, but the schedule would allow us to actually wind up 7 and 9 but starting 1 and 5 is not the best way to get there.

      Other rookie QBs have brought their teams more wins in their first year : Newton, Dalton, Bradford, Flacco, Ryan, and Stafford (to a lesser extent) have all done that, and all of this year’s QBs except Weeden are on track to do the same thing.

      Head Coaches get fired when they bring in a new QB and he gives his team a worse W/L record.

      And there are other reasons to fire the Browns Head Coach.

      • LG

        One of the problems with the hiring of Pat Shurmur is, he should have never been hired as a head coach in the NFL. The man had a terrible record with the Rams. 1-15 and 7-9 why would you promote a guy with a losing record as a play caller to a head coach and then let him call the plays again. He already proved he couldn’t do it. Since when do you get promoted for failure? If Mike Holmgren didn’t abuse the power given to him by Randy Learner there is no way in Hell he would have hired a long time friend of the family to be the Browns coach. It is Holmgren’s ties to Shumur’s Uncle Fritz that got Shumur the position with the Browns, not his ability….

        • ABrown

          And it takes him at least 2 months to recognize and address problems good head coaches see and fix in a week or during the break between the 1st and 2nd half. He’s not Haslam’s kind of manager/coach.

          • ABrown

            I’ve been TOO POLITE trying to describe Pat Shurmur. Honestly, I think he is the WORST head coach in the history of the NFL.

            LG, you’re right. He should never have been hired. In 2011, he took a paid vacation instead of coaching the team. He didn’t call out the O-Line and get better protection, he didn’t call out receivers and get fewer drops (we led the league instead), he mismanaged the clock, called obvious plays that set up both the QB and RBs for permanent injury or worse. Is it any wonder that Hillis didn’t want to go on risking his health playing for such a coach.

            He could be excused partly for just being too stupid to coach, handicapped in a sense. But this year, with his own future on the line and with his hand picked QB who is as fragile as fine china, he has told the line Do Not Give Up Sacks! Take a Holding Penalty If You Have To, But Keep Pressure Away From Weeden! Weeden is one of the best protected QBs in the league.

            He’s called out the receivers and they are doing much better. Someone on his staff has come up with a few creative plays and scripted drives to yield better results and designed much better blocking schemes for running plays.

            The real puzzle is that Weeden hasn’t won a lot more games with all this support. Getting desperate, he’s now telling Weeden he’s got to focus and stop making so many mistakes!

            So he’s trying this year, not for the Browns, but for himself. He has shown so little respect for the Cleveland Browns that he figured it would be ok if he just took one whole season off while he was being generously paid and put all the blame on players whose health, careers, and even lives he was perfectly willing to put at risk.

            Premeditated incompetence. That’s what Pat Shurmur has brought to the Cleveland Browns.
            He needs to go!

          • LG

            You are right on spot with this reply ABrown, Pat Shumur is the worst Browns coach I have seen in my life time. Bud Carson may have been better and that isn’t saying much…

  2. Joel

    How did I know this was an article by LG without even clicking the link?

    Was it the apparent distain for Pat Shurmur or was it the spelling and grammatical errors in the effing title?

    We get it, LG, you don’t like Shurmur and you never studied in school.

    • LG

      One extra L….Big deal you get the drift….

  3. muttklingon

    maybe this may awak’en Pat Shurmur the free ride is over time . save his ass ?. by winning football games?.

  4. Bobby D

    Man, what can I say. You sure bash a guy for making less mistakes than you do on a daily basis. You base his ability to coach on his record, ok. I would base it more on what his record is vs what it was expected to be. You expected the Browns to lose every game this year. Well his record is better than you said it would be and we ain’t done yet. You were one of those guys saying we would be 0-16 this year right! Yes you were.

    If we were to write an article based on your “journalism” it would be just like this one.

    At least you didn’t ask for McCoy to be starting QB.

    • LG

      Bobby D, when did I ever say the Browns record would be 0-16? I truly expected a lot more out of the Browns than they have shown thus far. Holmgren said we would be a much improved team this season. Where is that in the record?

  5. RICK

    It takes a nucleus to build a team and I think Holgrem did a fine job of getting the Browns on the right track of being winners regardless of your unknowledgable observations. The young talent that we have is because of him.

  6. RICK

    It doesn’t have to show in the record to be an improved team LG. The Brown have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL so improvement might not show by wins plus there is a lot of season left.

