James Harrison doesn’t seem to play clean football for the Steelers. Fining him doesn’t seem to work either. The NFL fined Harrison numerous times in 2010 including a $75,000 dollar fine when he had a helmet to helmet hit against the Browns wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi.  Did Harrison learn from that? Hell no he hasn’t learned anything.  Just look at how he lowed his helmet Thursday night when he hit Colt McCoy.

Harrison paid fines for a late hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees, $20,000 dollars for that one.  What is it going to take before Harrison realizes you don’t hit players in the head with your helmet?

The NFL suspended Suh for 2 games and he didn’t do anything close to the crap Harrison does.  Roger Goodell has to take a hard look at the hit Harrison made on Colt McCoy and has to send a clear message to him and the Steelers the league isn’t going to put up with Harrison dirty play.  It was clearly evident watching the hit in slow motion Harrison’s intent.

Harrison lowered his helmet at the precise time to catch McCoy right under the chin, Harrison did this with intent just watch the reply.   If Goodall is going to suspend Suh for his antics for two games, than the hit on McCoy from Harrison has to draw a suspension for the rest of this season at the very least.  The guy has a history of this kind of behavior.

It is time for the NFL to take the proper action against James Harrison.  There is no room for a guy who is out to kill someone in the NFL.  Lets hope Roger Goodell takes the proper steps to make sure James Harrison understands this time.
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Readers Comments (49)

  1. Bryan

    Harrison is a FOOTBALL player, which I realize as a brownie fan ya’ll wouldn’t understand, since you haven’t had a team with a football player on it since the late ’80′s. I remember watching Clay Mathews Jr. level a few QB’s, was he a dirty player? Was Hacksaw Renolds, Lawrence Taylor, Mike Singletary, Jack Lambert, on and on and on, dirty players? No, they were FOOTBALL players. When Cleveland gets a pro football team again someday, maybe you guys will figure that out.

  2. Shirley Amato

    You are so wrong. McCoy was running. James thought the hit to McCoy was legal.James did not mean to hurt McCoy. You are just mad and upset that Pittsburgh beat the Browns again. If McCoy was in the pocket that would have been one thing. McCoy was running like he was a runner. James Harrison is not a dirty player. Suh purposely banged the head of the player 3 times and stomped the leg. Where do you see Harrison purposely doing that? How about the hit on Big Ben? Was that on purpose? Grow up and look at it again. James thought it was a legal hit.

  3. Aenaey

    You are a moron. There is A HUGE difference between something done in a play and stomping on someone after a play. Of course I would expect no less from a Browns fan than wanting to take off the pads and put on a skirt. Maybe you shoud petition the league to move you out of the AFC East…. between Pittsburgh and Balitmore you guys arent built to play in this league, especially when I hear ludicrous whining like this.

  4. john

    cry babys… its football

    • Johnny

      Stop Complaining. Why can’t you cry baby’s be like Big Ben.

  5. steelerfan4life

    Please stop all the whining and crying about James Harrison. He is not out to hurt anyone!! He is an intense player and if you had any on your team then you would know what that is like. This is FOOTBALL….TACKLE FOOTBALL!!! These guys are playing at full speed and should not be criticized every time their helmet touches someone else’s. Colt McCoy is an NFL quarterback and should expect to be hit when his offensive line doesnt block for him. As for his crybaby Dad..SHUT UP!!! You should be happy he even sees a down of playing time on a crappy team. Quit making excuses for the lousy team you have and find something better to do. See you in the playoffs…oh sorry you wont be there AGAIN!!!!

  6. jennifer passa

    suh assaulted a player after the clock stopped and the play was over. richard seymour has hit ben roethlisberger in the face after a play and was just fined 30K for punching another player. that is dirty play. stuff that happens when the clock stops. football is a contact sport. if mc coy and his daddy do not want him to get banged around, try golf or tennis. those are no contact sports. you can’t have it both ways. you cannot give james harrison defensive player of the year in 2008 and then call for his head on a platter 3 years later for the same type of play.

