Here we go again, the Cleveland Browns rumors are flying around and people are already saying that Colt McCoy is going to be cut from the Cleveland Browns.  The guy never had a chance. The Cleveland Browns football team has been in complete disarray since returning to the NFL in 1999. McCoy was forced to become the Browns starter before he was ready. What did he do? He competitive against the Pittsburgh Steelers and he did beat the New Orleans Saints  and the New England Patriots.

The Patriots only lost 2 games in the 2010 season, one of them is a lose to the Cleveland Browns with Colt McCoy starting at Q.B. The Saints went 11-5 that year, McCoy was the starter in that game too. People keep coming up with the excuse, McCoy doesn’t have a strong-arm. These are people don’t know football.  McCoy came into the NFL with a shoulder injury he suffered in the BCS title game that he led Texas too.

If you watched the zip on McCoy’s throws last season, you had to notice he was throwing the ball harder than he was in earlier years. McCoy can bring a couple of other things to the field that Brandon Weeden can’t .

His football I.Q. and his ability to make something happen out of nothing. McCoy isn’t afraid of taking a hit. This kid has the heart of a warrior. he can scramble with the best of them. People are quick to point out how bad Manning did his rookie year. Let me point something out to you. Drew Brees had some bad years.

McCoy is a Brees type of player. he can run all over the field and throw the ball on the run too. Just watch the video below and tell me this kid can’t play quarterback. Put some play makers around this kid, give him a chance to compete and I think the Browns can win more games. His arm may not be as strong as Weeden’s but he is a lot smarter and a lot more accurate too.

The Cleveland Browns have to make sure they avoid making the same mistake the Chargers did when they let Brees get away.  Watch this video and see what this kid can do. He is a play-maker…..

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  1. RB

    McCoy’s camp said his shoulder was completely healed at his pro day prior to the draft. So I will respectfully take their word over yours.

    McCoy’s accuracy in 2011 was actually less accurate than Weeden’s was in 2012. They were very close, but to say McCoy is a lot more accurate is factually incorrect when you compare 2011 McCoy or 2012 McCoy to 2012 Weeden.

    You have argued that Weedon is not Manning when others have said Manning’s first year was terrible. On that we can agree. Weeden is not Payton Manning. It is equally safe to say that Colt McCoy is not Drew Brees.

    I expect a QB competion. If the Browns bring in another QB, either McCoy or Weeden will be gone, and I would guess (with emphasis on guess) that it will be McCoy. I also believe the same to hold true if we draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round (Nassib from Syracuse or Dysert from Miami of Ohio). Either Weeden or McCoy will be gone.

    McCoy is a little more mobile. His forty time 4.79 – Weeden’s forty time 4.89.

    Wonderlic – McCoy 25/50. Weeden 27/50.

    Anyway, I think we agree this year will certainly be different than last. Let the QB competition decide the starter.

    I am more concerned with a CB and a Safety, another Guard and a mid range veteran WR, a TE and a kicker.

    Enjoy the day.

    • blackflag

      rb – it’s always the same old argument and we all bite. the word is out on weeden. who knows what he could be or become. my beef with mccoy – he never got a shot with a real OC calling plays, a good O-line or any playmakers

      if mgt is honest about competing the qb’s this and mccoy is still around, hands down i think he beats out weeden. either way just please don’t waste a 1st round pick on another qb or trade away a top DT

    • Leon II

      @RB I have to disagree with you and go with LG in regards to McCoy’s arm not being healed. When McCoy’s camp said he arm had healed at his pro day they were lying and they knew it. Do you really think Colt’s draft prospects would have been helped by his agent saying “Hey my client has diminished arm strength from his busted shoulder but I’m sure in a year or two he will return to his original form” at his pro day? Had they admitted he wasn’t 100% it is likely Colt would have fallen down to the bottom rounds or even went undrafted. That teams questioned their statements is evidenced by the fact that before the injury many were considering him a second or even late first round prospect but after he fell back into the third round.

      I will also state that while McCoy isn’t of Drew Brees caliber (yet, maybe never) he plays the position in a similar fashion and their draft scouting reports were near identical in regards to strengths and weaknesses. Brees has developed into one of the elite QBs in the game and his once questioned arm strength and below ideal size are no longer questioned.

      Weeden, well let’s be honest, I was a huge supporter at the start of last season don’t quite have the same hope for him I did in the past. After watching him play last year I can’t help thinking about this one line from his ProFootballWeekly ( report: “Has the arm talent to function in a vertical offense with a strong protection scheme and supporting cast but is most ideally suited for a backup role.”

  2. Joe

    I have to disagree his shoulder wasent heeled McCoy came out and said he was playing hurt and said his shoulder wasn’t fully heeled I agree with this article 100%

  3. Clint

    The Browns beat the Patriots in ’10 because the Browns had countless former members of their coaching staff (HC, OC, DC, ST… and on down the line)

    And the Saints game was aided by a variety of trick plays and two defensive touchdowns.

    McCoy was decent in these games, but by no means was he a big part of them.

    He has marginal accuracy, underthrows 90% of his passes that are 20 yards or more, gives up on plays too easy (usually by rolling out to the right)
    and get hurt way too easily.

    Sir, I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but you are very misinformed

    • Clint

      A big part of winning them.. he was definitely not bad (loved his run against NE) but when you really analyze his game, he usually plays not to lose. McCoy just doesn’t risk making himself look terrible

    • LG

      Clint, a win is a win

    • ABrown

      Clint, I’m afraid you are the one who is misinformed and seriously affected by the hate-McCoy-beyond-all-reason syndrome.

      Accuracy for McCoy’s rookie year: 60.8%, 7.1 yards/attempt, and 11.7 y/c — all better than we saw from our rookie QB in 2012.

      Passer Rating for NE game 101.6 and 73.8% completion percentage.

      ESPN Total Quarterback rating for the NE game: 96.4 out of 100 and the 10 highest rated game for any QB in 2010.
      McCoy’s rating for the whole year ranked 22nd in the NFL and was almost twice what Weeden earned in 2012 to rank 35th in the NFL, ahead of only Mark Sanchez.

      Clint, rookie QBs, no matter how good they are, rarely lead a team against New England and win. Don’t be so spiteful as to deny McCoy credit for his good play.

