One fan of the Cleveland Browns has the opinion that the Browns front office is working behind the scenes with the mindset of an arsonist. He sent in a comment that said, “why don’t you just burn the whole thing down.”

Here at Cleveland Sports 360 we write articles that are based on some of the thoughts that come in from Browns fans. We think it is important to publish fans opinions. Why not? These are the people who send in their opinions and these are the people who buy the tickets.

This particular fan no longer feels the need to buy tickets to go down and watch an inferior product on the field. Until others do the same thing the Browns will continue to play inferior football.. Why not? They can put garbage products on the field year after year and people will still by the tickets and the Browns will still make a ton of money.

Last season the players in the NFL voted the Cleveland Browns the worse franchise in the NFL to work for. This is the main reason you don’t see top named free agent talent coming to Cleveland. The Browns have a long history of mistreating players who come and play for the team. Yesterday when we released an article about the Browns cutting Chris Gocong loose, people responded negatively saying the Browns saved a ton of money by parting ways with Gocong.

This one fan gets it, he submitted a comment that sums it all up.  He is what this Browns fan had to say;

No, this is not just about Chris GoCong. This is going way beyond that, Banner and Lombardi let Dawson walk away on the verge of becoming the leading scorer in Browns history. They let Cribbs go, one of the all time greatest kickoff returners period. They traded Colt McCoy to a Superbowl team before letting him compete against inferior talent. They’ve really gone into this thing with the mindset of an arsonist. Just burn the whole freaking thing down while they are at it! This is what makes me upset, for a few years now we’ve been competitive and in nearly every game. We just needed a head coach that didn’t have his head up his ***! But now that we’re cutting anchor we’re gonna be drifting for a lot longer before we hit the promised land. Thanks Haslam, Banner and Bonehead… Thanks a lot. I think I’ll just stay home this year instead of traveling to go see the game in silent protest… this is beyond unforgivable.”

This guy is right. It isn’t just about Chris Gocong. It is the way, the history of how Cleveland management treats its players. They didn’t get voted the worse franchise in the NFL for no reason. I originally thought when Haslam III bought the team, he would work hard to turn that reputation around.

It doesn’t look like that’s the case. In Cleveland it looks like more of the same.  Thanks for summing it all up and remember you can leave your comments to any of our stories by Clicking the post title an entering your comments below. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on all of our Articles.


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  1. Leon II

    Let’s look at the four players mentioned in the comment. Chris Gocong average player at best on the downside of his career who spent last year on injured reserve due to a torn ACL and owed $4.5m if he was on the team. Cut on the second day of strength and conditioning OTAs after the coaches had a chance to see how he had recovered. I’m trying to see the bad decision with this one but I can’t.

    Josh Cribbs average wide receiver but one time excellent return specialist on the downside of his career allowed to walk as an unrestricted free agent. He was looking for the same money he was being paid when he was at the top of his game but it turns out he had a knee injury that required surgery this off season. A knee injury that few return specialist ever return to their former glory from and as a result failed to land in Arizona (at least for now). Trying hard to see the mistake in this one cause I love the guy but I just can’t.

    Colt McCoy who has so far been an average starting QB who may develop into more in the right system that was going to get paid $2.5m (base salary plus bonus based on last year). Even though I think he could be a solid starter in the right system I don’t see him flourishing in a system designed by Chud and Norv. If you have any respect for the guy you don’t allow him to languish on the bench or destroy his career by making him look bad trying to run a system not suited to his skill set. Instead they traded him to a SB contender running a system ideal for his strengths. It seems like this Browns regime finally did right by Colt McCoy unlike previous ones. I think we should applaud, not criticize, this decision especially if you are a Colt the football player, not just Colt the Browns player, fan as I am.

