Cleveland Browns SuckThe Cleveland Browns are one of the least improved teams in the NFL in 2012. Teams that sucked in 2011 have already shown great improvement in 2012. Not the Cleveland Browns. You measure improvement by wins and losses, sorry Browns fans that is the way it is in the NFL. Almost winning a game doesn’t count. The Browns are one team that sucks worse in 2012 than they did in 2011. The Cleveland Browns had more wins at this point in the season last year than they have this year. If you look at some of the other teams that played poorly last season they have all improved for the most part this season. All except the Cleveland Browns that is.

The Browns have won 2 games in 2012. The Colts only won 2 games in 2011 and they have already won 4 games on 2012. The Colts have made a 100% improvement in 1 off-season and they got a new head coach who is in the hospital battling Leukemia and a new offensive coordinator too, yet the Colts have doubled their wins already this season. The  Viking are another team that sucked in 2011, they only won 3 games last year and this year they have already won 5 games, that is a 66% improvement in one-off season.

Look at the St. Louis Rams they only won 2 games in 2011 and already have 5 wins in 2011, that is a 150% improvement. Here are examples of three other teams that sucked in 2011 and have already improved in 2012.

Browns fans were told we would have a much improved team in 2012 by the Browns management, the win loss record of the Cleveland Browns doesn’t reflect the improvements we as fans were promised. Even Brandon Weeden knows a team is only as good as their win-loss record, he would be the first one to tell you they suck. The team is way behind in the NFL. The Houston Texans came into the  NFL 3 years after the Cleveland Browns returned. The Browns for one reason or another has played terrible football.

You can try and spin it anyway you want to the truth of the mater is the Cleveland Browns suck. The team should be letting people attend the games for half price. That is the talent level the team displays compared to the rest of the NFL. Heck, the Cleveland Browns don’t even have cheerleaders, at least most of the other teams have something to look at other than terrible play calling during the game. The Browns organization has taken advantage of the good people in Cleveland long enough. The only pleasant thought we as Browns fans have now is knowing Jimmy Haslam III has bought the team and they will be on the road to improvement.

The team isn’t improved now, that soon will change. You could see it all over Jimmy Haslam’s face just how un-happy he was during today’s game. The Browns played terrible football and they have all season long. It is unacceptable for a franchise that has been in the NFL as long as the Cleveland Browns have to put this product on the field. You can look at this article and say I am negative. Or you can look at it in the true light it was write in.  I am sick and tired of seeing this garbage they call an NFL  football team stink up the city of Cleveland.  That is what this team and its coaches are doing. It is time for change and the positive thing is change to the Cleveland Browns is on the way.



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  1. Anonymous

    You suck!

    • LG

      Hey at least you get this for free not Like I charge you 400 for a family of four to see it….Glad you enjoy crap football

  2. fan

    You know LG I would almost think that you are a Steelers fan with the articles that I read from you but this I will agree with you. The only thing that can happen is that we can get better because there just not getting any worse. I will say that the schedule this year is I think in the top 5 difficulty so that attributes to what thier record points to but like I said in your other article only time is going to tell when you are starting like 7 rookies. In the end I will say its possible to finish with 5 wins this year which would make us 20 percent better than last year.

    • LG

      Trust me I am not a Steelers fan. I would say however I don’t remember the Steelers ever sucking this bad for this long. The great thing is we have a new owner and things will get better. If I didn’t hear all the promise of what a better team we were going to have this season, I would feel so let down.

      • Jeff

        You must not be very old cause the Steelers sucked for decades until the ’70s.

        • Anonymous

          That’s right Jeff

  3. Factory of sadness

    We just won. Pull your lip over your head and swallow negative nancy

  4. marty stys

    Yesterday game was a toss-up, but a win is rhe only stat that counts. I made the remark ” Hold The Line” Offense line may haven’t moved forward, but did a good job of holding the line.That improvement made a big difference in the run game. Weedon passes over 24 yards were way off the mark.Getting sacked, was all on him.He had 3 sec instead of 4.5 sec now you can see why protection means so much.I didn’t mind the double reverse,timing is very important.Still weedon was at 27% with 3rd down conversions.I haven’t been following San Diago that much, but their team speed is down.