      And then you go on to claim that McCoy can’t throw long passes. At Pro Football Focus, they keep track of long passing, specifically, and here’s how McCoy and Weeden rate in the NFL:

      In 2010, McCoy ranked 13th in the NFL, tied with Eli Manning, just ahead of Joe Flacco. He was completing 43% of his passes over 20 yards.

      In 2011, on a very weak team, McCoy ranked 17th in the league, just ahead of Cam Newton and behind Tom Brady. (completion percentage 41% — QBs rarely complete more than half of these passes)

      In 2012, Weeden ranked 31st in the NFL, behind Gabbert and just ahead of Fitzpatrick with an adjusted completion percentage of 31.6% (raw score is less than 25%)

      On the long passes that present the greatest challenge to accuracy, McCoy is way ahead of Weeden on completion percentage. He’s certainly not underthrowing 90% of his long passes if he’s completing a higher percent of his passes than over half to two-thirds of the QBs in the NFL.

      About “giving up on plays too easily”, Pro Football Focus also has a signature stat about time in the pocket.

      In their records for time in the pocket before a QB scrambles, the average time for 2011 and 2012 is 4.82 seconds. The range was from 3.73 to 6.05 seconds.

      In 2011, McCoy averaged 4.82 seconds before beginning to scramble, tied with Joe Flacco and one one-hundredth of a seconds faster than Drew Brees.

      In 2012, Weeden averaged 4.92 seconds before beginning to scramble. Only one tenth of a second longer and when you consider how much more protection Weeden had, it’s amazing that McCoy hung in as long as he did.

    • alex

      Well don’t forget that Hillis was the major reason we beat the patriots and although he only had 70 yds against the Saints it was a grinding day for him where he didn’t a whole lot of yards but he kept the saints offense off the field. Him and the Browns D coming up huge that game were the deciding factors, not Mccoy. McCoy managed not to lose the game.

      • ABrown

        That’s the first duty of a QB, Alex, especially on a team that has a history of losing for so long they have forgotten how to win.

        Winning teams, first of all, don’t turn the ball over. They win the turnover battle.

  4. i got e.d

    dang, shot that whole article down in one comment!

    • ABrown

      No, “I got e.d.” that one shot was a misfire, like so many of Weeden’s passes.

  5. i got e.d

    All you write about is the QB’s in Cleveland, witch one do you have a crush on? You hate on Weedon,but it could be worse my friend. we could have Kevin Kolb, Matt Flynn, trade the farm to draft RGIII, Mike Vick anybody? Then there’s Brady Quinn. DA, Jake Delhome, Seneca Wallace……….and that 29 year old rookie out performed them all except RGIII

    • ABrown

      “i got e. d.” we would have been better off with any of those QBs who played poorly in 2012. Weeden ranked lower than all of them based on his performance.

      Your 29-year-old rookie managed to rank at the bottom of the league or even below it — like 35th or 38th or 45th. He managed to distinguish himself but not in a way that argues for a start in 2013.

  6. Russell koontz

    McCoy clearly out played Weeden in pre-season…but was never given true consideration. McCoy came in late in the season with no warm up and drove the team to a TD. I worry about the fact that I see Weeden fold under pressure and not run or extend a play. McCoy needs a fair shake and I believe he will get it.

    • ABrown

      I believe he will, too, Russell.

  7. dan dyer


    1st off, very nicely put RB.

    Can we please stop with the notion that McCoy has never had a chance? 21 starts and a 6-15 record. He had his chance and did not perform well enough to produce wins for a year and a half…that alone is why Weeden was drafted. And if Weeden doesn’t produce wins this year he will be gone.
    So 2 1/2 seasons ago the Cleveland Browns beat the NO Saints and the NE Patriots and we are still hoisting McCoy on our shoulders for it. Who did he beat in 2011? Indy(2-14), Miami(6-10), Seattle(7-9), and Jacksonville(5-12)…not really nothing to brag about. And another thing about those wins in 2010, they were hardly the result of McCoy’s play! Why not mention that in the NO game he was 9-16 for 74yds and 0 TD’s? Or the NE game where he was a little better going 14-19 for 174yds and 0 TD’s. However in that game Hillis ran 29 times for 184yds and 2 TD’s…credit HILLIS.
    Also, where did you get this comparison to Brees? From McNeil? I think we already established that he has no credibility evaluating QB’s. There is no comparison, Brees=STUD/McCoy=DUD.
    In 2011 McCoy’s completion % was 57.2 in 13 games. In 2012 Weeden’s completion % was 57.4 in 15 games. Saying McCoy is alot more accurate is a lie. Truth be told neither of these two are very accurate at all.
    Finally, nice youtube video! Was that the best you could find for McCoy’s highlights, reverting back to college again? Is there no NFL highlights of him that could prove anything? Actually I take that back because we are talking about a HIGHLIGHT film. Hell I found lots on Weeden as well, but it would be senseless to post it because it is a one-sided observation. Let’s just hope that there is a competition between the 2 this year or they let one go so we can finally put this argument to rest.

    • Bob

      dan dyer, dan dyer, dan dyer

      Weeden got a full camp and full season that McCoy never got. Weeden had a better quality of players to work with then McCoy ever had. That’s a fact.

      After hearing about Weeden’s wife teaching him the playbook and hearing that Weeden did not study/prep as much as he should have from Richardson & a asst. coach from his college, I have seen and heard enough. At one point after the season, I thought, hey maybe with a different coach and system Weeden can do something. However, after hearing what Richardson and this assistant coach said, I now feel at this point Weeden = BUST.

      His wife helping with the playbook is laughable in itself, not to mention embarassing. And you have to wonder why he would even tell us his wife had to help with the playbook. Kind of sad.

      • LG

        Spot On Bob……

      • LG

        Bob, they guy only makes millions are we being to hard on him for not doing his Job???? The Browns should have signed his wife….

        • Bob

          Absolutely. Good article BTW. Maybe next year I’ll do an article once the season is in full swing.

          • LG

            Looking forward to it Bob….

        • ABrown

          Not only is he making millions and not willing to do the minimum amount of work required of a starting QB, Weeden also held out for a guaranteed contract, like the slacker that he has proved to be. We’ll be paying him long after he’s cut from the team.

