Ohio State Falls as Sullinger gets controlled The Ohio State Buckeyes mens Basketball team had a great season , they played great all season long and in the game against Kansas last night they made it look easy in the first half. The team was working together as a team, Sullinger, Buford,Smith Jr and Aaron Craft looked like they were in complete control of the final four last night in the first half. Then something happened, half time came and the Buckeyes went into the locker room and cooled down , when they returned for the second half they never regained the spark they had in the first half.

At the half the Buckeyes held a nin point lead over the Jayhawks last night. It looked to esy to the people watching the game and it was to easy in the first half. When the second half started Kansas started controlling Sullinger and this made it easy for the Jayhawks to make a run and they caught the Buckeyes. Many wondered if Sullinger would come out for a NBA draft, looking at the way Kansas was able to control him in the second half it becomes clear that Jared should return to the Buckeyes to get more experience.

The Buckeyes tried to rely to much on the three point shot in the second half last night, they had a defense melt down and failed to drive the lane to take it to the hole. The Buckeyes were simply out played in the second half and they lost to Kansas by just two points. Buford had 19 points last night and played a great game for the most part.

Aaron Craft added 11 points and continued to show great hustle, Smith Jr added 10 and Sullinger would end his night with only 13 points. Thad Matta had to sit Thomas for an extended period of time last night to avoid having him foul out, Thomas added 9 point in his 23 minutes of play.

The Ohio State Buckeyes men basketball team played a great season, many didn’t have them making it into the final four and they have nothing to hang their heads about. This team will be back next season and they will be a contender. Go Buckeyes!!!

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