Weeden less than 50-50 chanceChirs Wesseling a reporter for the NFL give Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden less than a 50% chance of starting for the team in 2013, He also reports that Colt McCoy is in the Browns plans for the 2013 season but doesn’t go into details. It is no secret that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith has a close relationship with the Brown new O.C. Norv Turner. Whether or not the Browns will reach a deal to bring Smith the Cleveland remains to be seen. Wesseling also talks about the possibility of  bring in Michael Vick to Cleveland. I think Vick has seen his finer days in the NFL already. He showed last season he is losing what he once had.

There is going to be a quarterback competition in Cleveland this year. Who the competition is anyone’s guess at this time.  Now that the Super Bowl is over and Smith is free to talk to other teams it will be interesting to see whether the Browns reach out to him. He loved Turner and that could play a huge role in a decision to come to Cleveland. After hearing team owner Jimmy Haslam talk over the weekend from New Orleans it did seem as though he wanted to pay out big bucks to any single player.

We are just going to have to wait and see what the Cleveland Browns do to hold their quarterback competition. One thing is for certain, Weeden better be working hard this off-season or he could find himself out of a job…



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  1. longhaul

    should have been that way last year

    • LG

      I agree. We had an IDIOT for a head coach last year. Lets hope we don’t this year…

  2. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … who is chris wesseling ?? is he now part of the browns brass that will be deciding our qb situation ??

    obviously , both weeden & mccoy are currently in the plans for 2013.
    kind of a no-brainer.

    • LG

      TB2, it tells you right in the title who the guy is…He is a reporter that works for the NFL…. Google is a great tool

      • tigersbrowns2

        sorry LG … i know who he is … i was being a little sarcastic.
        my point is : is he privvy to knowledge about what the browns brass is talking about in regards to the qb situation ?? … i doubt it.

        i am guessing that this is strictly his opinion.

        • LG

          I think he talked to Haslam at the festivities this past weekend…..Haslam has not made any secret about his opinions concerning Weeden….

  3. oreally

    If I see McCoy under center starting for any other reason than injury
    I will seriously cut all ties with the franchise. Honestly how many more times must we see roll out right interception right. He was horrible reguardless of the coaching staff, at least with Weeden we saw some promise.
    Really if Weedens age was not a factor I would be stoked about the kid. However he is what he is age wise. Honestly Cut McCoy or trade him to San Fran for Alex Smith they will need a backup. Let Smith Weeden and a young draft pick compete for the job.

    • Bob


    • ABrown

      Oh really?

      When I see a comment like this, my first thought is that the writer didn’t watch many games and/or doesn’t know much about football.

      But the most likely explanation is that people see what they want to see or have been told to see. That’s proven convincingly in a famous experiment about perception and eye witness testimony

      Each person from a large sample is shown a picture of two men standing up facing each other in a subway car. One guy is black. The other is white. The white guy is wearing a suit, and the black guy is wearing working clothes. One of the two is threatening the other with a knife.

      After a quick look, each viewer is asked who had the knife. A large majority said the black guy in work clothes had the knife.

      But in the picture, it’s the white guy in the suit who has the knife and is obviously threatening his fellow passenger.

      That’s why it’s good to look at performance measures or stats in football games instead of relying on what you were expecting to see. The white guy has the knife, and McCoy can complete long passes and stretch the field.

  4. RB

    I believe on February 1st Haslam said that Weeden would have to win the job – that it wouldn’t be handed to him. So in three days he has changed his mind and Weeden is suddenly out of the picture.

    By the way, is Wesseling the guy who said Chip Kelly was a lock for the Browns because Kelly was in love with McCoy, or was that someone else? I’m trying to figure out how to spend that first round pick the Eagles are gonna give the Browns for the highly sought after McCoy.

    BS aside I’m guessing, as TB2 has said, that both Weeden & McCoy will be competing for the QB starting position along with anyone else they may decide to bring in. I’m guessing that unless the Browns are going to trade for Smith, it will be a Weeden/McCoy competition, and unless either one shows significant improvement we will be playing “draft a QB” again in 2014.

    Have a good day all.

    • ABrown

      Nothing has changed since new management came in half way through the season. They told Weeden he would have to show them something in the last 8 games to convince them he should start.