          There is no way that new coaches will risk their future on a QB like Weeden who won’t learn the playbook and won’t work to be able to read defenses, who leads his team to the bottom of the league in converting on third downs, who can’t spot open receivers, who stares down the one receiver he is told to throw to but then waits until the guy is triple covered before he releases the pass — for an interception, who leads the league in tipped passes, who is terrible at play action, and completes only 25% of his passes over 20 yards.

          There is NO NFL offense that is suited to Weeden’s skills and the new coaches are not foolish enough to try to dumb down their offense to the point where Weeden could run it and every defensive player could predict every play.

          According to the coach who created the “pro style offense” that stretches the field — the one all the Weeden lovers so sadly think is perfect for him — according to Sid Gillman, who created the pro style offense, Brandon Weeden doesn’t even qualify as a quarterback — he can’t do the basics of what is required and he’s not willing to do the work to learn.

          Don’t hold your breath waiting for Weeden to be named the starter in 2013

          • LG

            Yes, I remember when he held out. They should have just let him go at that point

          • Bob

            Weeden who?

      • dan dyer

        Bob, Bob, Bob…

        You forgot to mention the part of the article with Weeden’s college asst coach where he went on to explain himself. He was talking about how Geno Smith would never leave the film room, but he never said Weeden didn’t study film. He stated that Weeden was married and did not have the time to devote to studying film like Smith who was single. Also, Richardson stated that he was all for Weeden being the starting QB and thought that things would take off this season. Plus his comments were a punk move anyways. Why not comment on his terrible ypc avg, or only having 2 runs over 20 yds. If anyone would have come out and bashed Richardson people would be calling for their head.
        McCoy had 2 seasons of NFL football and still sucked! He had a full season in year 2 and gradually got worse, until finally he got knocked out.

        • Bob

          Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan

          Weeden is a BUST. How anyone can defend this guy with a 35 out of 36 QBR ranking in unbelievable. Colt had a #22 QBR in 2010 & a #25 QBR in 2011. Both years with less to work with. See AND ENJOY!!!!

          Weeden can’t study because he’s married. lol. Did you forget his wife was breaking down the playbook for him?

          FYI – Richardson bashed Weeden period, so you you attack Richardson? Classic denial from a Weeden supporter.

          • dan dyer

            Ive been bashing Richardson as overrated since we wasted draft picks moving up to get him. He is a decent back, but was not worth the picks we gave up to move up one spot. And didn’t the Great Jim Brown also call out Richardson’s hype?
            You can bring up all the QBR ratings you want, we have all seen them. The truth is Weeden has 1 less career wins than McCoy in 9 less starts. I’m not saying that Weeden is our savior, or that he is going to work out, I’m saying that he at least has the skills to be a successful NFL QB, unlike McCoy. What he does with the skills is yet to be determined.
            If McCoy was so good, dont you think at least 1 team would have tried to trade for him after he got benched last year? plenty of teams out there with horrible starting QB’s and plenty without a good back-up.

          • Bob

            Dan you wrote, “If McCoy was so good, dont you think at least 1 team would have tried to trade for him after he got benched last year? ”

            Do you work in the front office? No. There were reports that other teams were inquiring, but after Weeden’s terrible preseason they kept him. No fan and I mean no fan really knows what goes on behind closed doors, so just because McCoy was not taken by another team last year does not mean no one wanted him. Media does not report everything nor does front offices. You should know that. And you should not say that McCoy will be unsuccessful. You do not know that as a fact.

          • Bob

            Dan – you wrote “I’m saying that he (Weeden) at least has the skills to be a successful NFL QB, unlike McCoy.

            I wrote, “And you should not say that McCoy will be unsuccessful.”

            What I meant to write is .. Saying McCoy does not have the “skills” to be successful is wrong. McCoy has more skills then Weeden such as football IQ, execution, accuracy, mobility, game prep, leadership, etc…. . Only thing I see Weeden having is a rocket arm. Problem with Weeden is he is not accurate, is not a leader, lacks football IQ and decision making, does not prep as he should and looks really scared when someone is rushing him. Please tell us the football “skills” that Weeden has over McCoy. The only skill I see is his rocket arm which he can’t control. Dan – Why did Weeden need his wife to help him with the playbook? I never heard that Mrs. McCoy needed to help her husband with the playbook.

    • big1bird

      8 games no training camp a not very good team compare colts 12 games to weeden. put him with this team colt will win. weeden one game 5 times in the red zone no many time did weeden throw the ball out of the end zone when we needed to try to score at the end of game or end of half.colt needs to be given a chance

      • ABrown

        Good points, big1bird.

  8. M. Lonardo

    Give it a rest.

    • LG


  9. Richard

    We all know McCoy has great camps- translate- beats out Weeden- translate- Not so great in regular season play. We don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

    Anyone notice McCoy is starting to get injued more.

    Give Weeden the quarterback reins and a second season under his belt much like McCoy was given.

    • LG

      Colt never had the teammates the Browns have now. As far as getting injured goes, Weeden’s shoulder is holding on by a thread. One good hit he is done. Why do you think he left MLB?

      • dan dyer

        Im sorry i did not realize that you had a PhD. So doctor LG, is that your professional medical evaluation? Don’t you think the extensive medical examines that are conducted pre-draft at the combines and during individual work-outs would have found this problem that you are falacating? He left MLB because he was never going to make it, just like most minor leaguers.

        Don’t think that one good hit is not going to finish McCoy either.
        2009 SR year at Texas-Shouder injury in Championship game
        2010 Rookie year-ankle sprain missed 2 1/2 games.
        2011 2nd year pro-concussion missed 3 games.
        2012 3rd year pro-shoulder injury in only significant playing time.
        Last 4 years, Colt has had 4 injuries..looks like his thread is about to deteriorate.

        Weeden had richardson and gordon. McCoy in his rookie year had a beast in hillis and if he wouldn’t hold the ball for eons and take sacks, his line wouldn’t look so bad. Amazing that they could block good enough for RB to get over 1000 yds but couldn’t block for the QB.
        They both had Watson, Little, and Cribbs was actually used as a playmaker in McCoys two years. While Hillis was doing his thing in 2011, the browns still rushed for 1319 yds, not counting McCoys yds. that is only 163 yds less than in 2012 with the “great” richardson.

        Neither had great players. Truth be told a good QB makes the players around him better and in 21 games McCoy didn’t do that. Now it is time to give Weeden his two years to show if he can.

