The 4-10 Cleveland Browns travel to play the New York Jets this Sunday. The Browns are facing another season with double-digit losses. This is what the fans in Cleveland are accustomed to. Some fans would like to see if Alex Tanney can play quarterback, or is he just a youtube wonder made famous by doing his trick shots with the football.

Jason Campbell has been the starting quarterback and he has done a fair job, it’s the Cleveland defense that has let the team down. Over their last three games, the Browns defense let the lead slip away in the last 2 minutes of the games.

Last week the Browns defense gave up 179 rushing yards, this isn’t the defense Ray Horton thought he was going to have on the field by Thanksgiving is it? Cleveland has a lot of things that need fixing. More so than who is at the quarterback position.

At this point in the season, does it really matter if the Browns finish the season with a 6-10 record or 4-12? The team isn’t ready for prime time and they need to get some top play makers in the up-coming NFL draft.

The first thing they need to do is solidify their receiving group. They then need a quarterback who is smart enough to play in the NFL. Their running game is none existent and they have to find a tough durable running back who can hit the holes hard and make positive yards.

Starting Tanney to see if this kid can play on the NFL level isn’t a bad idea. We all know Weeden is gone after this season and the team is going to need a solid back up quarterback. We may as well see what they have with Tanney in at least one of the 2 games left this season.

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. AL

    Weeden should have the offense figured out by next season ,they can use all there draft picks to build a big line in front of him to allow him enough time to bake a cake back there , resting Weeden so he doesn’t get injured for next season is good Idea! hahaha , I would start Tanney or mabye let Weeden start and just have the line let the Jets bull rush him for a 1/4 then let the new guy play the rest of the game !

  2. WL

    Let Tanney throw some trick-shots during pre-game warmups while the Jets are watching, then start him…

  3. mutt klingon

    u have campbell tanney & hoyer at QB. RIGHT 3 KINGS THAT MAKE A GREAT HAND.?FPR THE BROWNS.

    • Sherri

      I totally agree with you Mutt. They need to keep Campbell and Hoyer (not so sure about Tanney yet?!). I think Weeds definitely needs to go!

  4. JIM V

    Hey LG, They won’t do that! It would make “SENSE” The Browns don’t want to do that!!! What if he looked good at QB? Oh My GOD! They can’t do that! It would really make them look like they don’t know what the “HELL” they are doing! LMAO…And Jimmy (BUY MY FUEL))Owner wants to do 120million to improve the Stadium??? Isn’t that putting the Cart before the Horse??? By the way, I watch every game. How come CBS or Fox never show our owner??? They show the “OTHER OWNERS”!…Maybe it happened when I was in the Bathroom!

    • LG

      I’m not sure if he is at every game.

  5. Jim Kirk

    Wish they would , but doubt they will
    On the road , nothing to gain ( or loose ) why not ?

  6. Swarming Defense

    Since the season is down the toilet, I would have Weeden out there earning his money before he is let go, as well as letting the new QB getting some playing time, it doesn’t matter now. The more losses the better our draft position is for 2014 draft.

  7. Sparky Farley

    Think Buckeye!
    Brian Hoyer to start and train a rookie. Carlos Hyde to pound and run the ball excessively. Jim Tressle as head coach……

    • LG

      Nice dream….

  8. marty

    I think I would just weedon stay home, that he is no longer in the brown’s plans. Yes, I would like to see what the other QB has to offer. Cambell is only adequite and is only capable to be a back-up. He is better than weedon, well anybody is. I’m sure the browns will draft or do something to get a quality running back.The defense is better than what we have been seeing. There is internal problems with the team we are not seeing. The offensive cordinator is not innotitive enough. These dump passes with short passes just pats the stats.

  9. Mike D

    I would start Garrett Gilkey at gard to see if hes the answer at gard..Chud was high on hom in presason.Bench Mcgahee start Baker annd Whittaker at HB.


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