      They weren’t convinced, and now Weeden isn’t the starter. He should be very glad they haven’t named a starter yet, but it’s clear Weeden isn’t it.

      Now he’s been told he will have the chance to compete for the starting job. I think there really will be a competition this year — no one in management needs to blame the QB for last season to save their jobs.

      But think back. The last time the starting QB from the previous season was told he would have the chance to compete for the starting job, it certainly didn’t mean he was probably going to start, did it?

      • tigersbrowns2

        with all due respect , m’lady … i think you may be prematurely counting weeden out.

        my gut tells me that turner & chud think they may have a decent qb in weeden & will want to coach him up … or i have gas , one of the two.

        • Bob

          m’lady ? Why insert that? We know ABrown is a female. Should we address you as m’man ? Seems a bit unnecessary and could bee taken as being talked down to.

          • tigersbrowns2

            ummm , BOB … you can address me however you wish. i don’t think she will take offense by it … ’cause i meant no disrespect.

            i disagree with you & her more than anybody … but i don’t disrespect either one of you.

        • Bob

          fat finger. Meant “be” not “bee”

        • ABrown

          TB2, I’m not counting Weeden in or out. I’m just pointing out what the Brown’s new owner and management have said about him . . . and letting you draw your own conclusion.

          I guess you don’t think it looks too good for him either. We’ll see what happens.

  5. longhaul

    oreally if you think weeden is good all i can say is you must have fallen and hit your head.he could not make it in baseball and he wont be around much longer in have to be the only person who seen promise in weeden. only thing i seen was a strong arm, but no clue were it was gonna end up.

  6. Sam

    If you watch Norv Turner’s press conference and watch his reaction when asked about Colt McCoy you will realize that he has no future with the Browns, at least as a starter.

    • LG

      seems to be the same story when they are asked about Weeden too….

      • ABrown

        Yes, LG. They said McCoy has been productive and Weeden needs coaching. If I were choosing the comments, I’d rather have someone say I could get it done than that I hadn’t done much yet to show I could even do the job.

        • LG

          I think McCoy would have gotten the Browns more than 5 wins in 2012. He should have a shot, he is a warrior……He has the heart to win. Weeden Don’t

          • Bob

            Lombardi and Cribbs were vocal about what you believe also.

  7. Matthew

    I like Weeden and would like to see the Browns new staff give him the chance to use his arm to THROW THE BALL DOWN FIELD. Despite your obvious preference for McCoy LG, you always fail to address the one glaring difference between the two qbs, and that is Colt’s lack of arm strength. I really do like McCoy’s athleticism, smarts and moxy but the fact is he just cant make the long throw with the velocity needed to succeed. My guess is(and it’s just a guess) that if the competition is between the two of them, Weeden just seems to fit better. If you just look at the qb’s the current coaching staff has had success with(save Cam Newton), Weeden seems to better fit the mold of DA,Rivers or Aikman. If they bring in Alex Smith, I think he takes it. He is like a hybrid between our two current qb’s.

    • LG

      Mathew I have a preference for winning. I could care less who does it. Just win some freaking football games…..

  8. longhaul

    lg. you are right winning is the bottom line. i really fail to see why some people say weeden is so much better than mccoy. look at how much more talent weeden had to work with than mccoy did. and how many more wins did he produce?

    • LG

      I don’t understand it either. We saw it in the Denver game, McCoy moved the team down field got in to the red zone and scored 6. If Weeden would have been doing that we wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we?

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … it was a nice scoring drive …and i’m happy the mccoy supporters got to see their boy succeed.

        i also remember the passes (3 in a row) that he bounced WELL short of the receivers. this is where mccoy gets the bad rap with the arm strength.

        • LG

          McCoy said he did that to give his guys a break.

          • bobg

            They both are horrible. Get rid of both of them.

        • ABrown

          TB2, you’ve brought up those throw away passes before.

          One more time, there is a big difference between missing your target and throwing the ball away to avoid taking a sack for a loss when the play’s not there.

          Those passes in the dirt had plenty of zip, and were completely on target because they weren’t supposed to be caught. People who coach QBs call those good plays.

          The first pass McCoy threw had so much zip on it that Watson couldn’t hold onto it. Those long sideline completions to Benjamin were thrown into tight coverage with no problem.

