Ray Horton  taking browns to 3-4Hey Browns fans, you wondering what Ray Horton is going to do with the Cleveland Browns defense? Wonder no more, in an Arizona radio interview Horton said he will have the Cleveland Browns defense mimic the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. The Browns will be going to a 3-4 defense Horton said. He wasn’t say about it at all. So with the Browns going to the 3-4 defense I hope Horton has his eye on some good linebackers in the upcoming NFL draft. Not only does Cleveland need a linebacker who can play in open space, he needs another good corner back.

Horton should be focused on the Cleveland Secondary, he played in the secondary during his pro career. The only corner back on the Browns that Cleveland can depend on is Joe Haden. Then you have T.J. Ward back there too. Ward seems to go down with injury a lot and he missed a lot of time. When Haden and Ward are missing from the Cleveland secondary, the Browns have a real problem.

Horton has to fill the holes on the Browns defense. He needs to either draft some players or obtain them through free agency. The Browns have to pay attention to the defense in the next draft. If they are indeed going to mimic the Steelers defense they have to have some guys added to the rooster. The Steelers defense was ranked the toughest for most of the 2012 season.

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  1. Browns fan

    I guess Horton did not watch much tape from last year … because the d-line really was a strength of the defense. Not sure we have the bodies to go back to a 3-4 minus Taylor at NT. Guess they will try Rubin at DE? That is about it in regards to D lineman close to the prototypical size. Sheard I guess has to go to LB? Not sure were you put the two rookies … I guess at a 3-4 end? Jackson at ILB? Not sure who he thinks he can line up next to him … except maybe one of the young guys … Fort, Roberson, etc.? And that still means we need two outside guys … that is if we get Gocong back. And we still need some DB’s. Everyone knows Brown’s days as DB are numbered. Not really sure why people have to be so narrow-minded. Its the I know best and my way or the highway approach that seems to have hurt the Browns the most since the 99′ expansion team started. I guess we fans are just idiots … and stupid for thinking we matter. Because everyone right now does not want to go back to the 3-4 defense … that is except Ray Horton and the Browns brass.

    • LG

      Hey I don’t know why he wants to change to the 3-4. I can tell you one thing, the Browns still had trouble stopping the run.

      • Anonymous

        As it stands of now this is probably how it shakes out positionally…

        NT- Rubin(Taylor)/ Hughes
        DE- Rucker/ ???
        DE- Winn/ Sheard
        OLB- Sheard/ ???
        WILB- Jackson/ Maiava(Robertson)
        SILB- Johnson/ ???
        OLB- Gocong/ Acho
        CB1- Haden/ ???
        CB2- Brown/ Wade
        NB- Skrine/ ???
        FS- Young(Hagg)/ ???
        SS- Ward/ Ventrone

        Don’t have much faith that Banner will keep Gocong or Brown around. He’s traded them once to us. Brown would be a great NB because of his experience, so maybe he’ll stick.
        Believe there is an absolute need to move either Rubin or Taylor in a trade. Should be able to get a nice reward for either- a few teams are going back to a 3-4 along with us….Maybe we replace our 2nd rounder with one of these guys (we’ll get more).
        Maiava, Gocong, Young and Brown are UFA’s. Don’t believe Gocong or Young will be back and Maiava has drawn interest in the past. This might be Maiava’s chance to hit a nice contract.
        So, this leaves huge holes for OLB’s, CB2, and a FS….
        OLB’S in FA include… Phil Wheeler,Anthony Spencer,Connor Barwin, and a couple more interesting options. The Safety class is particularly deep in this draft. Neither can be said for CB2.

        …With the #6 pick the need to take Dee Milliner should the Raiders and Eagles pass on him. DE/OLB’s are also deep in this draft.

  2. Leon II

    I’m thinking most of the defense needs will come in free agency. My reason for thinking this has to do with something I don’t think anyone else has noticed yet. Last year during the Senior Bowl Matt Florjancic, Browns Staff Writer, posted a series of articles on draft prospects who were there. With the exception of Brandon Weeden we didn’t draft any of the players he wrote about. So why bring it up? Because while we didn’t draft them, we did draft players at the position close to the round the ones he wrote about were projected to go in at the time of the Senior Bowl. So here is a list of the players (by round, position, player) he wrote about this year during the Senior Bowl.

    RD 1 – 2, QB, Mike Glennon, North Carolina State
    RD 2, CB, Desmond Trufant, University of Washington
    RD 2 – 3, DE/OLB, John Simon, Ohio State
    RD 3 – 4, OG, Hugh Thornton, University of Illinois
    RD 3 – 4, QB, Landry Jones, University of Oklahoma
    RD 4, OG, Brian Winters, Kent State
    RD 4, WR, Denard Robinson, University of Michigan
    RD 4, WR, Ryan Swope, Texas A&M
    RD 5 – 6, WR, Aaron Mellette, Elon University
    RD 6, RB, Robbie Rouse, Fresno State
    RD 6 – 7, SS, J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern
    RD 7, FB, Kyle Juszczyk, Harvard

    I see two scenarios being explored by the Browns for this draft. The first would have the Browns looking to trade down in the first round and pick a late first round QB prospect in round 1. This scenario would be predicated on picking up a second and third round pick. The second round pick would be used on a CB, and the two third round picks would be used on a DE/OLB and an OG, The later rounds seem to be RD 4 or 5 WR, RD 6 RB, RD 7 SS/FS and FB (our pick plus the one we received from Philly). What we would do with the pick not used on WR in Round 4 or 5 remains a bit of a mystery but might go for another QB though I think defense would be more likely though another OG can’t be ruled out either.

    The second scenario would be based on no trade and we keep our first round pick and don’t gain anything. I think Round 1 would be best CB (preferred), DE, or OLB available. Round 3 would be used on one of the two remaining. Round 4 would be OG or QB with the other taken in Round 5. Rounds 6 and 7 would remain the same as the first scenario – RB, SS/FS and FB.

    These draft targets start giving us an idea how free agency will play out. Expect us to try and sign a defensive end and several linebackers in free agency to take care of Horton’s needs. I wouldn’t expect a OG to be acquired in free agency and probably not a QB. If Dawson isn’t resigned we will see a kicker taken as a Free Agent or from the pool of Undrafted Free Agents after. The same with punter which I think will definitely occur. I can’t see Hodges being brought back next year.

    • LG

      I hope they address their defensive needs Leon. Otherwise we going to have a huge problem running the 3-4….Nice post also Leon….

  3. RB

    I think the Browns would be foolish to draft a QB in the first round of this years draft. Just as Weeden wasn’t worthy of a first round pick last year, none of the QBs are worthy of a first round pick this year.

    Damontre Moore would be my choice at pick #6. The remainder of the picks need to be used to address the LB situation.

    With the exception of a backup offensive lineman, free agency should be used to shore up the defense, with special emphasis on the best cover guy available.

    • Leon II

      I agree RB. I wasn’t stating what I thought they should do but was rather commenting on a pattern I had seen and what is likely to occur if that pattern continues.

      I do think we have to upgrade OG though in addition to addressing defense needs.


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