The Cleveland Browns moved their practice inside this morning for what they called inclement weather. The real motive for this move may have been not to expose Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden to the public eye. The fans in Cleveland are not as happy as they once were when they were thinking Weeden could help the Browns win. Now the real football fans, the people who really know football are on to the fact that Weeden is the worst quarterback taken in the first round of the 2012 draft.

True Browns fans are less than happy with the fact Head Coach Pat Shurmur’s decision to not give Colt McCoy a fair chance at eh starting role came to fruition. The fans I have talked to think this could have been Colt’s year. Many have said they don’t understand why Shurmur was so quick to jump the gun and name Brandon Weeden the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns before he even saw how Weeden could perform in the NFL.

Many think Shurmur is stuck with his decision now. The fans I have talked to also say if Shurmur changed his mind now and made Colt McCoy the starter, he would look that much more inexperienced. Some fans are even hoping Brandon Weeden suffers a season ending injury in the game against the Green Bay Packers Thursday night. I say no one deserves to be injured while playing a sport. It isn’t nice to wish that on anyone.

While I agree with the fact Shumur may have made a mistake naming Weeden the starter, I also wonder why the Browns would move the practice inside this morning. This is football, there was some rain in the Cleveland Area this morning and from what I can recall, they play Football outdoors in the rain. If I were Pat Shurmur I would have held the practice out side as planed. Weeden may have needed some practice in the rain. We saw how bad he was last Friday in decent weather, GOD only know how bad he will be once the ball is wet.

I know for a fact there were some games Colt McCoy played in when the weather was less than desirable. You’re not helping your rookie quarterback Pat Shumur. A little practice in the rain could have helped… Now, some of you reader may think this article is a joke. I wish it were. The fans I talked to really do feel this way…. Some fans are already comparing Weeden to Mike Phipps

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  1. bcharron

    Wow really? I was kind of enjoying reading posts during baseball season. I was looking forward to engaging discussions about the Browns during football season on things I agree with, and the things I disagree with. But the constant negativity and conspiracy theories are ridiculous, and tired already. Are there any other writers on this site?

    • LG

      Sure there are other writers and they will write. The funny thing is how many people jump on the Weeden band wagon thinking this guy is the total answer to everything wrong in Cleveland, then he goes in and plays like crap and the people make excuse after excuse for a guy that is making millions of dollars and is suppose to be good at what he does. McCoy doesn’t even make 500,000 a year plays better than Weeden and then people want to bitch about me writing the truth. if Weeden played good I would write positive articles. I don’t know about you bcharron but the fans I talk to who go and support the Browns and pay good money to see this team every home game are very tired of losing football games and the front office making excuses. Good thing Haslam is taking oveer we will finally have a winner….

      • bcharron

        The thing is, I completely agree. McCoy is still our best QB. You’d have to be blind to not see that he far outplayed Weeden. Especially when you factor in the numerous first downs Colt produced that were called back because of penalties. It’s just that everything I read is completely negative in tone and substance. Instead of explaining why McCoy played better, it’s all pure speculation Abbot the motives of moving practice. Then the ridiculous article about Shurmur “hiding injuries”. And the one about Weeden being the worst of the first round QBs. (Well DUH, that’s why he was drafted #22. There’s a way to make valid arguments without sounding like somebody who doesn’t even like the team.

        But hey, it’s still a better alternative than Vic “Toe the company line” Carucci’s blatantly over-positive articles that always backup whatever the front office wants us to think.

        • LG

          Hey, I love Browns football. I would just like to see the team win. As far as Shurmur not telling us about the injuries it is true. Why wasn’t he telling us about them? Then he comes out and says Benjamin was sore, what was sore? Lots of guys are sore after a game. I don’t mean to be negative but this team isn’t making the right moves to put the very best players on the field and the Head Coach should have waited until they played a couple of pre-season games before naming Weeden the starter. Now he won’t make Colt McCOy the starter so he doesn’t look stupid…..

      • Francisco

        WoW Here we go again… how can you possibly say this when there has not been one single regular season game played??? There are a lot more QB’s in this league that also looked like crap there first preseason game ala TOM BRADY, DREW BREES, MATHEW STAFFORD to just name a few…its the preseason. Game 1 of the preseason. If I remember correctly there is no game planning, no vidoe breakdowns, now scouting reports for the preseason. Maybe a little bit in game 3 and 4 but c’mon man, be realistic. If you can make a huge assessment like this after just watching 9 passing plays from a rookie QB in the first preseason game…buddy you are in the wrong business, you should be a mega scout making big time money!!!
        Hell I am tired of losing to but damn… I’m not gonna sit there and come up with these ridiculous theories after watching a rookie make just 9 throws in a meaningless preseason game.

