It is a story line all too familiar to Browns fans, a number one draft pick for the team not able to play due to injury. This time it is the guy the Cleveland Browns used their number one pick in 2012 to get, Trent Richardson who has a real problem  with a rib injury. Reports coming out of ESPN say the Browns may have to sit T-Rich for a month to give his rib cage time to heal. This would have Richardson return in time to face the Dallas Cowboys. Richardson who was a fan favorite coming into the season already missed the entire preseason after having knee surgery. The Browns fans have seen this too many times. Call it the curse or call it bad luck.Trent Richardson rib injury

The Cleveland fans will once again see a guy they had high hopes for waste yet another season. If the Browns try to play Richardson his rib problem could bother him for the rest of the season. This could be one of the reason Richardson only rushed for 8 yards last Sunday. Richardson not only gives the team a threat running the football, he quickly became one of Weeden’s favorite targets coming out of the backfield.

The Browns head coach Pat Shurmur has to win games now to save his job. Lets hope he takes the health of T-Rich seriously and doesn’t try to risk his future to save his own neck. There is already little chance of Shurmur returning to Cleveland as the Browns head coach next season anyway. He is not what the Haslam team needs to bring a winner to Cleveland….


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  1. ABrown

    I don’t understand why the Browns let Richardson play last Sunday. If it’s because Richardson wanted to play, who is in charge of the team?

    Playing someone with a serious rib injury is not as bad as playing someone with a concussion, but it’s the same kind of problem. There is very little wisdom in how this team is being led.

    A player decides he wants to play and the coach can’t tell him no? A player is injured and the coach doesn’t work with medical advice about whether the player can play without risking further injury?

    And before the injury to Richardson, the head coach couldn’t work with the offensive coordinator to figure out how to use a talented running back more effectively?? The coordinator Brad Childress was head coach of the Vikings for the first 3 years Adrian Peterson was in the league, when he gained 1300+, 1700+, and 1300+ yards. Surely Childress and Shurmur could have worked together to allow Richardson to be more effective as a rookie RB than to average less than 3 yards a carry.

    But did they work together? Can Pat Shurmur work with his staff and take advantage of coaches who may have more experience than he does with the running game or is he too insecure?

    • LG

      Pat Shurmur trying to save his own hind end ABrown, he thinks if he wins they will keep him…I don’t think so…

  2. Autopilot

    I’m probably going to catch grief for this post but here goes anyway…

    I preface the following comments with the fact that I am not a Browns’ fan (or any fan of a particular team in the NFL). I am a fan of players and watch most games rooting for them and not necessarily for their respective team to win. I have watched as many of the Browns’ games as possible this year because I have been curious to see how Weeden pans out with the Browns. Here are my observations through nearly half the season.

    The Browns are a worse team this year than last. Even with better players, they still find ways to lose football games.

    And now, their best player who was pressed into service fighting injury now looks to be out a month (although Shurmur hasn’t ruled him out against the Chargers). There is absolutely no reason for this except poor leadership from the coaching staff. Why play Richardson in the first place if he’s not 100%?

    I still can’t say whether Weeden is an improvement over McCoy. With the poor play-calling and with receivers who can’t catch a cold, it’s difficult to evaluate his play. Alot of his stats have come in the second half with the team fighting to get back into a game already lost. What is obvious is that he isn’t good enough to overcome the lousy play around him. Say what you will about McCoy and his arm-strength, but he was a scrappy player and leader who elevated the team to play better and win games they shouldn’t have last year (based upon this year’s “upgraded” roster, won-loss record and abysmal performance).

    Speaking of roster, the Browns’ roster is filled with players who couldn’t even make the roster of most other teams in the NFL. Most of their receiving corp is practice-squad material at best. There are a few bright spots among them with the two “Joshes” (Gordon and Cooper) offering great potential. This is a roster area that has been a team weakness for years and will continue to be until a strong #1 receiver is drafted or picked up in free agency.

    The offensive line still struggles to open holes for the running backs. Same song, second verse of what has been said of the Browns for the past several years. With that area of weakness, the Browns rely more and more on their passing game (another weakness as already discussed) causing a vicious cycle of ineptitude. Until they can get people-movers who can open holes for their quality running backs, the Browns are going to continue to struggle offensively.

    Defensively, I’m scratching my head on why they aren’t playing better. On paper, they have a quality defense that has played well at times. They have seemed to play better since Haden has come back from his suspension. It now looks like the Fujita pick-up was a waste for the Browns because he has been out of the lineup for so many of the games the past two years and now his season is over. So, linebacker may now become a concern going forward.

