Jason Campbell started his first game for the Cleveland Browns against the Kansas City Chiefs. He did a great job even though the Browns fell short of the win. Campbell showed all the skills necessary to be a productive quarterback in the NFL.

He finished the game with a 105.4 quarterback rating and completed 22 of 36 for 293 yards and 2 touchdowns and he didn’t throw any interceptions. This was an impressive performance from a guy many thought would be a bust.

The question now becomes if head coach Rob Chudzinski will keep starting Campbell going forward. Chud has yet to name him as the team’s starter against the Baltimore Ravens next week, but I can’t see him going back to Weeden who already sucked against the Ravens once this season.

The Browns are 1-1 in the AFC North this season and there is hope they could win over Baltimore with Campbell starting the game. The offense performed well with Campbell quarterbacking the Browns. There were some costly errors that stop the Browns short of reaching their goal of handing he Chiefs their first loss in yesterdays game.

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Cleveland’s Finest also highlights several local sports personalities as well. We’ll see ya there.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Bobby D

    I think the bigger question is how can the brain trust of the front office have been so wrong on the QB situation?

    Weeden has been the worst of the 3 QBs that we have on the team. I know Weeden looked great during the preseason but what changed?

    After seeing all 3 QBs start. I would rank them Cambell, Hoyer and Weeden. Anyone who tells you Hoyer is the best QB of the 3 is a homer. I like the hometown kid story but Cambell looked better against a defense that was better than anyone Hoyer faced.

    • LG

      I think the front office were stuck with Holmgren’s mistake and they gave Weeden a shot. As you can see he stunk and it is now officially time to rid the Browns of yet another wasted first round pick. You have to finish the season with Campbell….

  2. ozymandais

    I think you have to give Campbell the second start unless you see no way of fighting for the division. This team and fanbase want to see a winner so much and it would be a rough blow to put back weeden, who has proven he cannot compete on an NFL level back into the game

    • LG

      This division is wide open. If the browns stop with the stupid mistakes they could get to 9-7 this season.

  3. Coach Mike

    The Browns have proven they can win with Hoyer. It has yet to be proven they can win with another quarterback. It’s what’s in the win column that ultimately counts. Unfortunately, Hoyer is out for the season.

    Campbell definitely looks better than Weedon, and therefore should retain the starting quarterback job. Maybe the Browns would have won the game except for the fumble that may have cost the Browns the game. There is really no way of knowing what would have happened if not for the costly fumble.

  4. David

    Definitely the Browns should start Campbell against the Ravens next week. Not only based on his good game yesterday, but we need to see more of Campbell to see if he can be consistent. On a related note, Chud needs to not have Bess punt return again. If Bess pulls anything like that ever again, they should bench him especially if he’s going to be the opposing team’s MVP.

  5. muttklingon



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