Interesting even a Philly fan who attended the Browns season opener observed how bad Brandon Weeden played, he said “Weeden sucks”. The same fan went on to say if the Browns have problems producing offensively in Cincinnati the Browns will pull Weeden and play Colt McCoy in the second half of the Bengals game, he also said if the Browns did use McCoy in the second half they would win the game today. It could be wishful thinking on his part as well as other Browns fans.

Pat Shurmur has stuck to his bad plan all week when asked about his starting quarterback, his reply was always Weeden is our starting quarterback. Many people thought if Shurmur would have used McCoy last week the Browns would have pulled off a win against the Eagles. Even this Philly fan said the Eagles didn’t deserve to win the game. It is almost funny how everyone around the NFL can see the Browns made a mistake naming Weeden the starter except for the man responsible for doing so.

Pat Shumur has a storied past of making bad decisions in the NFL, for him to pull Weeden and put in Colt McCoy if the Browns need him, he would lose face. But if the Browns could pull off the win the fans could care less how they did it. A Win is a Win and the fans of the Cleveland Browns are hungry for a win. It is time for Shurmur to figure out a way to get one.

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  1. marty stys

    The Browns management will never admit a mistake. They will always say it didn’t work as plan. McCoy will only start if Weedon goes down with a injury. Have a article why can’t they find a quarterback to run their system. Could it possibly be the system they want to run!


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