Trent Ricardson  Ankle Injureis Trent Richardson comes into the Cleveland Browns last game of the season needing  just fifty yards to reach 1,000 yards rushing. He has been banged up since before the season started. First it was needing his knee surgically repaired, then it was a injury to his ribs and finally in last weeks game against the Denver Broncos he suffered a pretty bad injury to his left ankle. A running back in the NFL has a short life expectancy.  There are not many players that take more hits than a running back. When the Cleveland Browns drafted Trent Richardson as the teams number one pick in the 2012 draft, you have to wonder if the team did it's homework. Not only has Trent Richardson had several surgeries on his knee, he has screws in place that hold the ligaments in place on his ankles.  If theses ligaments were to be torn away from his ankles and they needed to be surgically repaired the Browns could lose T-Rich for an entire season.   Yet the team gave him guaranteed money.

What were they thinking? Why would you bring a guy into the NFL that has zippers on his legs and pay him that kind of money when you already know his career could be cut short? Sure, he is a fan favorite but if he is injured and missed a ton of games he can't help you win.  Now with one game left in the season, should the Browns rest him so he can start the recovery process for next season? Why push him? What is there to gain? Sure he could say he rushed for 1,000 yards if he indeed does. But big deal, the risk far greater than the reward.

If he is not 100% why put him in a game where the team they are facing has the top defense in the NFL? One good hit could cost the Browns the services of T-Rich for next season. The Browns are at 5-10 and have nothing to gain with a win. There isn't a lot of difference between 6-10 or 5-11. I say rest the guy and get him healthy for next season. Nothing good can come out of another Trent Richardson injury.


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