Phil DawsonThe Cleveland Browns have had one player since they came back, that means there is only one guy who has been a Brown since they returned to the NFL in 1999, that would be Phil Dawson. Not only has this guy been on the team since the return, most of time he was the only guy putting points on the board. Dawson has been the one thing the Browns could depend on. He has kicked more field goals for the Cleveland Browns than Lou Groza.

Now there is a chance the Browns could let their leading scorer walk out of Cleveland. Why hasn’t the new General Manager signed Dawson to a new contract? Does he think he is going to find someone better than Dawson to come in at a cheaper price? Come on already it doesn’t take a month to put a new contract together. With a place kicker like Dawson there is nothing to think about. Lombardi if you can’t take care of resigning this guy and he leaves Cleveland the fans aren’t going to be pleased.

Dawson is a dependable kicker. He can make 50 yard field goals like they are P.A.T.’s. The fans are watching as the Browns screw with the only player that has been on this team since they came back to the NFL. Why? Why haven’t got a deal done yet Michael Lombardi?

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  1. Dave Schwind

    I agree 100% ! Get Phil’s contract done and signed ! Mr.Reliable,on an unreliable offense!

  2. Andrew Najdovski

    He’s coming off one of his best seasons in his career. Also they have the money to give him what he’s asking for. This is a no brainier the browns have won games off Dawson’s leg no reason to not resign him!!!

  3. Leon II

    I want Dawson back but only at the right price. I have said this before – loyalty is a two way street, especially in the modern era of the cap. If a player wants to be on a team they not only understand their value as a player but also their value to the team and how their salary fits into the total cap for the team. Players leaving isn’t always about the team not showing loyalty to the player. It is about the team using it’s money wisely to get the most bang for the buck in the modern era of salary caps and there are other ways to show loyalty then just salary. As a result players leaving is sometimes about the player not showing loyalty to the team. Players who have loyalty to the team ask for deals that they know are reasonable for the team and are willing to restructure those deals if necessary so other talent can be kept or acquired. Players who don’t have loyalty to the team ask to be overpaid or leave for what they see as greener pastures.

    I hope there is loyalty to each other from both the Brown’s front office and Dawson and he stays. But in the end kicker’s may win games but they don’t win seasons.

    • bill

      thanks joe


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