        • LG

          Hey, Luck, Tannehill and RGIII looked good in their first pre-season game….Why can’t the Browns have a quarterback that looks like one of them?

          • Francisco

            Hey Colt McCoy looked pretty good in the preseason last year didnt he…how did that turn out???? Fans can bash all you want, it dont matter to me. I am not a avid Weeden supporter nor am I McCoy supporter. I know this man got a raw deal. It is what it is, you don’t like it go kick rocks. The point I’m trying to make is this… the man (rookie) threw 9 passes in 1 preseason game. There is no way any of you can convince me that this guy is better or worse than McCoy. There is no way you can say this man isn’t the future QB when he has only threw 9 passes in the league…its ridiculous, its “friggin window licking stupid”

          • bcharron

            But it’s also just as “window licking” stupid to proclaim him the starter BEFORE he even the one pass.

      • Eddie Torres

        Stick to your guns LG……I’m in my mid 40′s and I’ve been a Browns fan from day one……..To those who bash fans for being negative meanies…..IT’S NOT THE FANS JOB TO STAY OPTIMISTIC….IT’S THE TEAMS JOB TO INSTILL THE CONFIDENCE IN THEIR FANBASE….BY WINNING………Lets stay upbeat and positive….wow…that’s worked friggin wonders…..let’s keep buying tickets even though they continue to disappoint…..You wonder why they hire a window licking ra-tard as head coach?????…..RESULTS NEVER MATTERED because the sympathetic idiot fans were so friggin positive about supporting a pathetic losers………Thank God we now have an owner who’ll demand results and try to OUTPERFORM the Browns of season’s past rather than using their legacy to sell tickets to this current rendition which would probably be lucky go 8-8 in the CFL……..

    • Bv

      Seriously , Anyone and I mean anyone who defines anything based on one event is definitely mental. Additionally any who considers their opinion “the truth” has issues. More than likely self esteem issues if they can’t take any criticism. If “real” brown’s fans feel this way then that is a whole different problem than what is wrong with team. Its a game. A sport. Get a life and let them play. If you don’t like it stay home and define your life on one day. Sit there and torture yourself because betsy sue didn’t go out with or because you blew the “big” game in high school. What a loser. Get out of Cleveland so the team can make some progress

  2. ABrown

    Hopefully there’s some productive coaching going on — practice and help moving and working with the O-line as they deal with the rush, maybe adapting more plays to the shotgun to give the QB more time, work on staring at receivers he isn’t going to throw to to misdirect the DB’s, and practice like some other teams use with lots of irritations going on around the QB as he tries to find his target.

  3. browns71

    Weeden failed in one sport and now he is about to fail in another. Strong arm sent a floater over the middle that gave our #1 wr a concussion. Sometimes when you are too close you cant see the issues. Browns have a QB who has won more games than any college quarterback in history. We got our RB,we should have picked up our #1 WR instead of getting caught up up in fake hype and taking a QB.

  4. hal nx

    ‘True Browns’ Fans’ huh! True Browns’ fans know yellow journalism when they see it.

  5. DawgPile

    LG I have called you out in the past when you have totally blown your facts, but you’re spot on with Weeden. The guy has EARNED nothing. He’ll end up being next years ScapeColt, but Haslam ain’t buyin’ the BS. BTW Haslam really likes the Colt.

    • RICK

      Here he goes again writing on his speculation. It would do as lot of good getting people banged up on a soggy field for a pre season practice. We dont need some needless injuries

      • LG

        No we don’t need those injuries. It would do us good to learn how to throw and catch a wet football don’t ya think RICK? Or do we not want to do that so the team can say “OH we don’t practice in the rain” so we can’t throw or catch a wet ball we are not use to it…..

        • RICK

          I guess they never played in the rain before and havent figured out how to handle the ball in those conditions. Come on these guys have played football all their lives in crappy weather at some time in their career.
          We dont need crappy soggy conditions to make a ball wet.

          • LG

            Rick, there are a lot of rookies on the Cleveland Browns this year. Because of injuries they have to start. Weeden has Never played in the NFL in poor weather yet…..PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT….

