The NFL power ranking are out just in time for week one action. The Browns with QB Brandon Weeden steering the ship are ranked number 28th. This isn’t much of an improvement over last season. The Browns have a new coach and new offensive coordinator and thy still can’t get the respect of the ranking system.

Perhaps the fact that Browns starting quarterback Brandon Weeden had the 5th worse TQR of any quarterback attempting passes down the field of 15 yards or longer comes into play here.   Weeden is going to have to improve his accuracy if he expects to move up in the ratings.

People want to blame all of his problems of last season on dropped passes and yes, the Browns dropped a few few balls, but Weeden didn’t live up to the credibility of being a highly accurate passer coming into the NFL.

We saw him have the same problems in his last preseason game in Indianapolis 2 weeks ago. We can only hope that all this is behind Weeden and the Cleveland Browns and b y some miracle Weeden won’t panic when faced with pressure and he can find the down field accuracy he was billed to have coming into the NFL.

It is about time the Cleveland Browns gained some respect in the NFL. The city and the fans deserve a team after 14 years that ranks a little higher than 28th…..

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. marty

    The browns will be better than 28th. Our defense will be more controlling. The offense will have more time.The offense will have some, not alot of big plays. What we won’t have is long controlling drives.If weedon doesn’t learn to pick-up third and seven situations they’ll be home for Christmas.Most of Cleveland wins will be won in the trenches.

  2. Bobby D

    Tomorrow will stop a lot of speculation.

    • LG

      Yes you are right Bobby D…. What do you think is going to happen this season…..Predictions…..


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