The Cleveland Browns head coach says he sees some progress in rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden, but he said, When You Really Make Progress Is When You Lead Your Team To Victory. It is obvious Weeden has progressed to the point of leading his team to victory yet. The Browns are the only team in the NFL  that is off to an 0-4 start. The Browns have now lost their last 10 games in a row. Weeden wasn’t even here for 6 of those losses. Maybe we should be talking about the improvement in Pat Shurmur as the Browns head coach.

Lets start with the 10 losses in a row, when was the last time a Browns coach lost his last 10 games in a row? Shurmur should have found a way to get a win over a 10 game stretch and he hasn’t done that yet. So, if we are going to judge Pat Shurmur on taking the team to victory, we would have to say he sucks. There is no question about it, Pat Shurmur sucks. His play calling has cost the Browns the chance to keep drives alive.

The Browns may have won more games if Pat Shurmur wasn’t the head coach of the team. I can think of three games last season his poor clock management cost the Browns a shot at a win. This season in the first game he wasted all the time outs. When Weeden went into the game and threw the last interception, he might have done better if he didn’t feel rushed for time. So before Shurmur starts pointing fingers at everyone else for the team going 0-4, you had better take a look in the mirror….

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. ABrown

    Losing coaches start looking for scapegoats.

    Weeden better watch out, or he may join Little in that department, along with Colt McCoy.

    I’d like to see a coach who can not only make decisions without calling timeouts to give himself extra time but one who is wise enough not to get called for unsportsmanlike conduct and help stall out an important scoring drive in the 4th quarter.

    And then maybe calling plays or even scripting plays to start the game a whole lot faster than is usual for the Browns. We don’t really start playing until it’s almost time for the half and the other team has a 2 score lead.

    Bill Walsh scripted and practiced roughly 16 plays to start games, and I can’t remember the 49ers starting slowly under Walsh.

  2. Emmil

    Shurmur drafted that idiot Wheeden……….both losers.

  3. k

    how many games does he have to lose in a row before shurmur is dropped. Are we going for some kind of record.

    While we are at it can we drop the guy who brought him here mike holmgren.

    • LG

      I think it is coming to a stadium near you sooner than you think….


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