    • ABrown

      Good analysis, Marty. And spot on about how important the offensive line can be.

      Something I noticed about run blocking yesterday. Instead of Marecic at fullback, the best blocking tight end, Alex Smith, was playing full back and lead blocking for Richardson. It’s a good thing or we might not have scored at all.

  5. Anonymous

    Last I checked the Browns had the worst record in the league. They were also one of the youngest and had a pretty tough schedule. The Browns also rebuild semi-annually which makes it impossible to have consistancy, depth and stability. Like most Browns fans, I was hoping to see improvement this year, but also knew with all the changes it wasn’t likely. We change coaches every other year and quarterback almost annually. I can’t remember who are featured back is for each season or the names of our number 1 WR each season. Outside of Josh Cribbs and Phil Dawson, the rest of the team is a merry go round of players that get changed with each new coaching staff. What do you honestly expect? What do you think the solution is?

    As fans we need to support our teams and shut up. We get what we want every year and then complain when things still don’t work. We have a new owner with a new coaching staff coming. This means more new players and more rebuilding. Things won’t get better overnight. The Colts were a great team already that needed a healthy QB. The Browns have no depth and haven’t been breat since their return. How you can even compare the two is beyond me.

  6. RICK

    LG, The Browns are improving (more than I can say about your articles)Sorry that you can”t see it (Too busy finding negative articles to write about)When the Browns win you seem to find more negative articles then when they lose is it because you feel so bad about being wrong all week or do you just like to bitch? Give it a break and enjoy the win for a change. When the smoke clears this year and the season is over then you will have a accurate feel of the team if it is getting better. Tired of the comparing this time last season crap. I believe we lost the last 6 last year so dust the ole crystal ball off and let us know “ALL GREAT ONE” how we will end the second half of the season I’m dying to know.

    • LG

      At this point in the season they have less wins than they had at the same time last year Rick. So what are they improving on Losing?

      • marty stys

        The biggest improvement this year so far is the offensive line, they seem to turn the corner with a “hold the line” strength. Running game has been improved. the offensive line gave that split second to hit that hole.I see a hard runner, but still wonder about duability of the runner. I’m still hoping for a wide receiver with four arms. They are out there, we just have hope one is on the way.I like our team, and our new owner. I detest Shurmur and management above him. They are cowards of the worst kind. The kind that never admits to being wrong. Abrown are you on a holiday?

  7. mb

    i will be blunt here……this article SUCKED!
    its like your trying to convince yourself that Cleveland is the worst team, how about Jacksonville? KC? Carolina? your going by wins rite? these 3 have worse records than last year….DUH
    if this what it takes to be a “sportswriter”? comparing 2 totally different teams, last year rookie coach and staff. this year rookie qb,rb,wr’s and i think 15 different rookies on this roster and dont forget the new owner also……i guess I’m a sportswriter now since i posted something on the internet.

    • LG

      I am comparing the worse records last season to the records this season. If you would have read the article and saw which teams I am comparing you would see their records are better this season and the Cleveland Browns are not…..

    • ABrown

      OK Rick and MB, I know it’s hard to see our team described as “sucking”. It’s even worse to hear that a team everyone wants to see as much improved described as “sucking more than last year”.

      I just ran across a power ranking of NFL teams in 2011 at this halfway point last year. Then we were ranked 23rd.

      I looked for the latest power ranking this week for this year’s team. We’ve come up a little from 32nd, but still don’t look very good at 29th.

      Any way you look at it 29th this year sucks worse than 23rd last year.

      Maybe it’s just LG’s colorful vocabulary that is so upsetting. But the truth meter reads “spot on”.

      • Bob

        Agreed. For those who don’t like LG’s raw & colorful opinion and truthful observations, go to the Plain Dealer website. There you can find articles by sports writers who write about Browns losses as if the Browns just won the Super Bowl. Maybe they write like that because they are afraid to lose their job like Tony Grossi.

