There were times this season the Browns defense looked like the best in the game. That wasn’t the story for Dick Jauron’s Cleveland Browns Defense today. Ray Rice almost single handedly rushed for more yards in today’s game than the Cleveland Browns had offensively.  The Cleveland Browns defense had a couple of good series against the Ravens today then all hell broke loose.

Ray Rice ran wildly as the Browns defense couldn’t figure out how to stop him. Dick Jauron has had a hard time all season trying to figure out how to get the Browns defense able to stop the rush. The Browns ranked number one in the NFL against the pass, when it comes down to stopping the run they were third from the bottom at number 29. NFl teams run the ball. So you think Jauron would find a way for his Browns defense to defend against the run.

Am I asking to much from this guy who make a damn good living at failing? I think not. The good teams in the NFL have a fine balance between running the ball and passing the ball. One compliments the other. Jauron should know this again I say this is what he gets paid for. 12 games into the season and his Cleveland Browns still can’t stop the run.

What the heck does Jauron have his team working on all week? Don’t the Browns have a film room. One look at the Ravens on film and I’ll bet one get the sense this team has a guy who can run all over you. Isn’t Dick Jauron smart enough to put this together? The Browns used their first round pick to get a defensive line man. The Browns let Jauron insert his new 4-3 defense that should be better against the run one woudl think or why would the Browns go to it?

Cleveland is in for a long December. They have one more game against the Ravens and two games against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If Jauron can’t figure out how to get the Browns able to stop the run it is going to make for another miserable afternoon of Browns football.

Dick Jauron needs to get his head out of his ass and get his team able to stop the run. Simple figure it out Jauron. Letting a guy rush for 204 yards sucks. Let alone the other 80 or so yards your defense gave up against the run today.

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