Yes sir, that is the story of Cleveland Sports. They bring them in and they ship them out of here. Brandon Weeden had a terrible rookie season. The Cleveland Browns front office still isn't sold on the fact that Weeden is an NFL quarterback and as this fan wrote, you have to wonder if Weeden has what it takes to become a top NFL quarterback.

Another fan left a reply once that said, I lost all respect for Weeden when he played in the Pittsburgh game. He was under pressure and just fell to the ground without even making an effort to throw the ball out-of-bounds. That is the football I.Q. Weedeen brings to the field. Sure the gy has a big arm but he misses wide open receivers, his accuracy comes into question and his decision-making is very questionable as well. That comment was left by another fan.

It is going to be interesting to see how the quarterback situation plays out in Cleveland this summer. The Browns are under new ownership and they have a new front office in place, yet they are doing more of the same. They went out and signed a quarterback who thus far has just been a mediocre quarterback in his NFL career. The team could have went after a guy like Matt Flynn who was traded from Seattle and now will play in Oakland.

Cleveland should have tried to bring a guy like Flynn to the team. He comes from a history of winning both in Seattle and in Green Bay. What do the Browns do? They stick with a guy that has been described as a waste of a human being and a sissy q.b. To be fair to the team this viewer who left that comment should at least wait to see what happens in camp. There is a big change that Brandon Weeden will be the starting quarterback standing on the side-lines carrying the clip board while Campbell is the starter playing n the game.


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