Cleveland Browns SuckThe Cleveland Browns are one of the least improved teams in the NFL in 2012. Teams that sucked in 2011 have already shown great improvement in 2012. Not the Cleveland Browns. You measure improvement by wins and losses, sorry Browns fans that is the way it is in the NFL. Almost winning a game doesn't count. The Browns are one team that sucks worse in 2012 than they did in 2011. The Cleveland Browns had more wins at this point in the season last year than they have this year. If you look at some of the other teams that played poorly last season they have all improved for the most part this season. All except the Cleveland Browns that is.

The Browns have won 2 games in 2012. The Colts only won 2 games in 2011 and they have already won 4 games on 2012. The Colts have made a 100% improvement in 1 off-season and they got a new head coach who is in the hospital battling Leukemia and a new offensive coordinator too, yet the Colts have doubled their wins already this season. The  Viking are another team that sucked in 2011, they only won 3 games last year and this year they have already won 5 games, that is a 66% improvement in one-off season.

Look at the St. Louis Rams they only won 2 games in 2011 and already have 5 wins in 2011, that is a 150% improvement. Here are examples of three other teams that sucked in 2011 and have already improved in 2012.

Browns fans were told we would have a much improved team in 2012 by the Browns management, the win loss record of the Cleveland Browns doesn't reflect the improvements we as fans were promised. Even Brandon Weeden knows a team is only as good as their win-loss record, he would be the first one to tell you they suck. The team is way behind in the NFL. The Houston Texans came into the  NFL 3 years after the Cleveland Browns returned. The Browns for one reason or another has played terrible football.

You can try and spin it anyway you want to the truth of the mater is the Cleveland Browns suck. The team should be letting people attend the games for half price. That is the talent level the team displays compared to the rest of the NFL. Heck, the Cleveland Browns don't even have cheerleaders, at least most of the other teams have something to look at other than terrible play calling during the game. The Browns organization has taken advantage of the good people in Cleveland long enough. The only pleasant thought we as Browns fans have now is knowing Jimmy Haslam III has bought the team and they will be on the road to improvement.

The team isn't improved now, that soon will change. You could see it all over Jimmy Haslam's face just how un-happy he was during today's game. The Browns played terrible football and they have all season long. It is unacceptable for a franchise that has been in the NFL as long as the Cleveland Browns have to put this product on the field. You can look at this article and say I am negative. Or you can look at it in the true light it was write in.  I am sick and tired of seeing this garbage they call an NFL  football team stink up the city of Cleveland.  That is what this team and its coaches are doing. It is time for change and the positive thing is change to the Cleveland Browns is on the way.



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