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Rocktagon 26... 2 fights were scratched off because of eye surgery that no one knew abt (Lauren Stoffel) until she met w/the doctor at fight night..???... Ray Hollis didn't make his bout due to trying to cut weight in sauna & went into kidney failure! went to hospital! so the card went from 13 bouts to 11..

Bantam-weight 135 pounds..fight started off the night. Jonathan Coffman 1-0.vs Chris Fortune 0-0. went to ground asap & Coffman caught Fortune in a leg bar 1st round.

Heavy's 206 & up..Tim Taumoepeau 0-0 vs John MacGregor 1-0. went 3 rounds going to decision w Tim winning by unanimous decision.

flyweight.. 125 pounds..
Nick Rodriguez 4-2. vs billy Freedson 3-3.. winner 2nd round TKO Was Nick Rodriguez dues to tap out from arm bar.

welterweight 170 pounds.
Matthew Zindren 1-0. vs Uriah Karkow 1-0..
fight went back & forth through the 1st round,2nd round Uriah won w/Kumura..

Catchweight 175.
Brandon Vasquez 3-1. vs Steve Chapple 3-3. Several take down attempts from Brandon that were stuffed. Steve fought w/his hands down all through the third round but did fire off combinations & was the more effective striker but lost the dec to Brandon? how is everyone guess.?!

Lightweight 155..
Orundi Colvin 0-0.. vs Tobiaus Taylor 0-0..Went back & forth w/strikes first round w/Taylor landing the better of the 2. Then in 2nd round Taylor landed a right hook that put Colvin down & finished w/strikes to stop it by TKO by ref! Good fight by Ammys at 0-0 to start the mma future..Taylor came forward the fight w/pressure & looked for the KO setting up his hands by legs kicks.

Lightweight 155..
James Pfeiffer 6-1.. vs Daniel Coffman 4-2..James dom the ground & pound (GNP) all 3 rounds for a gritty fight & lots of action from the ground! Daniel showed a lot of heart & done his best but James was too much man for Coffman on that night! Una dec by judges..

Now on to PRO fights!!

Welterweight Darryl Madison 4-5.. vs Micah Bender 9-8..Micah shot in for a double leg take down off the rip first round took Madison's back & loosen him a bit w/GNP then put his hooks in & rear naked chock in the first round.

C0-Main event
Andrew Cseh 4-3.. vs Jordan Espinoza 2-0..Andrew was a purple belt in Jits & was too much on the ground for Jordan but Jordan did stuff several takedowns attps in begging on round to throw off Andrew's game plan ..Andrew kept to his plan & took Jordan down in first round & tap out rear naked choke!

Main Event!
Micah Miller 16-5. vs Tyler Combs 14-9.
Tyler gave his best but Miller was too much pressing forward for 3 rounds & take downs,working his jab to close the gap & take Combs down..beat combs up & KO Combs w/a Knee to forehead in the 3rd ref stopped the fight! KO goes to Miller.

Over all it looks as if most of the fighters still haven't got how important CONDITIONING is in this sport B/C like I said Most were dropping hands in the first rounds & mouth wide open..Some couldn't press forward nor counter B/C of their conditioning..That falls on their trainers & camps to make sure they make-weight & are well conditioned for their fights.. No one should be going in kidney failure trying to make-weight for a fight if their camps KNOW what they're doing! You shouldn't show up to the fights as a trainer NOT knowing the rules on surgery in the state of Ohio or any other.. all of this is their trainers fault but fighters have to take some of the responsibility also & take it upon themselves & look these rules up as well & be ready for what the doctor & commish have to say..Great topic for a MMA show!


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