    Phil Dawson, remains a truly awesome kicker and I don’t think there is a single fan who would have minded him staying. None of us truly knows what went down here except 1)he was an UFA, 2) Dawson had already been franchised twice and a third was an economic unreality, 3)his price tag was going to be in the top tier for a kicker and you usually only pay that kind of money for a kicker if you have a chance at the playoffs, 4) Dawson signed a one year contract with SB contender 49ers for one year at $2.55m, and 5) he had already moved his family out of Cleveland to Texas where he plans to retire. Look at the contract again folks – $2.55m to play for one year after having been franchised two times already at his age. When you add everything up you realize that Dawson wanted one more year for a chance at glory before he retires to Texas and that doesn’t mean missing the playoffs again with the Browns. The criticism here is not at this regime for letting him find that chance but at previous regimes for failing to get him locked up long term.

    I don’t see a regime burning down the house but rather one making hard decisions when necessary and respectful ones when possible. You don’t build a winning team with players with diminishing skills due to age and injury. You don’t show players who still have a chance that you have their best interest at heart by letting them languish on the bench in the wrong system or by trying to interfere with their chance to end their career on a high note.

    The problem with the Browns at the moment is not the regime but the fans who react without seeing the bigger picture. I get why after 40+ years of being a Browns fan but I refuse to succumb to the defeatist herd mentality of thinking we have a losing team before the players take the field.

    • LG

      To be fair to Cribbs Leon, he did say he would take a pay cut to finish his career in a Browns uniform. Those words meant nothing to the teams front office.

      • Leon II

        I remember that he stated that, but to be fair to the regime what he said was it would be a “small hometown discount”. From what I have read about his surgery (I don’t have time to look up the story at the moment) it was – a result of reoccurring minor injuries and resultant degeneration of the knee, hard for a returner to recover from fully – it is unfortunately possible his career is already over he just hasn’t admitted it to himself yet. If that is reality I hope the Browns do the decent thing and resign him for a day and let him retire a Brown. Like I said you gotta love Cribbs for everything he had done for the team and town.

        • LG

          It didn’t seem to matter either way Leon II, They weren’t taking him back. Who knows what the amount was going to be?

    • RICK

      Leon II, Nice post I agree. I haven’t seen the product yet and there is all this whining already. I think the Browns management is trying to turn this team around and the people are blind to what’s going on. Time will tell if all of their fears are correct. I personally like the moves that they are making. (my opinion)

    • RB

      Well written Leon!

    • ForeverABrownsFan

      I will have to say leonII, your post was awesome, to say the least.

      I agree with you on everything you had mentioned in your post, it was, “Spot on.”

      However, I am just saddened by Dawson leaving Cleveland. He has been my favorite Browns player since 1999. A player to have shown just how a Browns player should be and excel in his duties, at his postion.

      I will miss him dearly and wish him well and give him thanks to all, what he has done for our team over the years.

      As far as Colt McCoy, he definately got the shaft in Cleveland, on more than one occausion. I also wish him well and may he get his shot somewhere down the line because Cleveland tossed him under the bus, then ran him over and then backed over him, just to be traded.

      If I had been him, I would have asked to be traded sooner because I had seen the writting on the wall years ago.

      As far as the rest you have mentioned spot on.

  2. Brian

    PERFECT !!!!!
    after all you said, all they can say is Cribbs would take a pay cut, But missed the part about not being healthy . and again always ONE FAN

    • LG

      Brian, if you knew anything about Nealson ratings you would know one fans opinion is counted as 5,000, because most people don’t take the tie to leave an opinion.

  3. sj

    I’m with Leon. I feel you’d complain no matter what because you have a pulpit to complain from. Who wants a hurt lb? Who wants a weak armed backup for windy Cleveland? Who wants a kick returner who lost a step and wants to be paid like a 3rd wr? You may have little else to write on now but how is a fam base ever supposed to get energized when every move made is torn apart by the media or just any hack with a website or blog

    • i got e.d

      Agreed sj….. lg is not a browns fan crying all the time. sounds like my 2year old. if lg is browns fan he must write negative articles for a attention, because he is a lonely ole man.

      • Bob

        “lg is not a browns fan crying all the time.” – brought to you by the Browns Thought Police or is this now the “average” Brown’s fan? The new norm?