        • LG

          ” He left MLB because he was never going to make it, just like most minor leaguers.” maybe it is time for him to exit the NFL too….

          • RB

            Please LG, at least be honest about it. He left baseball because of an injury.

          • LG

            Did you have a chance to see the Cleveland Sports 360 show I did when I had Ty Weeden as the guest? If not check out the Cleveland Sports 360 you tube channel and watch the show so you will hear it first hand how he left baseball because of an injury. Maybe when you hear it from his brothers mouth you’ll accept it…..

        • Bob

          ” Now it is time to give Weeden his two years to show if he can.” – Not happening! Colt will beat him in camp this year like Colt beat Weeden in camp last year. Just ask Richardson.

          • LG

            Just ask Richardson BaHahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

          • ABrown

            Good point, Bob, but I think by now you could ask anyone on the team and hear the same thing. Weeden will have an almost impossible job trying to win back the confidence of his team mates. They’ve seen it all.

          • dan dyer

            Its gonna be so sweet to hear all your comments when Weeden is starting and McCoy isn’t even on the team. So if his injures were so bad how did he ever excel in college and pass every physical in college and the very extensive ones given pre-draft?

        • ABrown

          Dan, you might want to go to a Ph.D. for a medical problem, but I don’t think there is anyone else around dumb enough to consult a college professor instead of a medical doctor, or M.D. about their health.

          This mistake is typical of most of your arguments. There is always an error behind them skewing the results.

          You want to erase McCoy’s rookie season when many football experts, like Tony Dungy, had high praise for his play. Instead, you want to stick him with the awful year the Browns “no-brain” trust was responsible for.

          To fill in the gaps or correct the errors in your argument, we can do one of two things:

          (1) Keep the 2011 to 2012 comparison, but supply the missing context of strength of schedule (SOS).

          The schedule McCoy faced in 2010 was the 1st most difficult schedule in 64 years of Browns history.

          The 2011 SOS was the 19th most difficult.

          The 2012 SOS was the 44th most difficult, or one of the easiest schedules.

          Weeden and McCoy have the same number of TDs and similar completion percentages, although McCoy has fewer INTs and higher QB ratings.

          Overall, McCoy faced a much tougher schedule but matched or exceeded Weeden’s performance against a weaker schedule.

          Or (2) We can compare the first 15 games for each quarterback. Here are the measures:

          McCoy completed 58.7% of his passes while Weeden completed less at 57.4%.

          McCoy scored 15 TDs and 14 INTs compared to Weeden’s 14 TDs and 17 INTs.

          McCoy passed for 213 yards per game while Weeden gained 12 more yards or 225 yards per game. Weeden gained 8 more inches per attempt or 6.5 Y/A compared to McCoy’s 6.3 Y/A.

          Finally, in passer rating — McCoy has 75.5 while Weeden has only 72.6. In the ESPN Total QBR, McCoy scores 41.4, while Weeden only scores 26.6

          In this second comparison, McCoy is facing an even tougher schedule, but he still comes out ahead in most measures.

          In any fair competition, McCoy wins. Let the REAL competition begin.

          • dan dyer

            …and for all your numbers he still landed himself on the bench holding a clipboard.

          • RICK

            6-15 is all I can say

          • LG

            Keep saying it Rick one day you will turn into a parrot

          • Bob

            Rick – Why did Weeden need his wife to help him with the playbook?

          • ABrown

            Dan and Rick, you two started off attacking this article and throwing out numbers like beads at Mardi Gras.

            But when someone throws correct numbers back at you, you don’t want to play with numbers anymore and say numbers don’t count.

    • ABrown

      Some of you want to talk about the preseason competition?

      Here is an article from a senior NFL scout about the “competition” between McCoy and Weeden in 2012 and going forward.

      Essentially, he says that McCoy has a much better game than Weeden and has far more of what it takes to be an NFL QB. He concluded by saying: “Personally, having watched both players a number of times, I don’t think that Weeden has the tools to beat out McCoy unless the competition is rigged.”

      Here’s the link for an in depth comparison of the two from someone with decades of experience being right about NFL talent.

      McCoy and Weeden set to battle in Cleveland | National Football Post

      You can read about his credentials by clicking on his name with the article.

      Want to know more about evaluating quarterbacks? Here’s an article by the same writer that is really good:

      Evaluating quarterbacks | National Football Post

      • RICK

        ABrown, Where did you get the impression of me attacking LG’s article? I mentioned 6-15 and the fur arose. It’s just the facts and not attacking LG.I’ve told him i’m nuetral on the QB situation and may the best man win even if it”s not Weeden or McCoy.

        • ABrown

          It’s the timing of your post. You became collateral damage when I got you confused with RB. Sorry about that.

          But what did you mean by 6-15 anyway?

          It sounded like a criticism to me. When you step into the line of fire and start blasting, don’t be surprised if you get hit.

    • ABrown

      So you are criticizing McCoy now for having great preseasons and beating out Weeden. What??? I missed that part.

      Unfortunately, the competition was rigged and Weeden “beat out” McCoy. Weeden was terrible in preseason, but that didn’t mean he would be good in the regular season as you seem to claim.

      What was that 1st regular season game again? Philadelphia? That’s it! Weeden proved there that he could be even worse in the regular season than he was in preseason.

      We kept hearing all year that things would get better and Weeden would play like an NFL QB, but it just never happened.

      But you guys are now clamouring for another season for him to try to look like a real QB.

      I think we made a clear mistake playing the guy who looked terrible in preseason and not going with the logical choice like Seattle did — play the guy who plays best in preseason regardless of when he was drafted or how much we were paying him.

      The logical choice worked out well for the Seahawks.

  10. David Corbean

    I agree with this statement 100% .I still believe Colt has it in him but, I disagree that his arm was ready for the NFL after that shoulder surgery. I think you give them a shot in Training camp and say look Weedens the starter unless Colt can impress us. I also agree we need a Key WR a veteran who can help these younger guys I think Little is the oldest now that Cribbs is gone and Little is still learning, You have to ho after a really good young key WR and another person to replace Sheldon Brown.