  7. troy dais

    this is football and not flag football stupid ass!!

  8. football is soft now

    ben takes hits like that all the time, but that’s ok right vick also takes them kinda shots, football is a contact sport. go back to that play you are crying about colt mccoy became a runner and further more is it ok for running backs to take helmet to helmet hits because it happens all the time should the player get fined when they lower their heads, hmm
    interesting. db’s can’t touch wr but the wr can push the db’s all over the fill, better yet since everyone only wants to protect the qb’s and wr’s why don’t you just take everyone else out of the game and call throw and catch and then that way you don’t have to worry about the qb’s and wr’s getting hit.

  9. BP

    “It was clearly evident watching the hit in slow motion Harrison intent.” Are you serious? The game doesn’t happen in slow motion….mccoy running to all of a sudden throwing a pass to harrison’s hit was all a matter of seconds. Lets see the replay showed mendenhall getting hit helmet to helmet at the goal line….nothing called…ben got clobbered in the head and a 15 yard penalty was called….so come on its football and your team does the same things. Its a very fast game and do they want to hurt each other? Isn’t that the nature of competition to want to win and football is not tennis or golf its a very physical game so quit crying and just play the game. You cannot compare his hit to Suh…..again another stupid remark….Suh was intent after the play…harrison’s was a game play…..when did we start crying so much in football….maybe you need to watch the other futball …soccer

  10. KG

    McCoy was clearly out of the pocket and was considered a runner when the hit occurred.Nothing illegal.Nothing dirty.

  11. Anonymous

    Oh God cry me a river.. Its football Goodell is a Dum *ss this is football not flag football hits are going to be made why let one person say if it was an intent to hurt.

  12. Craig Dues

    Harrison will be fined, and, per the NFL rules, he should be. However, comparing what Harrison did to the Suh stomping incident is comparing apples and oranges. Suh flagrantly stomped on an oppenents arm on the ground. Up until 2 years ago, everyone would have been saying what a great clean hit Harison made on Mccoy. The rules have changedd now and Harrison will be fined. I believe this is his first offense this year. There are always going to be some helmet to helmet hits in football. It is unavoidable and to suspend someone for their first illegal hit in a season is ridiculous.

  13. Burgh fan

    You are off the mark.

    Just another whining Brown’s fan. Harrison plays physical ball and sometimes things go astray. A remaining season suspension…he didn’t kick or stomp a down player..

    You need to go plays girls touch football…grow up…WHINER…

  14. BP

    Nothing would make me feel better than seeing the Cleveland Defense knocking Mendenhall right on his ass more than a few times.

    Come on Cleveland, teach Rashard Mendenhall a thing or two about being an American…

    surely sounds like you had some wishful thoughts of intent to hurt him ….oh but thats fine…you talk about man up …cleveland can never man up to the steelers…maybe your LGL team will do better….whoops not ….watched them lose 68-8 last night

  15. Fan

    Your obviously an idiot. How the hell can you tell someones intent by watching a play in slow motion !!!! Colt was a runner until he threw the ball. That all takes place in a fraction of a second. Hell even primetime defended him saying it was a legit play. I agree it was helmet to helmet but to say it was intentional is ridiculous. Yes Harrison had some fines last year but how many have you seen this year ? To compare what he did during a football play inside the whistle at full speed compared to what Suh did after the whistle is insane. GROW UP !!!

  16. blwme

    HARRISON PLAYED GREAT AGAINST THE BROWNS…so all the cry babies are whinning about the play that wittle colt got hurt. if he was so hurt why did he come back in. i will give him applause for coming back in. that shows maturity. his dad needs to mind his own. let the boy be a man. let him lead his team. do not punish harrison for playing great football.