        • LG


  4. ND in Orlando

    Browns Fans need to embrace one true fact about the NFL — you can be sentimental, or you can go to the playoffs, but you cannot do both. For as much as Cribbs has contributed, if you are honest about his approach to the last 3 years of his game was to simply gain as many return yards as possible, to bolster his own resume and free agency market value. A return out of the end zone to the 19 yard line is a LOSS of a yard compared to a touchback, and yet there he is, running the ball out ALMOST EVERY TIME — why? because regardless of whether he reaches the 20, he wins. Think about it. Go back and look at every single return that starts in the end zone and FAILS to reach the 20 – each of those HELPS him but HURTS the team. If the percentage of returns which fail to reach the 20 is above 15% of 20%, you have every right to conclude that he’s not doing it to help anyone but himself. Divorce your emotional attachment from the on-the-field performance, and you have to look no further than Travis Benjamin to see that Cribbs is no where near the #1 returner when it comes to speed. I love Cribbs, but the fact remains — we let him explore, and he’s still not on a team. We have to keep his “value” in context with what his value is to ANY OTHER TEAM in the league— we talk so much about ” addition by subtraction ” by stealing an important piece from a Division Foe — and Cribbs is STILL not on a team, and no interest from our Division. Again, divorce yourself from the emotional side of being a spurned fan, and realize that to move forward, those who provide marginal contributions must be let go.

    As far as Dawson — the part that seems a bit off is that he was so close to a team record, it seems a bit rude to not allow him to get there with the Browns. But again, I can tell you that Payton Manning played four years with Tennessee, not once getting past Florida and getting a National Championship, because he was so often relied upon to carry the team. After he is drafted to the NFL, and the Volunteers could no longer lean on that crutch, they go to a Perfect Season and a National Championship…. sometimes one great player masks all the other average or less than average levels of effort by the rest of the team. Think about how many times our coaches simply accepted a stalled drive at the 40,45,50 knowing they could get an easy 3 from Phil Automatic? Now they cannot rely upon that — they have to push for more, and expecting more from themselves is what they should be doing anyways, dont you think?

    • Born"n"bread

      Good post ND,

      Especially about Phil, I too feel the Browns are headed in the right direction however, as with anything change is hard and letting these two stand-up stall worth players go was an emotional upheaval but none the less needed to allow the next generation of up standing stall worth players to shine and take us past the 5 win seasons we’ve seen the past few years. I like Mr. Haslam’s enthusiasms and excitement and hope it translates to the field. Give it a chance, till the end of the season then we can give it to’ em

    • trophyhill

      unfortunately tough decisions have to be made and other than Dawson the other 3 players were mediocre at best. Stay the course LomBanner. build this team thru the draft and everytime a player doesn’t work out get rid of them and bring someone else in. you can thank Goodell for not needing Cribbs anymore.

      • LG

        Love the Lombanner name….

      • oldbrownfan

        Mediocre,compared to whom:( They were the best they had. They left it all on the field every game win or lose. I don’t see mediocre players making some of the runs that these guys made on the field against some pretty decent teams. You just can’t win week after week without filling in the holes on offense and defense. Cribs made some great holes on offense, and McCoy found plenty of players down field if the line held. If not he ran and he scrambled. Dawson was exactly what was needed, accurate.

    • Leon II

      @ND before I wrote my statements about Phil in my first post this morning I put myself in his shoes and asked myself two questions. 1) Phil, would you rather retire wearing the same uniform your entire life or play your last year in a different uniform of a team that many think is a Super Bowl favorite? 2) Phil, would you rather have a chance at breaking a team record or kicking a winning field goal in a Super Bowl this year? Once I answered those questions it was easy to see why the Browns new regime didn’t even approach him. If he had really wanted to stay his agent would have approached them in my opinion. The phone rings both ways folks.

      I like your point about Manning though and I do wonder if sometimes Phil’s abilities became too much of a crutch for the team.