          But Weeden has had so much trouble with those sideline passes that Shurmur stopped calling them for him. Strong arm or not, Weeden has cerainly managed to get a lot of those passes intercepted. Off target, too late, tipped at the line of scrimmage, no fade or out routes at all, and few 3rd down conversions or TDs — I don’t know any strong-armed QBs in the NFL who have those problems.

          The new coaches say they are going to try to make Weeden “as good as he can be”, but Weeden will have to start working very hard to show that he can be good at all.

  9. tigersbrowns2

    hi LONGHAUL … good point , but you can also look at it another way …
    weeden was playing on the youngest squad in the nfl … there were 4-5 rookies starting / playing most of the time on offense … more talent ?
    sure … but much less experience than what mccoy had to work with. lots of rookie mistakes.

    as it stands – mccoy 6-15 as starter
    weeden 5-10 as starter

  10. tigersbrowns2

    and talking about arm strength … did anyone hear phil simms comment about this subject during the superbowl on how critical it is in today’s nfl ??

    arm strength is obviously more than being able to throw a deep ball …
    which mccoy supporters say he can do … maybe he can. but it’s also about being able to put some zip on the ball on a 15 yard slant & fit it in a tight hole in-between 2-3 defenders. this where i think weeden has it over mccoy.

    now , weeden definitely needs to work on his accuracy , decision making & looking-off defenders if he plans on being the starter next year … maybe his wife can help with these things as well.

    and, IF weeden ends-up as starter next year he will improve leaps & bounds just by working with turner & chud.

    just my opinion … I am sure ABROWN , BOB & LG will set me straight.

    • Bob

      You forgot Longhaul & Marty.

      BTW – I think there is still time for Weeden to practice for this year’s Masters in Augusta.

    • Old Coach

      There you have it sports fans, TB2 said…”now , weeden definitely needs to work on his accuracy , decision making & looking-off defenders if he plans on being the starter next year … maybe his wife can help with these things as well.” Now we know the problem, we should have drafted his wife.

      • ABrown

        Good idea, old coach. At least she would have known the play book better than her husband and would likely have made fewer mistakes.

        Lots of people say Weeden didn’t do well because he was in an offense that wasn’t suited to his talents.

        There is NO NFL OFFENSE suited to the talents of a guy who can’t or won’t learn the play book.

  11. john vranic

    Nothing more than another article by LG to support his Weeden sucks mantra. If LG had the skills he thinks he does he would be employed by a NFL team. He is entertaining however…

    • ABrown

      John, you’re confusing LG with a lot of the local press who really are bought and paid for. But it’s certainly not good journalism when a writer takes money to write whatever someone wants him to say.

      Be glad you can read an honest point of view here, even if you don’t agree with it.

      • LG

        That is right. The rest of the media is too busy trying to protect their Browns press credentials…..They were afraid Holmgren wouldn’t give them play off tickets…..BAhahhahhahhhahhaa

  12. Bob

    Hey Weeden lovers. Who was the starter last year? Your boy Weeden. If he was so good and so promising, then why did they announce there will be a REAL competition for a starter NOW? Weeden had the last 8 games to prove something and he did nothing to give the brass the confidence that they should stick with him. Since Weeden can not handle pressure, he now has the pressure of a REAL competition. I think wwe know how thiis story will end. Bye. Bye Weeden.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi BOB … i will save this post & remind you of it if weeden ends-up being the starter next year. you too are prematurely counting him out.

      • Bob

        Save it

  13. Bob

    I want Weeden hero stories.

    So Weeden Fans, I have been asking for weeks and no one has replied. If you like Weeden so much, tell us about all those clutch plays that Weeden had to pull out a win for his team. I want one, one play where the game was on the line and Weeden was the hero. I want one game mentioned where he was responsible for beating a really good team. The one game where he was the difference.

    In your answer, I don’t want any “McCoy has no arm strength” or “McCoy can’t throw the long ball” stories (which are getting old and they are not really true.). I don’t want any complaints about the rookies this year because it’s a fact that McCoy had a less talented team to wok with. Fact is McCoys receivers had worse hands then Weeden’s receivers this year and the Weeden had a 100% improved O-line for protection. Almost 9 seconds – Right Marty? Also, no complaints about Shurmur – McCoy had him too.