        • ABrown

          Right on, Bob!!!

  8. RICK

    LG, The Brown have more talent than last year. Blame it on our coach if you wan’t to but to say they are a worse team than last year is stupid.

    • LG

      Rick to say they are not worse than last year is even dumber. Yes it is the coaches fault the head coach should be gone. Haslam’s face told the story yesterday it is almost like he can’t wait to get rid of this guy….

      • Jeremy

        I agree with Rick… Last year at this time, this team stunk. Straight up stunk. Offense was terrible, and the run defense was worse. This year we are closer to middle of the pack on nearly every ranking, than last year. The team is better at playing football this year, that’s easy to see… whether wins and loses have been represented in that, is another thing. But the wins will come as this team matures and gets the all improtant experiance that is lacks. If they pull out 4 more wins this year despite the horrible coaching going on there, I will be grinning ear to ear. I have been waiting for the second half of the season since the first game of the year… I hate losing as much as anybody, but we are going to surprise some people.. apparently, including you..

        • ABrown

          Jeremy, what part of 29th in the league this year is WORSE than 23rd in the league at the same point last year???

          McCoy was ranked 18th in the league after game 8 last year and Weeden is ranked 26th (out of only 28 quarterbacks who started week 8) this year.

          Or in the older passer ratings, McCoy was 83.1 against the 49ers (headed for the NFC championship game) and this year Weeden is 55.9 against the Chargers (not headed anywhere).

          Two things are better: the Offensive line and the Running game.

          And how McCoy could have been playing better last year than Weeden this year when Weeden has a better Offensive Line and a better Running GAme should give you all the CLUE you need about why Weeden is NOT the Browns’ Savior at Quarterback and why the Browns suck worse this year than last.

          Wishful thinking won’t change this.

  9. Biggestdog52

    How did this get published? What a sucky article. I am Steelers fan, but I have alot of friends who like Cleveland, and they take alot of crap from people, but every sunday they’re back again to root on their team.
    I admire anyone who sets in the stands week after week watching loss after loss and still roots for their team.. Go Steelers!!!

    • LG

      They should give the fans a rebate for putting up with this team and their coaches. That’s what I am saying the fans deserve much higher caliber football than what the Browns are giving them….

      • Anonymous

        Thanks to Art Modell

      • ABrown

        LG, as I watched the game yesterday and they kept showing shots of Haslem watching the game, I was much encouraged. He’s not going to be satisfied with the kind of “progress” we’re seeing this year.

        I also thought that this game was a great argument for a remodeled and enclosed stadium. The Browns fans could watch the game in comfort. The game would be decided by the talent on the field instead of the weather. And Cleveland might see a Super Bowl held here.

        Better facility for Cleveland events, better profit for the owner, better amenities for the fans, and the determination to build a better team sooner rather than later.

        I enjoyed that thought yesterday.

  10. RICK

    Looks like the only garbage in Cleveland is your negative articles. Win or lose it doesn’t matter. The Brown have won 2 out the last 3 games and the negativity gets worse. Compare last year to this year all you want but that is improving.We get it the coach sucks but to blame the faults of the coaching on the rest of the team just shows your knowledge of the game.Sorry they didn’t win in the fashion you would like and your diaappointed but they won. I believe you stated in your past articles you just want them to win and when they do all you can post is your negativity. What a joke

  11. RICK

    LG, How much did your ticket cost again?

    • LG

      Right around 100 bucks a game rick

  12. Anonymous

    When you lead the league in dropped passes 2 years in a row, wins aren’t going to happen.

  13. Anonymous

    hi LG … sorry, there is much more talent , youth & speed on this squad versus last year’s. they just need to get coached-up & get some experience. at least give holmgren & heckert credit for turning an aging , slow & overpaid squad into what we see now. i believe the fruits of their labor will start to show here pretty quickly.

    with haslam’s arrival comes accountability … this is the best thing to happen to the browns since our return to the league in 1999.