  17. mike

    Do you even or have you played football. Why dont you keep your comments to yourself buddy. The nfl will do whatever it has to do. Do you enjoy someone screaning your crappy blog. Maybe james should go to your boss and have you let go for writing without a brain. Remember takes on to know one.

  18. Browns are pussies

    First of all, learn correct grammar before you publish an article. Suh intentionally stepped on a guy’s arm. Harrison just plays hard football and makes good tackles. If that happens to be hitting a guy with his helmet, then so be it.

  19. Anonymous

    And even with the hit to the head, Mccoy is still an idiot. Seems nothing will knock any ability in to him.

  20. chukrok

    I disagree totally. Since Colt left the pocket and started running, he should be treated as a runner. How about the fact that Colt lowered his helmet at the same time? If he hadn’t dipped his head, it would have been a totally clean hit. I’m tired of the defense always being on the short end of the rule book. How about the fact that anyone gets a penalty for hands-to-the-face except for RB’s? They can stiff-arm to people’s face masks with impunity.

  21. mike millonig

    james harris is nothing but a head hunter. he does not know how to tackle. he only tries to injure. he needs to go for the rest of the year. that way his teamates might knock some sence into his head when it hurts the team. he must be an angry man inside. he must pay a big price this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Get your facts straight, and come back and see me!

      Yes, let’s suspend James Harris for what happened to Colt McCoy. That’ll teach him…

      Wait, he retired in 1979… what was he doing on the field?

  22. sirbudly

    you are just jealous ur team doesnt have as good a defensive player/players as pittsburgh does

  23. Oleskosteell

    You would be correct about intent IF Harrison was able to slow down time and readjust his body so as not to touch a person playing a violent sport too hard. It’s FOOTBALL and you make Millions to “Play”. Buy insurance instead of multiple cars/houses.

  24. CDB

    If players can”t understand by paying fines lets suspend the whole team for a couple of games to see if that will get the message across!

    • Get your facts straight, and come back and see me!

      That’s a good answer. Suspend a whole team for the “illegal” hit of one player.

      Have fun watching the zero games on TV the rest of the season. Why don’t we just fold the league while we’re at it?

  25. glassers

    I still do not have a feel for what is legal and what is not . I saw just as vicious hit by one of the Cleveland line backers on Mendenhal ( helmet to helmet ) were nothing was called . The anouncers said that running backs have no protection from the rules , but when the quarter back leaves the pocket and starts to run whats the difference . I don’t condon these types of hits but call it on everybody or fine everybody since in my mind there is no difference .

  26. Bradford Loger

    Why hasn’t the NFL looked at making the punishment fit the crime. If a player has a cheapshot on another player which causes that player to be removed from play then the player responsible for that cheapshot should not be able to play again until the player he hit can play again. Whether that be one play or several weeks. This could make the difference between dirty play and good hard play.

    • Get your facts straight, and come back and see me!

      So you’re saying that hitting a quarterback who decides to leave the pocket by running towards the line of scrimmage, then realizes he’s going to get hit and weakly throws the ball away the SPLIT SECOND before it happens, is a cheapshot?

      If that’s a running back, and someone lines up to tackle him like that, and he gets hit, it’s a great play by the defense. Unfortunately for the running back, he doesn’t have the option of tossing it away, or it’s a fumble.

      Maybe they should consider a QB a runner when he leaves the pocket and heads TOWARD the line of scrimmage (not parallel or backwards). Then he has to become a runner, and should expect to get hit. They could call it an illegal forward pass if he throws it. Just like when a QB throws an interception; if they don’t want to get blasted on the return, don’t get involved in the play.

  27. Anonymous

    Who ever wrote this article is an idiot! Harrison is a physical player who plays the game how is should be played. He has been singled out for years because he is plays for Pittsburgh. What abuout Suggs or Lewis? Dirty players. Everyone hates on the Steelers because they are a dominate force in the NFL. You dont see any articles about the unfair calls when someone is rushing Brady or Rodgers. Those 2 are babies and need to get off their high horse and play the game how is should be played…PHYSICAL!! Go Steelers!!!!

