Pat Shurmer has short weekThe Cleveland Browns have a short week with the Green Bay Packers coming on Thursday night. Pat Shurmur has a lot of work to do in a very short time. When Shurmur named Brandon Weeden as the Cleveland Starter, he may have placed the cart before the horse. Weeden may have had some success in College but this is the NFL and he looked a little confused out there in the Detroit game. Now that the Browns only have a few days to prepare to travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers, you have to wonder what Shurmur can pull out of his bag of tricks if this head coach even has any tricks.

Shurmur certainly has his hands full trying to get his Cleveland Browns ready for the up-coming season. With the Browns new ownership coming in the last thing Pat Shurmur needed was a new quarterback who looks like he has a ton of improvement to make. Shurmur saw for himself along with millions of Browns fans the other three quarterbacks were able to move the team more proficiently than Brandon Weeden did.

Not only was Weeden out of place just a bit in the Browns first pre-season game the entire team made a ton of mistakes. The Browns had a ton of penalties in the game against the Lions. At times the Browns looked out of sync. The NFL didn’t do Shurmur any favors this season putting the Browns Schedule together, it is hard enough to get your team ready to play every week. When you are faced with short weeks to get ready to play, there is a larger chance of making mistakes.

The Browns open the season against the Eagles and yet they play the Eagles in pre-season. Not only does Shurmur have to try and prepare a rookie quarterback to be game time ready he will have to come up with a couple of versions of game plans to face the Eagles in pre-season and then  two weeks later in the Browns season opener. This is a year Shurmur didn’t need, with the new ownership taking control of the Browns before the regular season even starts, Shurmur will already be under the microscope. Each decision that Shurmur makes will help the  Browns new ownership make the decision whether or not Shurmur is qualified to  be the Browns head coach.

With that being said, Shumur could back pedal just a bit with his decision to throw Weeden into the fire. If Weeden doesn’t have a better showing in Green Bay, the coach has to reconsider his choice of starting quarterbacks. Why Shumur didn’t choose the bring Weeden along slowing is a sign that he is under-qualified to be a head coach of an NFL team. Shumur could mix things up a little. He could use another guy a guy with more experience as the Browns starter and put Weeden in on occasion. This way Shurmur could get Weeden up to speed with out throwing him under the bus.

There are times Pat Shurmur looks totally out-of-place on the sidelines, with the two short weeks in the pre-season I don’t see this getting any easier for Shurmur. When the Browns travel to Green Bay this Thursday they will face a Packers team that is going to be hungry. You better believe guys like Clay Mathews will be coming after the Browns quarterback. I almost feel sorry for Pat Shurmur when it comes to this schedule.

This Thursday we will see if both Pat Shurmur and Brandon Weeden were able to make some adjustments on the fly.


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  1. Joel McClurg

    Shurmur will not put McCoy or Wallace, especially McCoy in as the starter, ala Bernie Kosar, because he’s afraid if McCoy, with first team blocking, moves the ball and scores and wins, he will be forced to leave him in. If McCoy is successful, they take him out, put in Weeden and he fails, people will be screaming for McCoy; Shurmur can’t take that chance.
    Heck, he watches Weeden go 3 for nine, with a pick and a fumble, and says he did pretty good! Huh? Pass or fail, Shurmur is going to use Weeden and try to spin it if he’s bad. The only way McCoy or Wallace plays is if Weeden is injured and can’t play.


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