    Coaching for this team is about as bad as I’ve seen it in the NFL. Apparently Shurmur gives a great interview because I can’t see anything on the field that has warranted his hire as head coach of this team. He seems completely lost at times during games as he mismanages the offense with ridiculous play-calling.

    I see the Browns winning one more game this season (for a team that was lauded as a potential playoff team by management before the season began). That will put them in the running along with Kansas City (the lone remaining win that I predict) for the first draft pick next year.

    What area will they address with the new ownership next season? First, they hopefully will sweep out the old and bring in the new in the way of coaches. That will make a coaching hire their most important need. Next, they have a myriad of problems on offense that need solved. Wide receivers, more solid offensive linemen, and maybe a quarterback (at least in a couple of years when Weeden’s shelf-life expires). Defensively, they will need an anchor at linebacker to replace Fujita and improved depth in the secondary.

    Alas, this is another lost season for the Browns. I look forward to a brighter future with Haslam and Banner running the front office.

    • LG

      Autopilot this reply was great and right on the money. The only guy who probably will give you grief is the lone Weeden lover that frequents the articles. You are very observant in you analysis…Great reply and thanks for reading our articles it is people such as your self that brings me joy in all the work I do….Again thanks….

    • ABrown

      Excellent analysis, Autopilot!

  3. guy

    Excellant and accurate evaluation of the Cleveland Browns Autopilot! I keep repeating myself saying lossing starts from the top down. It has been sad that given the experience, and football knowledge Holmgren has, and his buddies it was being played out on the field. Perhaps it was nothing more like this fantasy football nonsense. There is no fire in this team. What fire was there in Colt McCoy was strangled hold away by both Holmgrem and his puppet Shurmur! The term ego is good example of a coach wantabie trying to handle it all himself, and not relying on other coaches to get results. You can forget the notion of T.E.A.M. ( together everyone achieves more ) concept! Somewhere along the line as a rookie Headcoach one expected Holmgrem to mentor Shurmur somewhere along the way.
    It was all to clear that there was NO mentoring occuring. The loses mounting faster leaving fans puzzled whats going on here with valid concern.
    Recently I was San Fransisco an wow totally awesome reading the Giants plowing through the playoffs, Oakland A’s were hanging tough and won their division with cast offs! Look at the Penn State Lions now 5-2 players stepping up and moving forward regardless of everything. Holmgren came in wanted a West Coast Offense and he wasn’t even going to be the coach, then hires a rookie Head Coach. Seems to me like everything was done backwards, or at least strange notion of yesteryears experiences. Then there was no heads up to secure a free agent reciever. Then again the shipwreck they caused by loosing and mismanaging their players who on earth would want to play for this franchize? The reading was on the wall and clear as a bell!
    The one’s that have been deaf have been the one’s whom were once in charge, and another still pretending to be a Head Coach. Please, please bring on the changes and STOP the disfunction already. Not only has it been a total embarassment to former players, to the very hown city, especially to your fan base.
    This sleeping giant must again be awaken from it death grip to play as this franchise was once know for. Till then no substitue will be excepted only their continue shame they mark this team with.


  4. Bob

    LG, Autopilot, ABrown & Guy – All excellent posts.

    The most puzzling thing to me is why Holmgren would put his job and reputation on the line on a non-experienced stoic head coach for a struggling team in the first place. Baffling. And then no offensive coordinator to boot. Sounds like a case of definite cronyism. The only guy that this was 100% good for was agent Bob LaMonte and his bank account. And Guy you are right, it does start at the top. Didn’t Holmgren have problems in Seattle also in a front office role? Didn’t Lerner look into that more before Holmgren came in? And now Holmgren wants to coach again probably to have some kind of legacy now? Talk about selfish. Instead of talking about his next coaching job, his final decision to right a wrong should have been to show Shurmur the door and own up to this major mistake.

    The question of even mentoring Shurmur should not even come up because what the Browns needed was an experienced SUCCESSFUL head coach when Mangini left. This is the NFL where only experienced should apply. Coaching the Browns or any professional sports team should not be a “How to be a Head Coach while Learning on the Job” 101 class at your local community college. A bad coach can definitely hurt players careers injured or not and hurt players on or off the bench.

    • Bob

      I know there is offensive coordinator this year. I was referring to last year.

    • LG

      Shumur is an old family friend of the Holmgren’s he worked with Pat’s uncle way back and it is going to ruin his legacy as a NFL great guy

      • Bob

        Yeah, I knew that. But head coach with no experience? Holmgren probably should have just gave him the OC job and got either himself or a real experienced head coach. Oh well. I guess if it had worked out well, we would all be saying what a genius Holmgren was.


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