After 2 regular season losses the Cleveland Browns were able to get their first win of the 2013 season. Now some Browns fans don’t want to see Brandon Weeden return as the starting quarterback. Many fans think the team should part ways with the soon to be 30-year-old quarterback.

Weeden has struggled this season and has only one touchdown pass in 8 quarters of play. The team scored 3 offensive touchdowns coming off the arm of Brian Hoyer in the game against the Vikings. Hoyer also led the team to a come from behind 4th quarter win.

The fans in Cleveland found it enjoyable to watch Cleveland football again. They think the game is more exciting with Hoyer at quarterback. The fans we have talked to say he moves much quicker than Weeden and he is able to make plays Weeden seems to struggle with.

Who do you think the Browns should start at quarterback for the Battle of Ohio? The team faces their AFC North rival Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday, this is the battle of Ohio and the Bengals are playing well this season.

The Bengals are tied for first place in the AFC North and they come to Cleveland to take on the Browns at First Energy Stadium this Sunday.

Who do you want the team to start at quarterback? Vote now to let us know who you think should lead the Browns against the Bengals. Just click on the poll and enter your vote

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. Bobby D

    Hoyer is another Teebow, finds a way to win but not a good QB. What was his QB rating yesterday??? Horrible. Hey they won, it just made us move down a spot in the draft. Yesterday there were 35 other QBs than him. Heck they need to start our place holder, he threw a TD and his QB rating was 152.

    OK sarcasm is over.

    Keep Hoyer until he can’t get it done. Hometown kid looked good at times.

    • LG

      His TQR is already 10.2 points higher than Weeden’s. Hey we may not need the best quarterback playing we need the guy who can find a way to win Bobby D.

  2. jackrabbit21

    Leave Hoyer in as starter. Don’t stop any momentum that seems to have started. Weeden can work with the practice team and entertain them with finger puppets. Only thing is, he can’t put a finger puppet on his poor little thumb.

  3. Amos

    Hoyer – shades of the cardiac kids!

  4. ripper1fl

    all 4 of you guys are right…dosent matter though as far as future plans…browns are going to take a QB asap in the 2014 draft…would not have mattered how well they did this year….but atleast they are starting to win…they should be 2-2 after sunday..

  5. C Mueller

    Hoyer looks like the next Brian Sipe!Happy days are here again!

    • Old goat

      the return of the Kardiac Kids anything is possible if you only beleive

  6. kyle

    Hoyer has momentum and does not throw like tim tebow at all. The browns should totally start him until we get Marcus mariotta or a good qb in the draft. Hoyer will only learn and get better and less than 3 int. Weeden sucks at starting qb except against the Bengals. We need a qb that can run not just a pocket passer though.

  7. David

    I prefer seeing Hoyer again. I like what I saw yesterday. Bear in mind that one game and one win does not a player make. However, I’d rather see Hoyer, a QB who showed good leadership quality over Weeden, who acts more like a deer in the headlights when he gets pressured.

  8. RICK

    I have to agree with David. Hoyer seems more poised and doesn’t seem to be bothered as much with the rush. I’m not crowning him yet but I can see some leadership abilities. I think he will improve this year faster than Weeden and I think he deserves another shot this week. Maybe we can get a streak going.

  9. Luke49

    I hate to see any of our QBs go out against the Bengals unless our starting guard is back. If you like Hoyer why would you want to get him slaughtered out there. This won’t be the Vikings excuse for a defense where he will only get sacked 4 times and hit 5 times. I loved the win, it was a running in place moment , but close examination shows his completion percentage and number of interceptions was about like Weeden’s in game one, but Weeden was sacked 6 times and hit 16 times. I liked it a lot that Hoyer had the TD’s. I think that it is hardly time to hail him the new Broadway Joe. Who-ever goes out there against the Bengals will probably helped off the field if the starting guard is not back. Both Hoyer and the

    • LG

      Hey why in the heck would you put Weeden out there then if what you are saying is true? he can’t move at all……

  10. frank

    The reality is Weeden is a pitcher….slow read, slow release. Hoyer is a QB, quick read, quick release, and extremely accurate, putting the ball in the right anticipated place for the catch. Two of the 3 picks were not his fault. Remember, he had less than one week to prepare to start. Vikings are NOT a bad team either. He rallied his team for the win…they believe in him after one game. Very important at this stage! They could easily have folded this week. Good coaching this week as well….although defense came up short !!!

    • LG

      frank you nailed it man…….I have been trying to say that since they drafted him….

  11. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … I promised you i’d come over & post.

    as far as this article , hoyer should indeed start … he earned it. it is just my opinion that weeden would’ve beat the vikings as well. after the ravens game i definitely wanted to see change at the QB spot.

    it is no secret i have been a staunch weeden supporter , but i think i have have seen enough.

    you are free to do as you wish , however , i think when you bash someone … anyone … like you did with weeden , it’s not right. it’s one thing to dislike a player’s ability … but to attack his integrity , character ,I.Q. , ability etc . etc. is not right.

    you take a major bashing on the browns page on fox because of your over-the-top dislike of weeden … i do NOT support this either , as i’m not into bashing other people.

    in my opinion , you would be a better journalist if you learned to be more flexible , balanced & unbiased in your opinions … don’t take this the wrong way as you are obviously free to do as you wish.

    wish you the best.

    GO BROWNS !!!!

    • LG

      TB2 it is great to see you. I hear what you’re saying and if you have seen my article about Ray Horton’s defense last week, I took a more subtle approach. TB2 remember the nice lady that used to post here all the time last season in support of McCoy? She passed, I am glad to see you return though….

  12. tigersbrowns2

    … and remember , don’t blame weeden for holmgren’s blunder … i think we all know weeden could’ve been had in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    that’s why i find it quite laughable that holmgren said he would fire himself for trading t-rich , when he should’ve fired himself for taking weeden in the 1st round !!

    • LG

      Have you seem the T-Rich stats from his first game in Indy? 13 for 35 yards and he did all that while watching Bradshaw who was taken in round 7 250th over all rush for a 5 yard per carry average and 95 yards in the game…..T-Rich first week in Indy average 2.7 yards per carry…..SMH TB2


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