    I am waiting ……..

    • Bob

      BTW – I want Weeden hero stories for his time with the Browns.

      • tigersbrowns2

        okay BOB … i will step up to the plate …

        no , weeden did not lead any game-winning drives late in the 4th quarter.
        and no , he did not complete a hail mary on the last play of the game to eek-out a victory. he did however play solidly in wins against the bengals & raiders … and he played very well in losses to the bengals , colts & cowboys. he also managed a 3 game winning streak. i believe he also obliterated the browns rookie record for most passing yards in a season.

        if you want to know about how big of a hero he really is … read the story on weeden & 6 year-old gavin kuykendall. this was a spotlight story on the espn pre-game show … you just might have a little more respect for the man.

        • LG

          TB2, with all due respect, if the Bengals didn’t turn the ball over and shoot themselves in the foot, Weeden wouldn’t have won the game…

          • tigersbrowns2

            mornin’ LG … i stayed away from “what ifs” & “shoulda coulda wouldas” in my post , but since you brought it up … the browns should’ve beat the colts, if not for a dropped td pass & the cowboys , had the defense not let that game get away.

        • Bob

          1. A winning streak against two of the worst teams and a Steeler team without Big Ben. KC game, 30 – 7 Browns. Sounds great. How many touchdowns did Weeden throw? ZERO. The Steelers game was 20 – 14 Browns. Weeden got a touchdown. Hooray!! But he only had 158 yards. In Oakland, Weeden got 1 touchdown and 364 yards. Which is good, not great because for over 350 yards one would expect at least one more touchdown, especially since Oakland was the 3rd worst team. I did like is 364 yards though. I think I remember his problem in Oakland was in the red zone. Big problem with Weeden is he has problems converting on 3rd downs.

          2. “obliterated the browns rookie record for most passing yards in a season. ” – “Obliterated” for the Browns standard. You want “obliterated” passing numbers for a rookie? Andrew Luck had 4374 passing yards compared to Weeden’s 3385. 100% better o-line protection compared to the previous 2 years helped Weeden along with receivers who could catch a ball compared to 2012.

          3. You said, “if you want to know about how big of a hero he really is … read the story on weeden & 6 year-old gavin kuykendall … you just might have a little more respect for the man.” I saw that. That’s great. In fact it’s wonderful that he helps this family. I never said I don’t respect “the man”. We’re talking the “football player man” here. I feel he was not a good “football player” in 2012, which has nothing to do with his community or charity work. Don’t spin it and make me feel like I have to respect him as a player for his work in the community. I have read and watched other many Browns players, including McCoy in the community helping out those in need. I NEVER questioned his personal life and I was asking for heroics on the field.

    • tigersbrowns2

      BOB … it sounds to me like you’re making excuses for mccoy (above).
      i don’t care who was blocking , running or catching … this is the nfl.

      then maybe we can both agree that weeden had a more talented , but less experienced squad to work with … while mccoy had a more experienced , but less talented squad to work with.

      • ABrown

        What we hear most about Weeden is how he’s the victim, not the hero. Poor Weeden. He had talented rookies playing with him just like Andrew Luck, except Luck took team to the playoffs that had been 2-14 last year. I bet Luck would have loved to have the experience offensive line that protected Weeden.

        What Weeden had is everything handed to him and amazing coaching support and coddling. What he also had was one of the weakest shedules in Browns history with all that talent. Yet he couldn’t do significantly better than McCoy with less talent in 2010 and 2011 and facing two of the strongest schedules in Browns history. (Pro Football Reference — Franchise Encyclopedia).

        Weeden, like Anderson in 2007, faced a weak schedule, but at least Anderson won twice as many games. But poor Weeden, he had to try to learn an NFL play book and it was too hard for him. He was given his job without having to earn it, he had all those fast and talented rookies and one of the best pass blocking O-lines in the NFL, a defense and return game that gave him the ball in field goal range so he didn’t have to sustain a drive, and a kicker who could score from anywhere inside the opponent’s 40.

        He had to work hard to lose all those games.