      BTW Folks: While I often have a different opinion, or at least express a different opinion then LG, but I do have a lot of respect for him and his loyalty to the team. We tend to play Point/Counter-point on here but I think that just makes the discussion more lively and interesting. He gets me thinking and I hope I do the same for him.

      • LG

        You do Leon II While we butted heads at first I think we have grown to really appreciate one another. I thank you for that….And The kind Comments.

        • RB

          I’m still at the butting heads stage :o )

  5. bobber

    One fan with the negative attitude of course you are going with that take.Why not burn it down?Its worked so well the last 12 years.Lets not give this front office a chance lets run them right now.Our record was great with the mentioned players.Negative Nancy on the job as always

    • Bob

      Have you read or did you comment on LG’s articles about Kruger, Bryant and Campbell? All informative & positive and only a couple of responses by you and others who love to prop up a franchise that doesn’t care about their fans. If they cared, they would have gotten some of the best & paid the big $$$ for a winner.

      • Bob

        I’d like to take something back. I don’t remember you, bobber commenting on any of the Kruger, Bryant or Campbell articles.

      • dan dyer

        So you are wanting them to overpay for big name FA’s who for all we know may not even fit the system we are trying to install. Also by overpaying for FA’s this year or in the coming years we will not be able to resign our own FA’s. It is a much more successful strategy to build your core through the draft and then add a few selected FA’s each year. By this philosophy you are spending money but saving in the same sense, therefore when your core players become FA’s you are still financially able to resign them.

        • Bob

          First off, the Browns apparently don’t sign their FA’s. They also have been building through the draft for years already. Don’t they get a new starting QB every year? Your plan sounds fine, but it hasn’t worked yet.

          • dan dyer

            I will agree with you that the QB position has been a nemesis for the Browns since 99. I don’t have an answer for that but hopefully this regime can finally figure it out.
            We have resigned Thomas and Jackson in recent years and are trying to get a deal done with Mack. Let’s be honest with each other, there haven’t been many players worth keeping up until the last 3 or 4 drafts. They also resigned Cribbs last time his contract was up and his position was still relavent in the NFL.
            The names that we need to be concerned with will be becoming FA’s in the coming years. Richardson, Gordon, Little, Schwartz, Taylor, Sheard, Haden, and Ward. I believe this group along with the 3 I mentioned above are the core that we need to keep to be successful. Hopefully a QB’s name will be added to that list. Is that Weeden? This year will go a long way in answering that.

  6. MSGT F

    I am not gonna beat you up. Been done already, lol. I think I sated on another of your articals, I am SO FAR pleased with the Browns Front Office,, Management and Coaching staff thus far. Leon and ND you guys hit the nail on the head, WE ALL as Browns Fans are very emo when it comes to our Browns and fan favorites, the way I see it is even a blind dog finds a fire hyrant once in a while, just keep the faith and support our TEAM and one day SOONER rather than later we WILL have a winner.

    • LG

      I just hope we live long enough for that day to come..

  7. D J

    Leon II is a true fan with an open mind, a positive attitude, and a knowledgeable opinion.

    FYI he last four article headlines by LG

    One fan thinks the Cleveland Browns front office has the mindset of an arsonist.

    The Cleveland Browns may have a new guy signing the checks, but it looks like the same old crap taking place.

    One fan writes in “I lost total respect for the browns,To keep Weedon, what a waste of a human being. Now we have a Sissy QB.”

    Colt McCoy the Q.B. that isn’t good enough for the Cleveland Browns traded to the 49ers,He’ll get his ring first.

    Please do me a favor LG and write articles about the Steelers or the Ravens. Being a loyal sports fan in NE Ohio is a challenge to say the least. However I will indeed watch every Browns game again this year and root for them no matter what. Why be a fan if you are only looking for negatives.

    • LG

      Dj, I have been an optimistic loyal fan for almost 50 years. I am tired of watching an inferior football team that can’t even reach ha .500 season, we deserve better than that.

      • MSGT F

        Sometimes people can get confuse when you state your optimistic, when the last 4 articles don’t say optimistic, lol

        • LG

          NO they don’t. I said I was for years. Now it is running low…

          • RICK

            LG, since your articles have been quotes from posters how about the positive quotes on the management that I have seen posted.Sound like whining to me LG.