  11. Leon II

    @LG You know I have been following your site for some time now and I have noticed one thing. A large percentage of the comments to your stories on Weeden/McCoy are of the type “why do you keep writing stories about Weeden & McCoy”. However, you get more comments on those stories then any other type posted on your site. You have had some really good stories on other issues that should raise debate but nobody seems to comment on them. The truth is if people want more of those and less of the QB controversy stories on here then I would suggest they read and post in regards those other stories more then they do this type. I mean let’s be honest, in your niche of journalism your job is to get people commenting and if this is the type of stories that get the most comments then you are going to keep writing them. It only makes sense, right?

    • LG

      It makes perfect sense Leon II. The problem is that most people don’t have sense. The quarterback job is one of vital importance as we already know. As long as there is a story there we should cover it too. I still think people don’t give McCoy enough credit. The guy has a heart of a warrior, he is still young and he could play like a Drew Brees too. People say he already had a chance but lets be real. The Browns have been in dire straights since returning to the NFL in 1999. Half the time the team didn’t even know who their next coach was going to be. Now that we have some better players, a better O-line it could be time to see McCoy get his fair chance. If he can’t get the job done then, yes it is time to take an action. But I still feel he hasn’t been used properly. Lets just give the kid a shot and lets see what he can do.

    • Bob

      That’s right Leon II.

  12. RB

    It’s easy to say that McCoy has the heart of a warrior when it can’t me measured in any fashion. A person who intentionally throw the ball short because he needed a rest is not the action of a warrior. Totally opposite to be exact, at least in my opinion, for what it’s worth.

    But for argument’s sake, let’s say he has the heart of a warrior – you still need talent, and he doesn’t have it.

    What’s funny LG is you saying a win is a win is a win when McCoy was QB but when the Browns won with Weeden, he didn’t deserve any credit at all. You were very clear on that.

    • LG

      Of course he does, he won a whopping 5 games with his rocket arm last season. I can really see why the browns felt the need to waste a first round pick on him now RB.

      • RB

        I wasn’t happy with the selection either. I would have preferred the best receiver available, but Weeden’s selection in the first round wasn’t Weeden’s fault. The Browns were the ones who messed up.

        Chances are 3 QBs will go in the first round this year, and non of them, with the exception of Smith, warrant a top 10 pick.

        Barkley is more of an early 2nd round pick, but he will go in the 1st for sure. It won’t be his fault if he’s selected in the first round and fails. It will be the team that selected him.

        Anyway, have a good day.

      • dan dyer

        and McCoy has won a whopping 6 games in 21 starts with his warrior heart!

        • LG

          Give him a shot with the talent the team has now

  13. Reese

    Does this website have an editor or is LG in 2nd grade?

    • LG

      No can you do the job? And LG did get out of the 2nd grade too…..

      • Applebee McFridays

        LG, I can actually do the job. Would you seriously consider letting it go?.

        • LG

          Letting what go?

          • Reese

            Letting go this stupid argument and your incoherent writing style.

          • LG

            Nice Reese…..

          • ABrown

            Reese, it looks like you are having trouble with reading comprehension.

            The best way to improve that is to find books that are about subjects you absolutely love. Start reading what you love and you’ll be surprised by how quickly your reading speed and also comprehension pick up with the practice.

          • LG

            It looks like a lot of these people have trouble with that ABrown RB has to be included in that crowd…

          • Bob

            Then go Reese. Why are you wasting time with your playground sarcastic remarks? Where’s your blog?

          • ABrown

            Yep, it’s always easy to mock someone like LG, who puts out the effort to consistently write something like a blog, that the critics, like Reese, have been too afraid to even try.

  14. Reese

    I love the hypocrite Colt fans…so quick to scream Colt didn’t get enough of a chance, but don’t realize Weeden has gotten even less so far. What a joke…get over it. You sound like a bunch of jilted Romney fans, it’s over

    • LG

      Weeden had a lot more protection at the L.O.S. than Colt had, he had better receivers and a running back that was suppose to tear it up in the NFL too….McCoy had a whole new offense and a short camp because to the lockout, weigh the facts Reese…

      • RB

        He had rookie receivers. McCoy with the same receivers would not had done any different. He was consistently throwing behind the receivers, especially on the slant passes (both in and out). If you look at something other than College film you would have seen that.

        Maybe Colt will be given the opportunity to compete this year. Maybe he will be traded or maybe he will be cut. The same holds true for Weeden. I think a more vertical passing game will benefit Weeden more, but this remains to be seen.

        Now I will give you that McCoy looked better than Weeden in pre-season, but two things that come to mind are 1) you don’t start someone you don’t feel to be a viable starting quarterback and 2) McCoy may have looked better because he was playing against the scrubs. He should have looked better.

        The consensus is that Colt McCoy does not have what it takes to be a “starting” NFL QB. He is fine as a backup. The jury is still out on Weeden. If he doesn’t cut the mustard this year he will either be gone or relegated to the backup position, and I’m okay with that.

        • Bob

          RB wrote, “The consensus is that Colt McCoy does not have what it takes to be a “starting” NFL QB.” REALLY? Consensus? Sources please.

          Who is the team’s union rep RB? You know who it is and that person was chosen by his teammates. That my friend speaks volumes of who the leader is and who the team players respect and look up to and who the team trust to do the job as QB. Browns players went on record with statements about how they felt they would have won more with McCoy in 2012 and even Weeden’s draftmate, Richardson hung Weeden out to dry last month. Even a past Oklahoma State assistant coach put Weeden down. Even a fan who is not into stats can see that McCoy has the trust of the locker room to be their leader.

          • RB

            Bob, I choose to give the answer that LG gave when asked about his sources for a consensus. Here it is:

          • ABrown

            RB, that’s often your only source — nothing. But in a post above, I cited a respected NFL scout about the local competition and the evaluation of quarterbacks.

            But there is no real source for your “consensus” notion. It began and ended with a marginal comment by Terry Pluto almost 2 months ago, and no one has ever confirmed seconded the opinion.

            The Weeden loving press picked it up beyond all reason and it became viral on the internet.

            Bottom line, one man’s opinion is NOT A CONSENSUS.

            Meanwhile, the team’s choosing McCoy as their player rep is dramatic proof of how they feel about him and that they believe he will be on the team this year. Even a journalist said this vote a few days ago shows that McCoy and or the whole team must know something that we all have not been told yet.

            Great post, Bob!