  28. Evilquacks101

    Ah yes another Cleveland sports page whining about the rough play of the Steelers players. Are you also writing post on players like Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Rey Maualuga.

    Hey your not that Browns field crasher that Harrison slammed are you?

  29. Scott Roenigk

    In football one should tackle with his shoulder, not lead with his head and hit with the hard helmut. Harrision is paid millions to play a game. He knows the rules. He chooses not to play by them. Suspend the spoiled Steelers player for one game.

  30. mike coia

    Harrison’s intent? Really? His intent seemed to be tackling a back, yes quarterback, halfback, fullback, tailback… all running backs trying to advance the ball. Other than that intent how on God’s green earth can you summiseany other intent. Are you a prophet?

  31. vino

    I think the biggest problem is Goodell,we need a new commissioner.He’s a bigger whiner than some of the players.

  32. brownie

    I can’t believe all the Pittsburgh fans on a Cleveland site!! I’d like to see Harrison’s knees taken out, that would teach him

    • Herald of the Black and Gold

      You are an idiot. Football is a tough sport played by ATHLETES. Obviously, the Browns are unaware of this simple fact, because they have no true ATHLETES on their roster or in the City of Cleveland, for that matter. If Colt is going to continue to play QB, he needs to realize he is going to take some “hits”.
      J Harrison does his job and does it well. He hits hard and separates the player from the ball. I did a search on YouTube, Google and other search engines for the string “James Harrison Kent State Dirty Hits”, all came back empty.
      Brownie, if you want someone to get taken out at the knees. Why don’t you put on that “Browns” jersey, you have hidden in your closet, and walk down the streets of Dundalk, Md? I almost guarantee you, you wouldn’t even see the “Flock” of Ravens fans before they took you out at the knees.

      Black and Gold forever.

  33. Evilquacks101

    Maybe the Brownies should consider switching over to a flag football league to avoid the real contact of the NFL.

  34. Bob Bower

    So you Steeler fans say as long as he’s out of the pocket it’s just fine to purposely injure a QB? This man is a sociopath. He belongs in jail. He needs psychological treatment. I’d say this if he were a Brown, A Packer ANY team! I guess when he hits someone badly and illegally enough to paralyze him you guys will say “Oh, that’s football. He didn’t mean it” In THIS case he DOES!

  35. Anonymous

    I think this is absolutely rediculous. football is a brutal game and is meant to played as such. players will get hurt in football. that is part of the sports nature. I have played football my entire life and now im in college. I think it is rediculous that they try to control the way players hit. I lower my head for every hit i make. It is defense. Defense is suppose to be mean and brutal. All of the pussy rules in the NFL are making me like it less and less. Hitting is the best part of the game and you shouldnt put rules on it.

  36. Matt

    First of all if Harrisson wanted to hurt Colt Mccoy on that play, Colt Mccoy would be dead and his family planning his funeral as we speak. End of that story. Second if all the “dirty” helmet to helmet hits are going to be called then please tell me why there were never any flags for all the several helmet to helmet shots taken by Rashard Mendenhall in that game? Please tell me why Ben gets drilled every game time and time again and never ever a flag. I have no problem calling the penalties, but they are way to inconsistent.

  37. greg

    QQ, judging by most of the comments, the majority of them dont feel the way the author does. I would be interested to see what his team was just for laughs. But also, damn, comparing Suh’s incident to Harrisons semi clean hit on McCoy (im on the fence) is like apples and oranges a lil bit.

    • LG

      If it was a clean Hit you wouldn’t be on the fence now would ya?

  38. Pchapman5

    Worse than suh? Are you kidding? One was an intentional stomp after the play, versus a h2h hit in a crucial game situation. That statement alone makes the “article” a joke.

