A few days ago when I wrote that The Cleveland Browns new G.M. should be doing what ever he could do to bring Joe Flacco to Cleveland, people were laughing. Now that Peter King from Sports Illustrated is singing the same song, who’s laughing now? King said Flacco’s Super Bowl success may price him right out of Baltimore. He went on to say a great spot for Flacco to land would be the Cleveland Browns because the team had cap space.

Now the question becomes if Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam would throw enough money on the table to get a guy like Flacco. It would require around a 20 million dollar a year guaranteed contract. Haslam said the Browns would do little in the free agent market from the Super Bowl, signing a guy like Flacco to the Browns would be more than a little. One thing is for sure, as the days go by and we get closer to the free agent franchise tag deadline of March 4th, it becomes a little clearer each day that the Browns are not satisfied with  Brandon Weeden.

Each day that goes by there are more people talking about the Browns wanting to upgrade from Weeden. Who can blame them? Will the Browns be able to bring a guy like Joe Flacco to Cleveland? I really don’t know the answer to that one, but they could get involved and at the very least make the process harder for Baltimore.



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  1. RB

    I don’t believe money will be the only thing motivating Flacco. The ability to compete for a championship is another.

    So I still stand by my original statement that aside from money, Cleveland has little to offer Flacco.

    He would have been more correct by saying Cincinnati would be a good place for Flacco to go because they have plenty of CAP space. The Bengals are also alot further along in player development than the Browns, and thus have more to offer than Cleveland.

    I’m not saying he’s going to the Bengals. Just saying Cincinnati would be a good place for Flacco to go.

    • LG

      RB, I’ll bet Money has a lot to do with Flacco, He wants it…

  2. Matthew

    You should re-name this article ” See guys, ya see? I told ya so!” I’m very happy you feel validated LG. And to further fuel the fire I’ll add this little nugget of info. Last time the Baltimore won a super bowl the let their starting qb go the following season. Mr. Dilfer decided to come to the browns and man did that work out well for us ;)

    Just dont see it happening again. This quarterback actually contributed to the postseason and has been due for a raise in pay. Don’t get me wrong I would welcome the guy with open arms but, I think these rumors translate more to contract leverage between Flacco and the Ravens. Cleveland is a mere pawn in this pricey chess match.

    • LG

      That’s funny…..

    • ABrown

      LG, looks like you can’t win with some fans even when you are doing a good job. They complain when you are first with the Flacco rumor and swear you are wrong.

      Then, when the rest of the sports commentators pick up the story, they criticize you again for being right and giving them the opportunity to pile on and look really stupid calling you stupid.

      Heaven forbid anyone should remind them you were right in the first place.

      All we need now is a complaint about grammar.

      • LG

        I’m sure I may have already had a few complaints about grammar. Ya Know Abrown, this comes with the territory. People just don;t want to admit they were on the wrong side of the fence. I remember it wasn’t 10 mins after the first preseason game that I knew Weeden was going to stink and I wrote about it. I caught holy hell for it. Then there was the Eagles game, when Weeden showed us all how bad he could really suck. I wrote about it and caught hell again. You see what I mean, you can’t win because people want Weeden to be a hero. Who knows maybe his wife will work overtime this season and she will teach him the new offense and he will be a hero. But ya know what? I don’t think he has hero qualities……End of story….

        • ABrown

          Neither do I. The frustrating thing about Weeden is that all his faults were clear to most of the scouts before the draft. If the Browns (no)brain trust had done their homework, we’d be a lot further along.

          There are two articles listed on Bleacher Report, one rating QBs and the other rating 8 teams in need of a QB.

          In the first, out of 65 QBs playing in the league, Weeden is ranked 45th while McCoy is ranked 28th. In the second, Cleveland is listed as clearly needing to replace Weeden. The writer concludes that the Browns have just about everything in place to be a top tier team, except for their QB, who they describe as the “weak link” in an otherwise strong team.

          These articles appeared briefly on the Cleveland team stream but were hastily banished to the rest of the NFL sites. A lot of Browns fans are still clinging to the hope Weeden will be something he is not.

          • LG

            People are still in love with Weeden. I certainly hope Colt gets a fair shot….

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i think you would agree that the money it would take to sign flacco can be better spent on filling gaps at CB , LB , S & WR.

    this team has greater overall needs than QB … i personally would like to give ray horton all the parts he needs to create a dominate defense.
    and obviously , by doing this , we should be in every game.

    • LG

      Without a doubt we need those defensive guys. They should have took them last season.

  4. Sam

    I would much rather lure Mike Wallace away from Pittsburgh for a cheaper price without surrendering many draft picks. Wallace, Gordon, and Little would be a deadly trio and would certainly open up the field for Trent.

    • LG

      You are aware of the fact that Wallace wants Larry Fitzgerald money right?

      • Sam

        Yes I am aware, but coming off an 800 yard season he likely won’t get anywhere close to that, especially in a deep WR free agent class. Flacco will certainly get Drew Brees like money and if the Browns were willing to give him more, the Ravens would simply franchise him causing the Browns to give up numerous draft picks to acquire his services.

        • LG

          Yes, he certainly shot himself in the foot especially after he was holding out a little……

        • LG

          Not sure Ravens can afford to franchise him. If we don;t see some action after this weekend I think Flacco odds of being free agent go way up….

      • ABrown

        He wants Fitzgerald money for Wallace ATTITUDE, injuries, some drop in performance.
        We don’t need to pay a lot for that kind of trouble.

        The only position that is worth a major expense is QB. Look at the difference Manning made in Denver. Flacco isn’t Manning but he’s in the top 10 in the NFL and has real upside with 5 years experience and he just turned 28 in January.

        And when you consider that Weeden was recently ranked 45th and McCoy ranked 28 among NFL QBs, we could turbo charge the offense in a hurry.

        And finally, the main considerations for a QB choosing a team are offensive line (ours ranks in the top 5 in the league), offensive coordinator, and receivers.

        Our receivers aren’t as good as what Flacco has now, but if we were shopping for receivers in FA, we’d get a very different response with Flacco instead of Weeden.

        As much as Baltimore would want to keep him, they are in a bind with cap space and a lot of other big contracts — they’re going to have to get creative with a contract to have a chance of signing him.

  5. Len

    The Cleveland Browns will once again be mighty…….for they are Super Bowl-bound in 2014.

  6. ricktenny

    Gotta wonder what the #22 pick would have changed if Heckert had his way.
    Oh just think of the possabilities.

    • LG

      You are darn right Ricktenny…

      • ABrown

        Definitely right, and I think of it often — especially now during draft season — when we could have had one less obvious need to fill this year — if only we hadn’t picked our team’s weak link last year.


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