    • LG

      Rick, I really don’t know how you can have a improved team without having more wins… The NFL is measured by wins and loses and so is every other sports too…


    A new owner, planning to be actively engaged with the team will almost certainly want to bring in a new coaching and management team.

    He wants different results and a different mindset in Cleveland.

    When Haslam says reassuring things but adds that coaches know how this works, he’s pretty much saying he wants to make a change.

    In Holmgren’s defense for his hiring of Shurmur, he may not have been able to get anyone but Shurmur to take the job.

    Coaches look at owners when they consider a job. The Browns former owner was not involved and not willing to spend a lot on players, so that may have limited the applicant pool. Dallas also has trouble getting head coaches because of the owner, but for different owner characteristics.

    But I don’t expect this to happen right away unless Haslam only wants to get rid of one or two coaches. Why appoint an interim coach for part of a season and then fire him, too.

    So, yeah, he’s going to fire Shurmur, but not until the end of the season. Of Course I could be wrong.


    As I read through the comments here, I’m amazed again by how passionately some Browns fans will defend marginal results against anyone who critices the losing record.

    In the spring and summer every year, there is much optimism and hopes for at least a break even season and a designated scape goat for last year, but during training camp, management starts dialing back expectations.

    Management prepares fans to accept a losing season with talking points or excuses why the team may be really good but lose most of its games.

    Two of those points this year are (1) we’re the youngest team in the league and (2) we have the toughest schedule in the league.

    This isn’t true. We aren’t the youngest team in the league and the difference between the youngest and oldest teams is a matter of months. Every team starts out with a lot of young players every year, so it doesn’t make that much difference between teams.

    Look at out schedule. It includes games against the Bills, Bengals, Colts, Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders. These are not strong teams this year.

    The Cowboys are there, but who knows which team will show up.

    And then, the Steelers are not the powerhouse they usually. Even the Ravens are not playing as well as usual, and with even more injuries on defense, they will be even more challenged.

    The Giants and the Ravens are the toughest teams, and the Eages are also very talented but struggling.

    I’m hoping our days of defending mediocrity are ending. If the new owner hires a really good coach it won’t take long at all to turn things around, not the years and years we’ve been told.

  9. Mike

    You sir are a moron! You can have an improved team without the wins. It is called being competitive! You are not correct in your observations and let your emotions show in every post you write. Plus your comment “it is just an extra L” shows just how little brains you have!

    • LG

      Every Browns fan I know is emotional Mike. Football fans in general are emotional about the teams. Success in the NFL is measured by wins. The Browns have one win…..They were competitive last season. They should have won more games last year too. Bad snaps, bad clock management and a few other mistakes coast them at least 3 or 4 wins last season. But they were competitive….So by whet you are saying, if you measure the team by how competitive they are and not by the win/loss record there is no improvement this season. The Browns were just as competitive last season.

  10. RICK

    Sorry LG But once again you speak before you know. I believe there are 10 games left and you cant say we havent improved yet till we play them. If they only won half of the ones left they beat last years record.(oops I forgot about the crystal ball sorry about that)

    • LG

      Rick, I am only comparing the team to were they were last year. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see at this point AFTER 6 Games, we are not better than this Point last year…Speaking of the win-loss record….

  11. ABrown

    Sounds like a lot of “defending mediocrity” here.
    I can’t believe you are attacking LG because he says the worst win/loss record in the league isn’t good enough.

  12. RICK

    Big deal we lost the last 6 so your not using a very good comparason. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out either

    • ABrown

      What are you trying to say Rick? You don’t understand what I mean by the worst record in the league?

      This year, compared to all 32 teams, 1 and 5 is the worst record. We’re tied for worst with the Saints who don’t have a coach and the Browns and Chiefs who play like they don’t have a coach.

      Shurmur is not doing a good job.

  13. RICK

    LG, Doesn’t matter how you slice it 4-12 is 4-12. Remember thats all that matters according to you is the wins.Thats why they play a whole season

    • LG

      So Rick at the end of the season if the Browns do indeed have more wins than they had last year I will be the first to say they are a much improved team….

  14. ABrown

    Shurmur got better results starting a rookie quarterback for the Rams than he is getting here at Cleveland, going from 1 – 15 to 7 – 9 in St.Louis. Maybe it’s the combination of Shurmur and his own hand-picked quarterback.

    When I think about our head coach and bonehead moments I can’t help but remember how we lost to the Bengals last year when they lined up and scored while our defense was still huddled up.

    That was really embarrassing!


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