    • LG

      If you watch the replay this was far more than a helmet to helmet hit. Harrison clearly angled his helmet to get McCoy with his Helmet. I didn’t expect Pittsburgh people would understand the Mal-intent behind Harrison’s actions. Watch the replay in slow motion you would see Harrison’s Helmet being put in position by Harrison. The NFL will view this I am sure this next week and when they do all the Pittsburgh people will just say how UN-just the NFL is too.

  39. Bill Hills

    Steeler Nation feels your extreme frustration with a Cleveland Browns team that has been less that competitive for more than a decade.
    The Browns organization and fans need to understand that channeling hatred and frustrations toward an exceptionally good football player like James Harrison will do nothing to improve the consistently poor perfromance of the Browns. Face it–the poor performance of the Browns front office, the Browns players, and the inept coaching staff is not going to change whether James Harrrison is playing football or sitting at home watching TV. The Browns are so bad that they would have a hard time competing at the high school level, against a good Pittsburgh high school program like North Hills or North Catholic. It was clear that McCoy was trying to run the ball and at that exact moment of the tackle was performing as a running back. If you ever played football, or were properly coached in the sport, you would know that just before a hit, the defensive back should always “break down” to get the maximum leverage and power to defeat the progress of the running back. Hell Cleveland, why don’t we just put flags on everybody. With the organization you have in place, the Browns football team, wouldn’t be unable to win at flag football either. Maybe the Cleveland Browns are the ones that should be suspended from the NFL for lack of being able to produce a quality, competitive team. The Browns are constantly looking at others as a reason for their continued failure — maybe its time they start to look in the mirror and put the blame for another loosing season where it belongs. Focusing your attention on a tackle from James Harrison, is not going to bring back the respected Browns of old. Neither is hiding behind the skirt of Goodell, who by the way has never played a down of football in his life. One last thought; the respected Browns of old are not really the Browns of old. They are now the Baltimore Ravens, a winning well coached competitive team.

    • LG

      It doesn’t have anything to do with the poor performance of the Browns. For 3-3/4 of the game Thursday night the Steelers were played well by the Browns. What is has to do with is the Illegal hit Harrison made. Watch the replay, Harrison makes no attempt to drop anything down besides his helmet. You people can try and justify it anyway you want to the replay shows the true colors of James Harrison. Next week the NFL will show the world what a terrible player Harrison really is.

  40. Bridget

    Roger Goodell has it in for Harrison for some reason. This was a helmet hit and as such, the penalty was assessed on the field. But McCoy had left the pocket and was now for all intents, a running back and thus able to be tackled. End of story.

    If you penalize Harrison – why wasn’t Lewis penalized for the helmet hit on Hines Ward? Guess we should call Lewis the “teflon” player – he seems to always get away with things on the field and in the bars.

  41. azmickey

    You people are so freakin wrapped in your teams interest that you miss the obvious !!! A lot !!! Harrison should be suspended for the remainder of the season period . I could give a rats ass for any of your teams you whiners and idiots !!!
    This latest hit on McCoy is unforgivable ,,, why ?? Because all the talk all season is CONCUSSION And NO LEADING with your helmet, regardless of who you are tackling a QB RB WR your MAMA whatever this guy plays with absolute disregard to the rules, there is a difference in a tackle vs a deliberate blow to the head of another plater WITH YOUR FREAKIN HELMET!

    And what about the Steelers , are you kidding me , in your desire to be the Steelers you wannabes will do what ever !!! Look Tomlison , CLASS UP , you don’t need to let your players do this crap !!!! Any real Steeler fan knows and isn’t afraid to admit it , this guy plays like a thug !!!

    If this was the old days hell Harrison I would hook you up with LT and the Stork , get you a couple trophies for being supreme badassas. And buy you drinks !!!

    With the long term injuries that the union and league are now seeing and trying to PROTECT the long term health of its players from ,

    There needs to be real consequences for this crap


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