Braxton Miller Injury ambulance The Ohio State Buckeyes saw Braton Miller get knocked out of the game by the Purdue Boilermakers today. In the 3rd quarter Miller was scrambling down the field when he was tackled hard by the Purdue defender. Miller came down extremely hard on his left shoulder. Miller had to be taken from the Ohio State locker room by ambulance to the Hospital. The extent of the Braxton Miller injury is not known. Miller laid on the field for some time after the tackle, he was able to get to his feet with some assistance and then he walked off the field with some help.  Miller had trouble making it to the sidelines and would stand there for some time before making it to the Ohio State bench.

Miller was then carted into the locker room and at the start of the 4th quarter of play there was an ambulance summoned to the Buckeyes locker room. Braxton Miller was strapped down to a back board put on a cart then taken to the hospital. Stay tuned for further up dates on Braxton Miller……

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Brian

    Get well soon Braxton! There are so many games left to win!!!

  2. Buckeye Dave

    God be with you Braxton….

  3. Marc key Marc

    God speed Braxton. Take this time to heal. We need you .

  4. Levi_Cele

    This is always my fear with mobile quarterbacks- so much talen in his feet, so much potential with a gun like that for an arm- and every time he takes off we hold our breath!

  5. Percy

    Get Well MAN !!


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