  14. RICK

    It’s a shame even the Steelers fans see how sucky your article was

    • LG

      What real shame is Rick is I have to write articles like thisbecause of the low quality football the Cleveland browns put on the field

  15. isitnextyear

    Wow, yet again an insightful article, with plenty of supporting facts to back your arguement. LG, you need to return to whatever college you came from, I assume Pitt or Penn State considering what an anti-Browns fan you are. Last week you spoke of how horrible Trent Richardson is, and once again you were proven wrong. The bottom line is they are improving, it doesn’t matter if you win by 1 or 100, a win is a win, and they got the job done. Go get a job covering the WNBA so I don’t accidently drift on your poor uncredible garbage. How does your editor allow this “article” even pass his desk?

    • LG

      I hate to point this out to you pal but lastweek Richardsom did suck 8 yardson 8 carries is the bottom pal

  16. hater

    This writer is awful, he truly isn’t a cleveland fan because the entire article was nothing but ragging on them. A true cleveland fan realizes that no matter what you go to the television screen each sunday at 1 pm and cheer on your Brownies. Records don’t show shit, I am watching the Browns and I see a group of players who want to get better and I believe they are. So quit you negative bullshit and cheer on the home team

    • ABrown

      Hey, Hater, some of us are cheering for the home team to actually get better.

      I can’t see much good in cheering for a team and coaching staff that seems dedicated to maintaining their hold on last place in the division.

  17. Brownslover

    This writer is awful, he truly isn’t a cleveland fan because the entire article was nothing but ragging on them. A true cleveland fan realizes that no matter what you go to the television screen each sunday at 1 pm and cheer on your Brownies. Records don’t show shit, I am watching the Browns and I see a group of players who want to get better and I believe they are. So quit you negative bullshit and cheer on the home team

    • LG

      Hey brownslOver I’ve been watching browns football since 1964 this is the worst team I’ve seen it should be a crime to charge full price for this scam holmgren tried to pass off as an NFL football team

  18. Shawn scott

    We have not won alot of gamens I do some improvements. We are scoring touch downs which is a hell of an improment over last yr. We haven’t been kicking field goals to stay alive. The coaching staff still sucks that’s for sure. Not to mention the season is far from over don’t count them out just yet. There are plenty winnable game I feel. Alot of teams we have left to play don’t have record that are all that great. As a BROWNS FAN I BELIEVE ANYTHING CAN STOL HAPPEN. IT is tough to watch the loses yr in and out but I BELIEVE JIMMY HASLAM IS ABOUT TO CHANGE ALL THAT!!!! LG is no stooler fan sick of losses yes. BUT STAY STRONG BROTHER ARE TIME IS COMING. We stol can come with a good record. Can’t give up hope. Its hard to have hope. But the opportunity is still there.GO BROWNS AND KEEL THE HOPE ALIVE TO EARLY TO JUDGE

  19. DC84

    1. 2011: 21 TD’s, 2012: 17 (Pace: 34) Improvement!

    2. 2011: 3090 Passing YDS, 2012: 1831 YDS (Pace: 3632 YDS) Improvement!

    3. 2011: 32 Sacks, 2012: 19 Sacks (Pace: 38) Improvement

    4. 2011: 13 PPG, 2012: 19.25 PPG Improvement!

    5. 2012: (Pace:Richardson 940 Yds, 10 TD 50 REC 418 YDS 2TD’s) Improvement!

    6. 2012: (Pace: Josh Gordon 34 Recs 748 YDS 8TD) Improvement!

    7. 2011: 9 Ints, 2012: 10 Ints (Pace 20 Ints) Improvement!

    8. 2011: Strength of Schedule 19th (tie) .492 Winning Percentage, 2012: Strength of Schedule 3rd .527 Winning Percentage

    #8 + Dumb ass coaching staff = Worst record NOT worse team, this team as shown improvements in almost every single category. Why you hate so much?

    • LG

      Nice you are talking pace I am talking reality. Last year after 6 games the Browns won 3 of them. Hypothetical’s don’t count for shit we will talk about them when they come…..