          • LG

            You pick them out Rick and e-mail them to me and I will do it….The -email address is just puts positive quotes from Rick in the Subject line OK?

  8. Tom Wynne

    sure…lets hold onto Gocong and all the other artifacts that have led us to so much success(LOL)…these same fans would STILL be crying if the new ownership KEPT the status quo. I am a Browns fan(from 1968 onward)…can you give the new guys a CHANCE instead of lamenting errors of days gone by???

    • MSGT F

      Tom, WELL SAID!

    • mhd

      I have been a Browms fan since 1953. I got spoiled by 10 championships in a row. I thought Modell was a disaster waiting to happen after he fired Paul Brown. Turns out I was right. He destroyed a gret statium with his Statium Corp and ruined the reputation of the Browns with his stupidity. Cleveland will continue to suffer because of him until the new owners can re-establish the confidence the entire league once had in the Browns.

  9. atxreich

    I don’t agree with everything the Brown’s front office does but I do have faith their making the right moves. I see no need to get worked up over something that you have no control over.I am fan that stands by his team and all I can do is cheer them on and hope the have a ssuccessful NFL season it’s what fans are suppose to do. Right?

    • LG

      Just because we express our concerns, we still want to see the team have a successful season. You are correct, we all want to win.

  10. RICK

    LG, Thats funny that you are concerned about the new management already. Lets see if we win before crying about losing.

    • LG

      Rick, the front office article was a fans point of view. Also it isn’t like we Browns fans don’t already know Lombardi, there is good cause for concern with him….

      • D J

        Yes after all he was part of that group that included Bill Belchick! You remember him don’t you? He was the coach that was vilified by the local media mostly because during press conferences he had the nerve to treat reporters like sports writers who knew little about the business of football and who were asking questions that were clearly formed to express the reporters negative views rather than to objectively write stories . He also didn’t ever say something that would reveal his true strategy or give away any secrets. I feel that it is ridiculous to judge this new ownership team in a negative way until we HOPEFULLY see the results of a stable organization over the next few years without the revolving door syndrome. Negativity in the media can do and has had a negative effect on past organizations. So if you are a hopeful fan who would like to see a competitive team like you say you are. What are you hoping to accomplish with these “One Fan” short sided negative views. If Lombardi has his stamp on what has been done during free agency at least wait until we see the long term results from the upcoming draft before forming opinions based on things we may not understand or from what was unfinished business from years ago.

        • LG

          I actually liked Belichcik.

  11. RICK

    LG, It’s not just the Cleveland browns it’s business in the NFL with the Gocong

    • LG

      Are you sure Rick? Banner may not like him, he cut him in philly too

  12. Marty

    LG. your doing a great job.Your articles bring out the frustration of problems that the Browns have. One fan said to write about the positive moves. Go ahead, I’ll promise you that you will spend alot of time to write a half of a paragraph. Yes, I agree there is alot of negativity. Until some positive moves or actions are done, there is nothing to write about.I to felt the new owner would be different. Lombardi being hired showed the fans what we are in for.

    • LG

      That is why I am here Marty. Thanks for all you do….

    • Leon II

      Umm, Marty my response to LG’s article (who I often disagree with but respect) is about the same length (6 paragraphs), shows the positives of the moves, and was written in about 20 minutes. I don’t think it took much time at all to see and write about the positives – just a different perspective and a willingness to not see things in the light of the past. Not always an easy thing for a Browns fan to do I will be the first to admit, especially when we watch fan favorites leave, but it is achievable.

      • Bob

        Leon II – Nice thoughtful writing today.