  15. tomahawk903

    I don`t care what QB goes for the Browns. As long as they keep neglecting that front line to protect the QB And even if you do have a franchise QB you are not going win any games. This is the NFL where everything and any weakness is exposed.

    • LG

      Weeden had a ton more protection last year than McCoy had in 2011. The front line performed way beyond what I thought they were going to be capable of when camp broke.

      • Bob

        Absolutely. Remember the Texans game in 2011. No one and I mean no one seemed to be protecting McCoy.

        • LG

          That’s right Bob. It is hilarious how people can’t remember the bashing McCoy has been subjected to. If it were Weeden he would have been killed already.

        • ABrown

          I actually turned off the Houston game for a while because it was too hard to watch someone getting beaten up like McCoy was — and still hanging in there.

          I think this is part of having the heart of a warrior. When I checked back, McCoy was trying to rally the troops, despite the fact the Browns could only rush for 44 yards at 2 yards per carry while Houston gained 262 yards rushing on only 40 carries.

          Still, when he wasn’t getting much help McCoy completed 64% of his passes to out gain Houston through the air and get a passer rating of 79.

          I wonder what Weeden would have done if he ever had to face the same situation. I’m thinking he would have lain down at the first sign of a rush and then left the game to Wallace at the next sign of a sack.

      • ABrown

        Even though the O-line has improved dramatically — being recognized as among the top 5 pass-blocking lines — we are still not there in run blocking and need more athleticism along with strength at the guard spots.

        2011 is clear proof of what happens to a team when the offensive line collapses on almost every play. Even a Hall of Fame QB can’t really overcome that.

  16. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … being a great college qb , having the heart of a warrior , having moxie & being the browns union rep is not necessarily going to translate into mccoy being a good nfl qb.

    and i still question yours , ABROWN & BOB’s assessment of weeden’s work habits … very overblown.

    i agree with DAN DYER … can’t wait to hear what everyone says when weeden wins the job again … there will be no excuses this year.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      TB2, did you read the article I did about if we have been too hard on Weeden? If so you would have seen his former QB coach who is Geno Smith’s QB coach talk about Weeden’s lack of work ethic. I don’t make this stuff up…..

      • RB

        If you’re going to quote something as Gospel LG, at least be accurate. You didn’t bother to tell the whole story.

        Bull & Fox: “In this article I referred to before, you were talking about Geno Smith and you said ‘he studies it — with Brandon Weeden, I couldn’t say that about him. I love the guy to death, but he had some good guys around him.’ Something that we’ve been concerned about — is [Weeden] not as much of a ‘film rat’ as Geno Smith and some other guys? Is that something we need to be concerned about here in Cleveland?”

        Spavital: “No, it’s nothing to be concerned about. With Geno, Geno was constantly up there [in the film room]. He lived up there. Brandon had a wife and had a home to go back to. Geno, he didn’t have anything. He just wanted to stay up there and just watch ball.

        Weeden watched tape in his own ways. He’d come up separately. He didn’t like to be around a lot of the coaches when he watched tape. He liked to be by himself. Geno was a guy who, it was pretty interesting it was crazy how much tape that kid watches a week. I wasn’t trying to bash Brandon in that aspect. I was just saying that Geno, he out-worked everyone in the film room that I’ve coached in the past.”

        He went on to say:

        Bull & Fox: “You said Geno was the better all-around quarterback, you said he’s the more vocal leader of the two, and that he does more in the film room. Does that mean if you were the Browns at No. 6, that you would draft Geno Smith at No. 6?”

        Spavital: “Not if I had Brandon Weeden. I think Brandon’s a very good quarterback. That’s a tough decision. If we needed a quarterback and I didn’t have faith in Brandon, yes, I’d draft Geno. I had a good, successful year with Brandon and I know he has the tools and capabilities of leading any team to win.

        Your “renowned” method of cut and paste blogging is very seletive. You painted a picture that Coach Spavital indicated there were issues with Weeden’s work ethic, when in fact he had no problem with Weeden’s work ethic at all.

        • RB

          Fox News – Fair and Balanced

        • LG

          RB, His own coach knows the guy is lazy, what are you trying to prove? If you listened to the dumb ass last season he himself would tell you he didn’t like to study and he falls asleep during film review. What kind of moron comes out and tells people that kind of stuff? You can defend him until you are blue in the face RB, until he proves to me that he can win consistently, I am not going to be jumping on the Weeden band wagon……Accept or ignore it, you aren’t going to talk me into the weeden camp……

          • Bob

            Please explain RB why it was a good thing for Weeden to say his wife had to help him understand the playbook?

          • RB

            I’m just pointing out that you consistently put words into other peoples mouths.

            I’m not defending him! I’m questioning your credibility as a cut and paste blogger. There is a big difference.

            No where in that article that YOU referenced does Spavital question Weeden’s work ethic. No where in the article that YOU referenced does it say that Weeden is lazy. For you to suggest that it does only proves your reading comprehension skills are no better than your typing skills.

          • LG

            First off RB, I am not a cut and paste blogger as you call it. Secondly I referenced the article and included a link for people to read the entire story. Thirdly I don;t put words in people’s mouths, learn how to read between the lines my friend. Especially where the guy says he loves Weeden but……..Of course he isn’t going to come out and call weeden lazy but when I read it that is what I interpret him as saying. What would you call weeden the hardest working quarterback in the NFL? Give me a freaking break RB…. The whole article I read compares weeden’s lack of work ethic to that of Geno Smiths…..

          • Bob

            RB – You write “For you to suggest that it does only proves your reading comprehension skills are no better than your typing skills.”

            Wow RB!!! I guess we should all be Weeden supporters because you attack someone who is reporting what many of us heard in the media already. Geez!

            Keep supporting your #35 out of #36 quarterback.

            Question of the Day: Why do Weeden supporters attack McCoy supporters on a personal level first? Answer: They can’t face the fact that Weeden is a bust.

            BTW TB2 – And I am not going to ignore what Richardson, Cribbs or even Weeden’s ex-coach said originally about Weeden’s poor prep and poor understanding of the plays. Weeden’s work habits not overblown. Just ask Weeden’s wife. She is a quarterback coach as you know. The only thing Weeden will win next year is a Bic Mac at McDonalds playing the next McDonalds monopoly game.

