Colt McCoy Jimmy HaslamJimmy Haslam is rumored to really like Colt McCoy. He says the kid has a lot of heart. The source of this rumor went on to tell me that Haslam really liked the way McCoy came into his first game in the NFL and competed against the Pittsburgh Steelers when he made his first start in week six of the 2010 season taking  over for injured  Browns quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and back-up Seneca Wallace. McCoy didn’t win that game but he did  show he could compete in the NFL.

Haslam who also follows college football is rumored to have watched McCoy’s career at Texas. My source tells me Haslam was impressed with McCoy’s 158.25 Q.B. rating following his 2009 season with the Texas Longhorns. Supposedly Haslam was saddened by the fact McCoy had to leave the  2010 BCS National Championship Game against Alabama during the first quarter with a right shoulder injury and was sidelined for the rest of the game. I guess Haslam really wanted to see McCoy finish that game after he led the Longhorns to a perfect 12–0 regular season record. Interesting, I wonder if the boys in Cleveland who run the Browns are aware of these rumors?

Hey be sure to tell us what you think of this rumor. Leave your reply below….

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  1. David W

    I think and feel that Colt has not been given fair treatment, he has had sub-par receivers who have dropped the ball, and a non effective offensive line to protect him. How is the kid going to be a star player if not given the tools to win with.

    • Chris P

      “How is the kid going to be a star player if not given the tools to win with?” You answered your own question. It’s more than just lack of a line and receivers, he doesn’t have the tools to win with (i.e arm strength). No matter how much he learns, he can’t get the ball effectively down field into tight windows. I think he could be ok as a backup because teams prepared for a real quarterback and then he can come in and dink and dunk his way to a win but you can’t count on that every week.

    • LINDA

      Thank you I thought it was just me. I always figured we could have had the best QB there ever was or is and still not make it with no one to catch the ball and no one to protect the QB. But then I am a woman what do I know. I really really hope Colt gets another chance.

      • Anonymous

        Good comment, Linda, a lot of common sense in it. McCoy can make all the throws he needs to make but if the pocket collapses around him before the receivers get down the field, he has to throw short passes and if the receivers set a record for dropped passes, any QB will start to hesitate. If the play calling is sub par and if no one really knows the offense, and there is no running game, everything goes south. It’s amazing that Colt did anything last year. Last year, I found myself wondering “where does Colt get the courage to stay in there play after play?” and I’ve been watching football for 50 years and never saw a situation before that was so bad for a QB.

        I can agree that Weeden has a strong arm but that doesn’t make a QB. the QB who had the strongest arm and the best spirals ever was named George and he never succeeded in the league. Having a good arm doesn’t mean he’ll fail but it also doesn’t mean he’ll succeed. In college Weeden had a much better O-line, 2 first round receivers and a starting RB in the NFL around him. Colt didn’t have that at Texas, as much as I love that school. Colt made it work without as much talent because he is really heads up under pressure. The knock on Weeden in college was that he couldn’t do well when he was pressured in the pocket but he always had better than average linemen and clutch receivers so most teams couldn’t put enough pressure on him. He may do really well, but he would have done just as badly as Colt did last year or even worse in the same situations.

        McCoy isn’t all bad and Weeden isn’t all good. But McCoy has played well at times in the NFL and he deserves a lot more respect than he has been getting from some of the Cleveland fans lately.

  2. Dylon561 (@Dylon561)

    Ah, the infamous I-have-a-source reference. Solid.

  3. Bob Bower

    LG – I don’t know who the source is but I’m sure you watched Jimmy’s press conference. He mentioned Weedon and Richardson a few times. He even mentioned Mitchell Schwartz once. He never mentioned Colt. I think Haslam is a great guy and is going to say nothing but good things about the city and players but I’m willing to bet he’s sold on Weedon starting!

  4. Joel McClurg

    If the rumor is true, it sounds like the new owner has more football sense than the people currently managing the team!

    • ABrown


  5. Tom Wynne

    Browns fans…think Charlie Frye when thinking about Colt mccoy’s ability to throw down field. he completed that high % at Texas throwing short 10-12 yard slants…that, his size, and relative lack of mobility doesn’t add up to playoff success. Give Wheedon HIS chance!!!

  6. Will S.

    If the Browns had used their draft picks on receivers that can catch a football and linemen to block, not to mention a RB. Maybe Colt would have had the oppurtunity to be successful. Just like Colt, Weeden has been playing for a better team and coaches the past couple of years. He’s not used to playing for losers.


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