Norv Turner has watched lots of film from the Detroit Lions games. He is worried going into week 6 about his offensive front for the Browns being able to stop the Detroit Lions from creating turnovers. He is stuck with Weeden at quarterback for the reason head coach Rob Chudzinski put out there. They have no other choice.

The Browns have used the 10 days off to try and build confidence in the quarterback they say they don't have a choice other than to start him on Sunday. Turner said; “We need a great effort against this team.” He also said;“This is a very physical defensive front, but every week, you look on the tape, this is a really, really good defensive front. We’re going to have to play (well) up front.

How well the Browns offensive line plays up front depends on how long Weeden holds the ball in the back-field. The Browns have been working on getting Weeden to release the football sooner, but that brings another problem into view.

Weeden's lack of ability to read an NFL defense. Sure the Browns want Weeden to release the ball sooner but they also want the ball to end up in the hands of one of Weeden's teammates not the Lions defense.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. Weeden is going to face a Detroit defense that already creates turn-overs. Turner is right to be concerned. He knows one of Weeden's weaknesses is not being able to read a defense.

He should be concerned coming into Sunday's contest with Brandon Weeden as the team's starting quarterback. The Browns benched him once this season but git stuck with him again because of Hoyer season ending knee injury.

This game will be a great test of Weeden's abilities or lack of ability to play quarterback in the NFL. The team is 3-2 because of solid defensive play and the play of Brian Hoyer at quarterback. If Weeden fails to play well on Sunday we have to wonder if the Cleveland coaching staff will still feel they have no other choice come next week.

The Browns we ready to move on from their soon to be 30-year-old quarterback, but then he was thrown right back in their face. Weeden knows what is at stake in this game, now it is up to him to go and prove he can play quarterback in the NFL.

He hasn't been able to make the case yet, and going up against the Lions front 7 isn't going to help his cause come Sunday. Weeden said he heard the boos when he stepped in for the injured Hoyer, if he turns the ball over on Sunday the boos he heard in the last game will be nothing in comparison to what he will hear in this game.

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