By now it is obvious that Ubaldo Jimenez has problems,  mechanically. The Indians have been very patient with the big man. How ever, with the start of a new season and  the streaky performances of Jimenez, should the Indians continue to stick with him?

Jimenez doesn’t seem to have  confidence. In yesterday’s home opener, he seemed to get rattled fairly easy when a 3rd strike call didn’t go his way. The next thing we knew, Ubaldo lost control of his pitches and hitters started having their way with him.

We have seen this type of thing happen to him for a while now. This is the second manager that has tried to work with him to find his mechanics. How long can the Indians wait for him, before they admit to making a mistake trading for Jimenez?

He is taking up the number 2 spot in the rotation and when he is on, he is UN-hittable.  The problem the team cannot count on him, at least not now. If the Indians were in the hunt, could they send Jimenez in and expect a win? The answer is no. He reminds me of the former Indians pitcher we used to know as Fasto Carmona.

You just don’t know which Jimenez is going to show up. If the Indians continue to wait for him, they could be throwing away games. It is a tough choice that the organization has to make. Someone better make it soon.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. matt gerber

    Really they’ve played 7 games. Ubaldo has 2 starts 1 good one 1 bad one and your saying get rid of him? Com on give him a chance

    • LG

      Matt, i really like Ubaldo. I talked personally with him last season and I really thought it was going to be his year. I am not saying to get rid of him. I am asking the question should they get rid of him. How long should we give him Matt? Mable a trip down would fix this guy????

  2. Kevin

    I agree with Matt. i think they need to give him at least 3 0r 4 more starts before they send him down or whatever. It is too early to panic this season.


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