        Yesterday, Marty wrote he’s been waiting 53 years. That’s 53 years! That is longer then I’ve been alive. I say, he’s been a true fan. Yeah, some of his wording was strong and not appropriate, but 53 years is a very long time before having a breaking point. Don’t you think? I lived in LA for some time and witnessed 2 failed NFL franchises in a huge city. Yes, the Raiders won a Super Bowl while there, but later on, Al Davis & the rest of them ended up being a joke and the Rams, I won’t even go there. It got to the point where the LA NFL fans really didn’t care anymore about any of the teams + the owners saw $$$ elsewhere. AND there was really no outcry when these teams left. Just something to think about.

        BTW, LA & Anaheim have loyal fans and great franchise front offices, just ask the Lakers, Kings, Ducks, Dodgers, Angels & Clippers & Galaxy. On a side note, I am a HUGE LA Kings hockey fan, waited forever for them to win a Stanley Cup and the one thing I did not really witness in all that time were fans accusing other fans of not being “loyal” or “true” fans. I actually find those accusations on these boards the last couple of days disgusting & F’d up. Anyone judging a fan’s loyalty is immature and as I said yesterday, if that’s what Browns fans are about now, I want no part of it.

        I hope the Browns get in the playoffs soon, but I do believe a few steps backwards from last year have already taken place. That is what I feel a lot of fans feel already and the “Waiting for Next Year” is broken record besides a motto for the Browns.

        In conclusion, passing judgement on who is & who is not a true fan or forcing or daring people to write positive articles about a business that is suppose to be delivering a descent product worthy of our $$$$, just shows how broken this team & franchise is.

    • RB

      There are many people who feel there have already been positive moves and actions done. I’m guessing you you don’t feel that way. So we are back to the same spot we started at – is the glass half full or half empty?

      I will probably disagree with 99% of what LG writes and he will probably disagree with 99.9% of my fair and balanced rebuttal. We do agree on one thing though – we want the Browns to win. He obvious thinks nothing has changed and I obviously disagree.

      Anyway, cheers to everyone. How about a semi-truce on the negativity until we can analyze what happens in the draft. I know what I would like to see happen in the draft, and I have my suspicions on what they’re probably going to do in the draft. I will save some negativity until then lol.

      Just a final thought. Good writers and bad can dump on a team when they’re losing. It is much more difficult for a good writer and nearly impossible for a bad writer to write good things about a team that has had little to no success in the past 15 years.

  13. KF

    I think as Browns fans we tend to fool ourselves into thinking this team is better than it actually is. That is natural as a fan. In all reality this roster is lacking talent at many positions. You have to “burn it down” to make something better out of it. Am I Lombardi fan? No, but I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt until I see a product that makes me even less of a fan of him. They did get something for Colt McCoy (who I believe, barring an injury, will never start a game in the NFL again), so I give them credit for at least that much, even if it was a lower round draft pick.

  14. Bob

    Hey for all of those who have been complaining the last couple days about the negative stuff LG has put up, I find it interesting that you accuse LG of not being a “real fan” or not publishing positive articles about the Browns. Why? Because LG has and you would know that if you had been coming here in the last month. Check out the articles that he has done within the last couple of weeks in regards to the free agents the Browns did sign: Jason Campbell, Kruger & Bryant . What’s interesting is that these articles have hardly none or very few comments from any of us. Unless I am wrong and missed something, I saw nothing that shows LG being negative with these guys.

  15. Bob

    For all of you who are making fun of articles about what a fan says, why don’t you go leave your same comments over on the Plain Dealers website in their sport’s section. They put fan’s comments up all the time as an article.

    LG – Suggestion for you. Instead of writing an article from one of your responders to your articles, why don’t you just put the fan’s comment up and then say… What do you think about this comment? This will save you time in having to write an article about the comment and probably stop the hassles of telling everyone it was not your comment. It will also open doors to positive and negative comments that you want debated more.

    • LG

      I’ll take it under advisement Bob, the problem is I like to have a little more length to the articles. I don’t know if you saw the one comment someone left but it is going to make another great story…..LOL

  16. Bob

    I’ll end on a positive note. Joe Montana wrote today, “Nnamdi Asomugha & Colt McCoy make #49ers stronger! ”

    Oops wrong team. Ha! Ha!

    Have a nice weekend everyone!


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