        • Bob

          good post

      • Bob

        You said – “it sounds to me like you’re making excuses for mccoy (above).
        i don’t care who was blocking , running or catching … this is the nfl” Excuses?

        TB2 – You should care who is blocking, running or catching because it IS the NFL. You want to say blocking, running or catching does not matter because Weeden had it and McCoy didn’t? What do you mean? Richardson does not matter? Gordon does not matter? Schwartz does not matter? Interesting. Yes, this is the NFL. Not a training ground for Weeden to take the time learn for the whole 2012 season.

        No excuses, facts. Fact is Weeden had more talent (especially O-Line protection, better Runningbacks and Receivers) around him. Even Grossi admitted that in one of his articles and Lombardi, Cribbs, other reporters, etc. said the Browns would have done better with McCoy. Weeden did not take advantage of the better talent.

        FACT – A talented QB would see open receivers that announcers constantly pointed out that are missed. A talented QB does not need his wife to breakdown the playbook for him. Talented rookie or 1st year QBs for 2012 are named Griffin, Wilson, Kaepernick & Luck – who led their teams to the playoffs (and Super Bowl for one) with the help of the rest of their team. All mentioned QBs younger then Weeden. Weeden was suppose to be more mature and ready to go without making the usual rookie mistakes.

        • ABrown

          Excellent post, Bob.

  14. tigersbrowns2

    mornin’ ABROWN & BOB … thank you setting me straight. i knew you would.

    at least i can admit weeden has his downfalls … do either of you ever admit that mccoy has his as well ??

    • ABrown

      TB2, we can always count on you to stir the pot and then crayfish when someone responds.

      • tigersbrowns2

        mornin’ ABROWN … “crayfish” ??? … i’ll just take it as a compliment.
        lmao …

    • Bob

      TB2 – Although we don’t agree, I still respect your opinion.

      If Colt does something consistently bad as Weeden did, then yes.

      However, honestly I feel Colt will be traded. I have stated that in recent posts over the last month or two. Perhaps they want to wipe the slate clean as far as QBs go. I personally think Colt belongs with a different coaching scheme then what Chud has done in the past. In general, I don’t think the new coaching staff is a match for him. But I could be wrong. I also really believe Colt would do better in a state with hot weather, since he came from that. I mean real hot weather – Texas, Arizona or Florida. When he was drafted originally, I thought that. Now, I think Arians or Kelly or even going to Jacksonville is better for his career. Would like him to stay a Brown, but not sure if he will be.

      As far as Weeden goes, not a fan obviously for many reasons. I am sure we can agree the WCO is not for him. If Weeden stays, maybe they can give him an offense that is better for him, perhaps that was the main problem this year for him. Maybe his agent can help him with his media/communication mishaps. I for one don’t understand coaches pushing systems that are not right for particular QBs. Whoever is QB…. LETS WIN!!!!

      • Bob

        BTW – I could see a McCoy and another player for Kolb trade.

      • LG

        Ya know I just don’t understand why all these people think Weeden is the great white savior. He comes in shows his strong arm yes, Doesn’t win but one more game than the 2011 season, shows signs of being afraid to stand in there throws in-accurate passes most of the time, leads the Browns to the second worse record in the zone and the list could go on and on. He didn’t do any better than McCoy and he had more weapons than Colt did by far.

        • BOB

          I don’t understand either. I think it’s some of the Cleveland sports writers like Pluto & Grossi, who you can tell don’t like McCoy. Yesterday, Pluto wrote, “They certainly will bring in another quarterback, as I hear they don’t consider Colt McCoy a viable starting option.”

          HE (Pluto) HEARS? From who? The ball boy? Shurmur spreading rumors? Some blogger on some other website? Pluto has this love affair with Weeden for some really strange reason.

          It’s like Weeden gets all the rope with most of the Cleveland Sports writers.

      • tigersbrowns2

        thanks BOB … good post … and yes, i agree …

        • BOB

          Thanks TB2 – See we can agree. Have a nice evening.

    • Bob

      Oh yeah – you asked “do either of you ever admit that mccoy has his as well ?? ”

      Well, I’ve only posted here since October. Since McCoy did not really play this year, then there is nothing to write about. When he did play in Denver when Weeden went down, Colt had a 80 yard drive for a TD. And that was a positive.


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