        • ABrown

          Well, let’s get the whole story. The interview that LG quoted and linked to was the original and it was pretty damning as far as Weeden is concerned and described all the problems that Weeden himself has actually talked to the press about — making jokes about his lack of work.

          The article you cut and paste is the Cleveland Browns homie press grilling the coach about how much trouble he created for Weeden and wouldn’t he like to rephrase what he said and help Weeden out.

          That’s damage control and public relations for Weeden. The real story is what came out before the coach was getting hammered for not tip-toeing around how much Weeden worked.

          Just on studying film, don’t forget that Weeden himself told the local press back in October that he needed to study more film but he always fell asleep when he started to watch it.

          But finally, it doesn’t matter at all what fans think. What matters is what his team mates think and what the Browns coaches and management think.

          They’ve made it pretty clear, whether you look at TR’s comments or at Banner and Chud both saying in the same week that what Weeden does depends on how much he is willing to work for it and how much he wants it.

          • Bob

            Agreed. As I said above, the only thing Weeden will be winning next year is a Big Mac.

          • ABrown

            Exactly, Bob. Good posts.

          • ABrown

            The most important point from the original comments was about Smith being “a student of the game”. His coach said that Geno do whatever they needed him to do — take snaps under center, go back in the shotgun, run the ball, make the tough throws, and be creative when they needed it. Geno was allowed to all about 80% of the plays.

            In contrast, he said Weeden had a strong supporting cast and he could get the ball to them. Geno was the more complete QB, essentially because he was a student of the game and Weeden wasn’t.

            When pressured to help Weeden out, the coach still says things like, “if we needed a QB and didn’t have faith in Brandon, I’d definitely draft Geno.”

            And then when he adds praise for Weeden he say that Weeden has the tools to lead any team to a win.

            He has the tools — big arm. He has the tools, like Banner and Chud said, but will he work hard enough to be able to use that big tool? This is still not a ringing endorsement of Weeden.

  17. tigersbrowns2

    mornin’ LG …

    … come on , BOB … t-rich & cribbs did not question weeden’s work ethic … where did that come from ??
    i am pretty sure t-rich talked about weeden’s problems with reading defenses & cribbs said he preferred mccoy as the starter. when did they ever talk about his work ethic ??

    and as far as his coach calling him lazy … just my opinion , this was way overblown.

    I am 100% sure , without having to read anything printed by anybody , that weeden is watching an adequate amount of film , knows his playbook & is constantly working on his mechanics. it is just absolutely ludicrous to think he’s not bustin’ his ass … i just love how things get blown out of proportion.

    • LG

      TB2 it was weeden himself that said last year he didn’t know the whole play book. Being in Toledo you probably don’t watch Cleveland news but the dumb ass said stuff like that in the news…..Why would you do that is he stupid on top of being lazy????

      • ABrown

        TB2, Chud and Banner followed up on those damning comments from Weeden’s coach and from Richardson about Weeden not being able to read defenses with the obvious comment that Weeden’s future depends on how hard he’s willing to work, on how much he wants it.

        And then, following up on Browns management and coaching and all the other recent information about Weeden’s work ethic, Mary Cay Cabot did a column putting it all together with the same kind of conclusions you’re seeing here.

        There’s hardly anyone following the Browns who hasn’t put all this together by now — except for the most diehard Weeden fans.

  18. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … as a weeden supporter , i can honestly say i am NOT counting mccoy out …. and should he end up as the starter i will support him.

    it is just my personal opinion that weeden will be the starter & have a good year.

    i am also pretty sure that the mccoy supporters have already counted weeden out & they WILL NOT support him should he end up as starter … there will have to be some sort of conspiracy for weeden to beat-out mccoy … because how could the guy who has a great football iq , a great leader & the heart of a warrior get beat-out by a dumb lazy-ass ??

    • LG

      TB2 if weeden can beat out McCoy in preseason and play well I would support him too. But I don’t have the faith in him after the crap we saw last season.

    • Bob

      TB2 wrote, “i am also pretty sure that the mccoy supporters have already counted weeden out & they WILL NOT support him should he end up as starter.”

      That’s not true. We all want the Browns to win no matter who is QB. I believe Banner told Weeden to prove himself last year once the new regime got in. Weeden already failed that test.

      Weeden hurt himself. Do think it was good for Weeden to say his wife had to help him understand the playbook?

      • tigersbrowns2

        good enough , guys … we’ll let it go at that & see how the qb siuation washes-out.

        BOB – nothing wrong with mrs. weeden helping her man … i don’t even care that he said it publicly. but , you are obviously right about him saying it publicly … especially when things like that get taken out of context or blown out of proportion.

  19. Bob

    LG – I bet Mr & Mrs. Weeden are great people. With that being said, with your sports knowledge, have you ever heard of any quarterback or professional player telling the media his wife helped him with the playbook? Does Mrs. Weeden have some experience we don’t know about? Does or did she coach football or did she even play on a woman’s team? More importantly why would a player tell the media his wife helped him especially when HE IS AN NFL STARTING QUARTERBACK.

    • LG

      That is a great question. For some reason Bob Weeden won’t talk to me. I tried to get him on my show and he backed out. I had his brother Ty on it once….

    • LG

      Bob, here is an interesting fact for you. Tonight on the Cleveland Sports 360 show my guests were these guys who play fast-pitch. Did you ever hear of the King and his court? Anyway, the one guy I had was or is a pitcher, he too suffered a shoulder injury like Weeden. I asked the guy if you left baseball due to shoulder injury and you play in the NFL as a quarterback who has a shoulder injury in baseball how long does he think a guy like that can last in the NFL? He said one maybe two years…….

      • Bob

        That is interesting. Next question… Where is Holmgren & Heckert? Ha! Ha!

        • LG

          Not working are they? Of course when you walk away with the bucks they got why would you have to work?

      • ABrown

        Oh my goodness, LG, that’s another good reason for the guaranteed contract.

        • LG

          I’ll bet that has something to do with it.

      • RICK

        LG, I wouldn’t put too much into DR. King and his court’s inside information. That his opinion and thats all I take out of it.

    • RICK

      BOB, Maybe more QBs go over the playbooks with there wives than we think. I see no problem with your mate helping you study and going over plays with you,after all it is study time. I guess because he mentioned it (could have been joking) it makes him lazy in some peoples eyes. Good luck to both QBs if they are the ones even competing.

