Mid-way through the season I’d have to say, Chudzinksi’s willingness to go for it, has lifted this Cleveland Browns team to a level we haven’t seen is some time.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about Chud. I thought the team made some bad decisions, especially when they decided who would be the starting quarterback coming into the season.

But, Chudzinski has made it clear, the Browns won’t settle for sub-par performances from his quarterback and he made the change, not once but twice.

Chud puts a lot of faith in the guys who make plays. He has went for it on 4th down 19 times this season. He appears to want to win games at all costs, he leaves nothing out on the field.

It’s his willingness to go for it that brings out the best in his players. When a coach has this much faith in his guys, it lifts them to a whole new level.

The Browns go into the BYE week with a 4-5 record. The team is 2-1 in the AFC North and play the Bengals in their next game. The Browns already won once this season over the Bengals and you can bank on the fact that Chudzinski knows how important another win over the Bengals is for the Cleveland Browns.

The team’s defense was instrumental in the Browns first win over Cincinnati and they are going to be just as important this time around.

You know Chud is going to go for it when the Browns travel to Cincinnati after the BYE week. Lets hope his willingness to go for it lifts this 2013 Cleveland Browns team to their second win over the Bengals.

The team will be ready and well rested.   Go Browns……

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Stevebastro

    Dear Browns management,
    Please bring in a qb or 2. NFL qbs go down left and right and if our guys go down, then what?

  2. David

    Great article as always. I like the fact that Chud is willing to go for it on 4th Down occasionally. This is a refreshing change in Browns coaching in a long time. Romeo was conservative, Mangini was conservative, and no one even get me started on Corporal Clueless. Not only was he conservative, but don’t forget about his moronic ways such as running into a referee, getting 15 yard unsportsman conduct penalties, and punting on 4th and inches in that Colts game.

  3. marty

    I was optimistic when the browns chose the coaching staff. I see now there is good chemistry thats building this team.The browns must choose a QB, let’s hope they pick a qb for the future.I always felt weedon was cancer for the team. If ravens beat cinci, next week will be the biggest game the browns will face in a long time.


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