Trivisonno talks Trent Richardsonsaid he hasn’t seen any reason the Browns used their  number one draft pick on Trent Richardson, Trivisonno did go on to say he well reserve his full judgement on Richardson until next season. Triv as many refer to him by said, “There is No Way Of Telling Just how UN-Healthy Richardson really is this season”. Trive who has been watching Cleveland Browns football all his life isn’t very happy with what he has seen this season from any of the Cleveland Browns top draft picks, he also weighed in on the performance of Weeden. We won’t get into that now.

Looking at Trent Richardson’s stats, he is ranked 17th in the NFL with 670 rushing yards after 10 games. Some think the Browns head coach doesn’t use Richardson enough and then there are some fans who can’t believe a running back like Trent Richardson couldn’t get into the Dallas end zone in the teams last game. Lets face it, Richardson was rushed back into service by the Brown too soon after he had his knee surgically repaired right before the Browns opened their regular season, he missed all the preseason games and some fans think he dances around too much before hitting the holes that the Browns O-line provide for him. T-Rich could be giving the other teams defense too much time by not hitting the holes faster.

From what we have seen so far from Richardson, it is clear when he gets to the open field he is a load to bring down. The problem is he doesn’t do well trying to run through the middle. The Browns head coach should be able to see that and when it comes to needed some running yards he should call plays that get Richardson into the open field. If the Browns can get him out there, we have seen Richardson ability to break some tackles and pick up some yardage.

The Cleveland Browns needed a running back that could get the tough yardage. So far in his very short career T-Rich hasn’t shown too much. lets not forget he has not been healthy this season. Maybe with a full off-season under his belt T-Rich will come back in 2013 and show the world why the Browns picked him with their number one pick. If not Mike Trivisonno will have plenty to say about it I’m sure…..

Get Healthy T-Rich, Cleveland Needs a hero on Sunday’s……





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Readers Comments (2)

  1. muttklingon

    trent richardson is only 1 player. not a tream. it takes a team to wind. look browns need take weed & richardson & build the browns team around them.!

  2. Dan B.

    Trivisonno looks like he played a great career, at a buffet. You have to be given opportunities to gain yardage. Shurmur is in passing mode to try and justify his choice of Weeden as his QB. Play calling for this team has been confusing to say the least. My qualifications to say what I do, the same as Trivisanno’s, I have been watching Cleveland football all my life as well.


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