In typical Cleveland Browns fashion, they got rid of Colt McCoy. They traded him before he had a chance to show the new coaching staff that he could compete with Brandon Weeden in training camp. For some reason the Browns brain trust thought it would be better to bring in Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell to compete in the so-called quarterback competition that never existed in Cleveland.

Meanwhile Colt McCoy was good enough to be named the back up to Colin Kaepernick on the San Francisco 49ers. McCoy led a 91 yard drive Sunday night that gave the 49ers a touchdown against a tough Vikings defense.

McCoy did it both with his feet and his arm. Unlike Weeden McCoy is able to scramble when he has to to keep a play a live. Instead of falling down and playing dead, McCoy usually rushes for positive yardage. Jim Harbaugh the head coach of the 49ers came out and made a statement saying Colt McCoy is my guy to back up Kaepernick.

So to answer your question, that is where Colt McCoy is. He is in the bay area playing for a football team that could have the chance to get back the the Super Bowl. For those of you who think I make up the one fan asked questions here is a link to see the comment asking the question.

This is typical Cleveland Sports, they have a guy that can play well and they trade or get rid of him. How many Yankees in the 70′s and 80′s were on Cleveland sports teams first????

Congratulations to Colt McCoy who battled in San Francisco to win the back up QB job. Best of luck to you Colt. You certainly deserve it….

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  1. muttklingon

    Bradon W

  2. muttklingon

    Bradon Weeden was baseball pitcher use throwing fast ball at 90 mile hour ? to maybe 150 males hour? . how fast will Brandon Weeden throw was a football Q.B. FOR BROWNS? WHEN HE GET BETTER AT THROWING A FOOTBALL ?. THE BROWN RECEIVERS THAT GET CETCHING THEM ?… mutt klingon

    • jackrabbit21

      What????????????? Your point?

  3. jackrabbit21

    May be worth mentioning that Brady Quinn is doing well in Seattle. Anyone see his game winning throw? He could be another example of how a player has his best brought out by an organization & good coaching staff that wants to WIN.

    Prediction – Campbell will be the starter by Halloween. Prove me wrong Weeden.

  4. Dave M

    Classic double talk. Weeden does a decent job but “it’s just preseason”, “it’s vanilla defense”. McCoy looks ok against future construction workers (did ya see his pick?), and you’re upset we dumped him. Puh-lease.

    • muttklingon


  5. 49er fan

    McCoy is where he belongs. Not on a losing team.{BROWNS}Cleveland SUCKS the city the teams and life there SUCKS.I know I lived there 53 years.


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