When the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell paid a visit to the Browns practice facility on Thursday, he gave an interview where he said that Jimmy Haslam III is a man of integrity. He went on to say that Haslam III is doing a good job handling the scandal that his company Pilot Flying J is faced with.

Is Goodell serious? How can Haslam III be a man of integrity when he is standing by and watching his employees plead guilty to fraud charges? He is under a federal investigation for what took place inside the company that he heads.

What is Goodell going to say when Haslam III gets indicted? Is he going to come forward and tell the world he misjudged Haslam III? I seriously doubt it. Haslam III still maintains he knew nothing about the fraud his company was involved in.

Some have a hard time believing that he knew nothing about what was taking place inside his own company especially after telling everyone what a hands on owner he is. There are some that faced criminal charges from Pilot Flying J that said Haslam not only knew about the scam they were running, he gave it his blessing.

If Haslam gets indicted in this case he is not only going to give the Cleveland Browns a black eye, he is going to give Roger Goodell a black eye too. The NFL will take action if Haslam gets indicted and it is going to be interesting to see how Goodell back-pedals on the statements he made on Thursday.

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  1. 1stAnubiis

    To answer your question, just watch, its not like anyone that has plead guilty was his brother or sister or best friend. They worked for him and have smeared Haslam and Pilot Flying J with their greed and illegal activities. When this blows up in your face KG I wonder is Haslam will come after you for defamation of character.


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