Heckert & Shurmur to be firedMultiple sources out of Berea, Ohio and around the NFL have ben reporting that both Head Coach Pat Shurmur and Browns G.M. Tom Heckert will be relieved of their duties immediately following the Browns Steelers game tomorrow afternoon.  ESPN has also reported on these rumors. For many Browns fans it is sad to see Tom Heckert go. On the other hand there are thousands of fans that are excited to see Pat Shurmur fired. The Browns have finished their 1st season under head coach Shurmur at 4-12 and are currently at 5-10 this season with just the Pittsburgh game left to play. Many don’t think the Browns stand a chance and will finish the 2012 season at 5-11.

Tom Heckert is the guy who has brought a lot of good young talent to the Cleveland Browns. The Browns may have let the fans down in 2012 using their 2nd pick in the 2012 draft on quarterback Brandon Weeden who was 28 years old at the time of the draft and turned 29 in October. Many reports say Heckert never wanted to take Weeden with the teams 2nd pick 22nd overall and he was forced to do so by Browns former team president Mike Holmgren.

Shurmur pinned a lot of the teams failures in the 2011 season on Colt McCoy. After seeing the Browns go 5-10 after 15 games this season it is apparent losing in 2011 wasn’t just because of the quarterback….Once again Pat Shurmur and Tom Heckert will be fired following tomorrows season finally. A press conference is going to follow Monday Morning from Browns headquarters in Berea….

Weeden will finish his rookie season for the Browns ranked 36th out of 38 guys in the ESPN TQR…..I can hear Pat Shurmur now, but I battled……

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Bob

    So Colt stayed longer then Holmgren, Heckert & Shurmur. Best Browns news of the Year. Wonder how Weeden is feeling tonight?

    • LG

      I think we may have seen the end of Weeden too……

  2. longhaul

    hate to see heckert go i really think he done a great job. on the other hand i think its time to throw a party to celebrate shurmur being fired. only reason he was there was because of holmgren. holmgren wasnt there to turn cleveland into a winning team he was there for the money. he used his position to fill his pockets. i dont see anybody nfl or college giving shurmur a head coaching job im sorry but the guy just dont have it. useing weeden all year and not trying mccoy sealed his fate,along with the stupid play calling.

  3. itisnextyear

    This is my last rant for the year, Holmgren and Company knew the Browns were being sold and they looked at their hand and went all in hoping to hit the jackpot, and hurry their rebuilding process to prove to the new owner they should stay. They gambled on a 29 year old rookie QB, a stud running back and next years second round pick on a pot head. The game turned out to be to fast for Weeden and the coach did not alter his game plan to help him AT ALL, TRich needs a fullback in front of him and was put in to service to soon after a knee surgery, Gordon never really showed how good he could be because of the game planning, although he did show flashes. I hate to see them rebuild again, but there is a nice core of young talent here, add a QB, an outside pash rushing OLB, shut down corner, and a full back, and we will be talking reload instead of rebuild. Do not talk about Cowher or Gruden coming in here, I want someone who understands that victories against the AFC north are what propells a team into the playoffs. The winds of change are all around this division and the Browns need to start grabbing the bull by the horns. Adios Josh Cribbs, management needs to stop signing fan favorites who are average at best. Major point I took away from Sunday’s game was that a third string QB was able to run the offense better than the two “better” QB’s in front of him.

  4. RB

    I would guess neither McCoy or Weeden will be in the Browns’ plans next year. The new regime will more than likely bring in fresh blood at QB.

    All the other coaches will be fired as well, so it will be interesting who they bring in as offensive and defensive coordinator, and will be interesting to see if the new head coach is also going to be permitted to call the plays.

  5. RB

    I hate to see Heckert go, but I’m guessing he’ll have no problem finding a new team to latch on to.

    • LG

      I agree RB


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