Trent Richardson, the running back the Cleveland Browns used their first pick of the 2012 NFL draft on is being held out of team activities because the team is worried his shin injury could turn into a stress fracture.

Reports today say Richardson could miss team activities until sometime in August. Richardson who is reportedly missing time because of a shin injury could be injured worse than the team or Richardson is willing to admit to.

Only in Cleveland could you expect to get a first round pick that may not live up to the pre-draft hype. The Browns have had other high draft picks that didn’t pan out for the team. Richardson could end up being another disappointment to the team and to the city of Cleveland.

In his rookie year, he showed signs of brilliance. He broke Jim Browns rookie rushing record and that was after missing the preseason because he needed a knee operation. Trent Richardson then missed the last game of his rookie season because of an ankle injury..

Richardson has had multiple knee and ankle operations. Reports say that Richardson’s ligaments are held to his ankles with pins and screws. When McCoy was knocked into Richardson, the impact didn’t look bad enough to keep him out of the last regular season game.

Most guys aren’t carrying the hardware that Richardson has in his legs around with them in an NFL backfield. A running back in the NFL takes the most punishment on the football field. For a guy to have bad legs and picked in the first round of the NFL draft, it has to be like winning the lottery.

The Browns were IDIOTS to draft this guy with their first pick of the draft. The team should have known better. The running style that Trent Richardson runs with will limit the length of his NFL career.

With the Injuries this guy is already suffering to his lower legs, he won’t be around long. Drafting Trent Richardson with a first pick in the 2012 NFL draft was a serious mistake. Sure he can have flashes of greatness, but he won’t last long.

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. bonzie

    LG can’t you say anything positive.what makes you an expert anyway

    • LG

      Tell me what I should say positive about wasting a first round pick on a guy that is constantly hurt….

      • JB

        LG, you could say, “I’m positive the Browns made a mistake picking Trent Richardson in the first round.” Or you could say, “I’m positive Trent Richardson is looking at a very short NFL career.”

        • LG

          Are you positive or just giving me a writing lesson?

          • JB

            LG, I’m just keeping it positive like bonzie wanted. As for giving you a writing lesson, you write better than me.

          • LG

            Thanks JB

  2. Thomas

    Trent Richardson will have a great career once he overcomes these setbacks. He is a franchise caliber running back and will flourish in Norv
    Turner’s new offensive scheme. He played with a lot of courage last year, get off the guy’s back.

    • LG

      No one is on the guys back. Just stating facts. He won’t last long in the NFL with all these injuries. He won’t be the first Alabama running back that was used up before he got to the NFL….

  3. RICK

    WOW missed 1 game last year and now he’s a bust. I would rather see him setting out till AUG. Running backs take plenty of punishment during the season. He’s a beast to put up descent numbers with the coaching that we had last year and the rib injury (more of the punishment I stated) Time will tell but thanks for your crystal ball heads up.

  4. Tom Wynne

    ironically…they picked Mondario Hardesty a few years before(quite damaged) and wouldn’t you know it…we look to the ND secondary with a dubious pick THIS year. Nobody drafts as ineptly as The Cleveland Browns. Probably luck(or the law of averages) when one DOES work out!


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