  20. LG Blows

    Ok so the St Louis rams have 5 wins huh? You might want to check that again. You are a sorry excuse for a sports writer. Do you even proof read the garbage that you post on here? And what kind of writer doesnt use his real name? To say this is the worst Browns team you have ever seen proves that you don’t know shit. Its not even close. Where have you been. Yes they stink. But they are the youngest team in the NFL and they have a terrible head coach imo. Do us all a favor and stop writing completely.

    • LG

      So excuse me I made a mistake and transposed the numbers St. Louis still has more wins than they had last year. The Cleveland Browns are the only team in the NFL that sucked last year and suck even worse this year. You are a said excuse for a Browns fan talk about using your real name what is yours? Mine is Larry M. Glicken I use my name each and every week on the Cleveland Sports 360 show nothing to hid here…..

      • ABrown

        LG, another excellent, thought-provoking article that everyone seems to be having a good time responding to.

        When fans are used to watching their teams play well and win games, those fans want to hear the truth — no rose-colored glasses for them.

        I think when fans haven’t seen a winning team in so long they’ve forgotten what that looks like, they would be happier reading “how well the team played when we ALMOST WON.”

        I’m hoping in the next 2 to 3 years Browns fans will want to hear more accurate reviews of how the Browns are playing BECAUSE THE BROWNS WILL BE WINNING, will be much better than 29th in the league.

        Good job helping us get ready for better days and better teams.

  21. marty stys

    LG is not trying to bring the browns down. He is being realistic and he is limited to what he can say.The success of the team,the biggest improvement is the offense line.With a bad offensive line, you don’t win games easily. With a good offensive line you should be in it. Anyone who thinks the offensive line isn’t important, tell me how would anyone of you would handle 1.9 sec of protection. I would admit, here’s the ball, don’t hit me. weedon might be good hitting clay pigeons, but not throwing the long ball.ABrown for coach.

  22. RICK

    Poor comparason about the record from last year and this year we haven’t played the same teams and the schedule is completely different but I do believe we didn’t beat a single team in our division last year with our savior at the helm maybe that is why they decided to make a change.They have already surpassed that from last year.

    • LG

      Hey Rick, just like all the losses this year aren’t Weeden’s fault because of all the drops, Colt Should have won the season opener last year in our division but the defense was caught with their pants down remember that?

  23. Wane

    LG,this has got to be the first time i ever heard the winning team be referred to as garbage!!! not sure why Jimmy would want to buy garbage? maybe you should buy a ticket before you ask for money back. not sure how ABrown can call this crap cheering for the home team to actually get better? last time i looked this artical had 46 comments and 40 of them think your stupid. good job – you did get the comments

    • LG

      Hey Wane, pretty funny you say I should buy a ticket. Maybe you should buy the amount of tickets I buy….

  24. FLBrownsFAN

    The team is better! The record isn’t! I see a lot of promise with this years team but the schedule is a little harder. Weeden would have much better numbers if the team didn’t have so many drops (An area that must improve!). I am excited about the future of this team with the new ownership taking over. I just think u can look at this team as sucking or as young and learning, I prefer the later.

    • LG

      Are you kidding me? Colt McCoy would have been better too last season if he didn’t have so many drops….

  25. RICK

    LG, was you at the game Sunday? I would say no (just guessing)or was the smell too bad for you. The fans that attended the game got what they wanted and braved the bad conditions I bet they aren’t asking for their money back. The Browns needed the win and got it. Hats off for the gritty play in the conditions. Go Browns

    • LG

      Rick are you completely satisfied with the Cleveland Browns? No I wasn’t there, I buy tickets and give them to other people to go to the game that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to go to the games….

  26. RICK

    LG, No I’m not totally satisfied with the Browns but I can see the rebuilding process working (apparently not fast enough for you). We have a lot of good young talent on the team to build from. Why would you ever give tickets to someone to go see a garbage team? Boy you set them up this week in the weather. I guess you only go to the fair weather games or you thought they didn’t have a chance to win. Sorry you was diappointed with the win. Maybe they will play a little better for you this week.

    • LG

      Rick that is what I do, I help all kinds of people out, have a look at this site it may explain a little better to you be sure to check out the pictures too….


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