      • ABrown

        Rick, the problem with Weeden mentioning that his wife had started trying to help him learn the playbook wasn’t so much that his wife is helping him — although it’s a little strange.

        The problem was that he admitted he hadn’t learned the play book by the 14th game of the season. THAT is a huge problem.

        Players who can’t learn play books by the beginning of the season, don’t play well or long in the NFL. Quarterbacks who don’t know the play books when the season STARTS are pretty hopeless.

        There are only 2 explanations for this. He is too lazy and irresponsible to learn the play book — or NFL offenses are too complex for him to understand.

        Lazy is the kindest explanation.

  20. ABrown

    I think a lot of people don’t have a good idea about what problems there are with how Weeden plays because he doesn’t study the game and work hard to get better.

    There’s a play from the Washington game that is a perfect example and it’s drawn up with film clips to illustrate what happenen at Cleveland Frowns Xs and Os feature –

    Here’s what happened. We faked a run play to the left and drew a lot of the defense that way. Little and Watson ran routes to the right. Little cut across the field and the middle of the field was WIDE OPEN.

    Weeden had been staring at Little since the beginning of the play and watched him come open at the right hash marks, but didn’t throw, even though he had no pressure. He watched and watched as Little ran all the way across the field and finally hit double coverage on the left side. That’s when the pocket finally started to break down and Weeden threw off balance toward the double covered Little but directly to the Washington player waiting in front of Little — Interception!

    This is one of the most frustrating football plays I’ve ever seen. Several seconds went by when Weeden could have thrown to Little and could have picked up 25 yards or more. He was planning to throw to Little because he was staring at him, but he didn’t make the throw.

    This goes way beyond not knowing how to read defenses and spot open receivers. Even when he’s locked on, he still couldn’t manage to release the ball until in was way too late.

    As the article concludes, “Thrown on time, this goes at least 25 yards downfield — likely more if Little can make a play. And the only possible excuse for the bad timing in this instance is indecision. Weeden either isn’t trusting himself, isn’t seeing the play develop fast enough, or both, and all the arm talent in the world won’t overcome these problems.”

    The guys calling the game couldn’t help noticing: “Mike Martz was all over this Sunday calling the game for Fox, and made reference several times to the fact that receivers won’t always be as open as the quarterback might like them to be, the obvious implication being that Weeden — as we’ve observed all season — was leaving plays all over the field again on Sunday; plays that an NFL quarterback is supposed to make.”

    And finally, “It’s a quarterback’s league, it’s week 14, and a 29-year-old anointed rookie starting quarterback has made no discernible progress in addressing the same weaknesses that bloggers identified on draft day.”

    These problems go beyond working and becoming a student of the game, beyond learning to read defenses. In evaluating QBs, one important thing they just HAVE TO HAVE is instincts for the game — see the open receiver and throw — make the play.

    Weeden has an arm but he doesn’t appear to have what is even more essential for any NFL QB — the instincts and will to make the play.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi ABROWN … you know i just love to disagree with you … however , if this was the interception he threw on the first drive of the 2nd half , i saw this as the play the downgraded his whole season.

      they had just won 3 games in a row & were hanging with the ‘skins at halftime … the browns get the ball first in the 2nd half & this interception led to an easy ‘skins td that essentially put the game out of reach.

      this one play was the one that stood out for me in his whole rookie season … he was riding a good streak until this play … and , of course , the browns didn’t win again the rest of the season.

      • ABrown

        This play came with a little over a minute left in the 3rd quarter with Redskins 24 Browns 14, 1st and 10 on the Redskins 43. This was the 2nd interception in the 3rd quarter.

        The one you are thinking about came in the first minute of the 2nd half. They both led to TDs for Washington.

        Take a look at the still shots of the play in the article. They do a good job with this kind of play analysis.

  21. RICK

    ABrown must have a spy in Weeden’s neiborhood. How else would she know about him studying and working hard and trying to get better.Colt seems to be the only one of them working to get better so it should be a cinch to lock up the starting job this year. LOL

    • RICK

      ABrown, Please show me where I was attacking LG’s article. I made one true statement about 6-15 and the fur flew. Thats the numbers that matter according to you and LG if I remember right. I guess the numbers only matter when they can be used for your purpose.Its just some numbers I threw out there as you do.

      • LG

        Rick can you seriously sit there and tell me you don’t think Colt McCoy would have won more games with the Browns last season than 5?

        • RICK

          LG, That would speculation. We will never know,just wonder. With our coaching I seriously doubt it. (just my opinion)I do think we have a good young team that could do some damage this year if the coaching is right. I think we have a nucleus here in Cleveland and am excited to see how it comes out this year.

          • LG

            No Rick, that would be Experience. The kid knew the offense better, the kid knew all the plays and the Kid knows how to make things happen.

          • RICK

            LG, Yes and the record proves that I see. 5-16 I believe. Oops I forgot the “would have” “should have” factor that changes everything.

          • ABrown

            Rick, I responded to your complaint about my response to your “5-16″ comment when you first asked.

            I see you were indeed using that comment as an attack on my argument.

            I’ve never said that the only thing that is important is winning or losing.

            One thing I’ve said is that it’s hard to evaluate win-loss records without looking at strength of schedule. I’ve also said that there’s a lot to learn from individual performance measures and noted that every NFL coaching staff makes use of these in evaluating players.

            As I recall, you don’t really like to look at the details of football.

            It’s easier to say, for example, that McCoy gave up on plays too quickly than to look at measures for the whole league about time in the pocket and find that McCoy was right at the league average time before he scrambled to extend the play.

            I’ve heard a lot of McCoy critics say he didn’t have a fast release and held onto the ball too long. But again, when you look at the times for all QBs, McCoy averaged 2.59 seconds to throw when the league average was 2.67 and Weeden was slower than average at 2.73 seconds. (Pro Football Focus)

            It’s a lot easier to criticize McCoy when no one looks at measurable facts. Once we have the facts, the criticisms usually don’t hold up.

    • ABrown

      We don’t need spies when Weeden tells the press about not learning the play book or getting help from his wife (interview with the guys who were going to be commenting on the Washington game for a national audience), or falling asleep when he tries to watch film.

  22. Reese

    thank god it’s over. Enjoy writing terrible articles about something else


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