Browns Show Interst In Sam Bradford


The Cleveland Browns may be in talks with the Rams to acquire Sam Bradford the injury rattled second year Rams Quarterback. The talk on the street is the Browns may even be willing to trade their number four pick to get Bradford who played for the Rams win Browns coach Pat Shurmur was on the coaching staff for the Rams. Just days ago the Browns said Colt McCoy was their quarterback. Now reports coming out saying Browns inquire about Sam Bradford.

So much for McCoy getting a clear message from the Browns top brass. Reports were Mike Homgren even called McCoy to let him know reports could be over-reacting to what the Browns are going to do. How about now Mr. Holmgren? Are the Browns willing to trade the number four pick to get their hands on Sam Bradford?

This is the Cleveland Browns, you never know what these guys are thinking, this could be a smoke screen as to what the team is going to pull off come draft day. Tom Heckert has said numerous times the Browns were happy with their position in the up-coming NFL draft.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Darrin Lynch

    NOOOOOO,Sam’s NOT going to the Browns for the 4th pick in the draft!!!,no way in hell!!!,I’m just saying

  2. Keith

    I’m sorry the Browns are retarded…. Look dude doesnt have anyone to catch his passes you could have Manning it wouldnt matter…

    Draft Caliborne #4, Draft Best WR Avil #22 Draft best RB Avail #37 you got 3 starters in the first 37 picks. Give McCoy a chance then get him one more WR later in the Draft… 3rd or 4th round go O-line

    I watched him play the Steelers and Ravens he was hitting guys they just couldnt catch the ball or protect him…


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