          • RICK

            RUMOR has it they practiced indoors with the quaterbacks throwing the football out of a bucket of water. Its the big secret they didnt want you to know about.Rumor also has it that the dolphins and 49ers are bringing in a snow machine to get used to rough conditions this year

          • LG

            Now that is some funny stuff RICK…Good comment

      • TKM-Cowboy

        I’ve never seen so many unconscious writers and fair-weather Fans, as Most Browns fans. In case you weren’t paying attention to CFB last season….Weeden w/ the OSU Cowboys Kicked Serious Butt; Including, But not limited to: Tannehill, RG-3, and Andrew Luck. In fact, in the fiesta bowl, against A.Luck & Stanford, Luck was on the field for 42 min’s vs Weeden’s 18 min’s playing ant he Cowby’s still kicked Stanfords Butt !!! It really Baffles me how you people just don’r Get It!!!
        Weeden is beyond an above average QB and can do the same thing given the chance and SUPPORT! of the Browns fans. McCoy is NO MATCH for Weeden and it will be proven before the 4th reg season game.

        • LG

          Cowboy, first and foremost thanks for taking the time to leave a reply. With all due respect this is the NFL. Colt McCoy was the winning-est quarterback in College. In the NFL they don’t seem to think he is as good. I hope and pray Brandon Weeden has success for the Cleveland Browns we have gone too many years losing football games. It has also been due to the fact Weeden had great receivers in College that showed a great ability to go up and get one of Weeden’s passes that helped him tremendously. I sure hope the Browns can give Weeden the support he needs to win. One thing that really bothers me about your boy Weeden is the fact he looks like he has two left feet on the field. Can this guy scramble if he has to? Otherwise we aren’t gonna see the great Brandon Weeden you are talking about, they’ll knock him out….

        • LG

          I think the guy (Weeden) lost yards rushing in College, he must have had a habit of running the wrong direction…. Attempts 13 yards17 15 117 -102 In the 13 attempts he made he lost 102 yards rushing….

  6. Jeremy

    Man… You have a major man crush on a QB that has already shown what he can do with a shaky line and shakier pass catchers… The coach apparently knows what he is getting with Colt… If its broke, fix it, and that is what Shurmer is attempting to do. If they see him as the long term starter for the next 5-7 years, and he obviously has the god given talent to fire lasers all over the field, then why not call him the starter and see how that shakes out… And he was not the worst QB in the first week of preseason (2 of those incompletions were smart throw aways)did you watch Romo vs. Palmer? Now that was horrifing… but yeah, lets practice where LG and all the critics can see us, even if we lose Mack or Hardesty or Rubin to a knee injury sliding around on the turf… as long as it makes LG happy…

    • LG

      He was the worst rookie quarterback in week one of the preseason…..That is what was written……

      • RICK

        JEREMY makes a lot of sense. I agree. We need a quarterback that can get it down the field instead of dump offs all day. (looks good for your percentage though if thats what you want)

      • ABrown

        LG’s right. Weeden’s disappointing start was in all the national press — the only rookie to do badly.

        That could be why they closed practice — to get the opening plays down pat so that Weeden can get a better start.

  7. Jeremy

    Go Browns!!

  8. Browns4life

    Let’s just all settle down. This is preseason football, it is a time for coaches to weed out the new players to see who has potential to play for the team. Weeden already made the team so he doesn’t have anything to worry about during preseason. He will be on the starting roster come week one. All preseason is for is find The best 53 players and those on the first string team are already guaranteed a spot. With that said, If Weeden is supposed to be our franchise QB then it would make sense to have him sit in as backup to McCoy and allow him to get used to the nfl life and the system he will play in. Any quarterback selected in the first round and expected to start is already on team with many issues. Remember, not to long ago McCoy was drafted with the intent to learn for delhomme for a couple yrs a nd learn the offense and get veteran advice. Then delhomme got injured and McCoy was asked to play his first season and then he got injured. Then next season, he was asked to start in a new system with a new coach and no offseason with the new staff to start. And start with no offensive help in the running game, receivers who forgot how catch and a line who couldn’t protect him. No QB could’ve won with offense Cleveland had last year. Tom Brady, Joe flacco, Aaron Rogers, Alex smith, ben roethlisberger or any good QB in nfl could not have succeeded in Cleveland’s offense last year. Lastly, colt McCoy should be the starting QB, bc he has experienced in the offense system, he is experienced, and he will actually have a running game that will make defenses think twice instead of already knowing that it will be a pass. Weeden will need time to learn and he will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

  9. bob

    GEt over it Cleveland McCoy was a big 0fer in the division

  10. dave2o

    Dont Worry Folks…Haslam is a Colt McCoy fan……Weeden will be on the bench…Shurmur will be gone end of season…..McCoy should be tons better with a more supporting cast~….
    Im not a fan of either QB…but !


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