Joe Banner To Evaluate Brandon WeedenJoe Banner the new president of the Cleveland Browns hasn’t been sold yet as far as Brandon Weeden being the Browns quarterback in 2013. Some fans think Weeden is the best thing for the Cleveland Browns since the invention of sliced bread, Banner hasn’t been sold on Weeden yet. Why would he be? Weeden  hasn’t displayed the talents of being the teams leader going forward. Heckert the Browns general manager was forced by former team president Mike Holmgren to pick Weeden with the teams 22nd pick in the  first round of the 2012 N.F.L. draft. Since coming to the Browns and taking over the starting role at quarterback Weeden has gone 2-7. It is obvious that isn’t exactly what Haslm and Banner are looking for in a quarterback.

If Brandon Weeden is to remain the Browns starter in 2013 he has got a lot of ground to gain in the next 7 games. Brandon Weeden comes from one failed professional sports career and some think you are either born to be a leader or you just don;t have it. So far Weeden has fallen into the category of not having it. The Browns looked terrible in their last game against the Baltimore Ravens and Weeden had one of his worst performances since taking over the rains of the Cleveland Browns.

Joe Banner has a certain expectation out of N.F.L. quarterbacks, he tends to lean towards guys that can find their way out of trouble when needed. SO far Brandon Weeden has shown he folds at the slightest signs of pressure and has shown little of the ability to work his way out of trouble. If Weeden faces pressure in the 1st quarter of the game, he isn’t very good from that point forward. If Brandon Weeden expects to remain the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns he better dig deep over the next 7 games and find the heart of a champion if he indeed has one.

Throughout his career in the N.F.L. Joe Banner has been around a lot of quarterbacks that could scramble to buy more time if needed. In simple terms, Brandon Weeden doesn’t fit the mold of a Joe Banner quarterback,with Haslam and Banner watching closely over the next few weeks, it is important for Weeden to do something. Banner is watching closely and if Weeden doesn’t perform, I doubt if he will be around next season as the Browns starting quarterback.

Brandon Weeden could end up being another of the Cleveland Browns one hit wonders. This time could be the last time with the new ownership taking over the Browns, these guys will build Cleveland a winner.

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  1. longhaul

    i think bringing in a vet. proven coach would do wonders for this team. weeden is only at best a backup qb.even the players are starting to second guess weeden and shurmur. when that starts things get really ugly.mccoy was made out to be the scapegoat for last years record.wonder who will be this years? bottom line the talent is there the coaching is NOT.

  2. ABrown

    I was looking at the 3rd down conversions stat page on ESPN and was surprised by what I found.

    This year, the Browns are 27th in the league. In 2011 we were 12th. In 2011, we had a crippled offensive line, injured running backs, and the same abysmal coaching. McCoy did a lot in the worst possible conditions.

    McCoy may not be the long term solution. I don’t know about that, but McCoy is good enough to make progress with and build a team with, since there aren’t any can’t miss QBs in this year’s draft. And there are some outstanding pass rushers, wide receivers, and offensive linemen.

  3. Bob

    Maybe the Browns front office can learn something from the Los Angeles Lakers front office in regards to getting rid of a bad coach before it really effects the team as a whole or causes injury to the players. Would the Los Angeles Lakers ever hire a first time coach learning on the job? NO!! The Los Angeles Lakers are a winning franchise because they do what it takes to get the best talent to win. This means players and coaches.

    With that being said Shurmur has to go now and so does Childress (just ask a Vikings fan). Childress was just another “friend” hire. I for one think the Browns are more talented then what their record shows. Under a different EXPERIENCED WINNING coach, I believe the Browns would be a totally different team.

    • LG

      They should have played that tune long before now. What has me worried is the fact Banner is saying maybe Shumur could be here next season, I certainly hope he is kidding us….

    • ABrown

      Everything is pretty uncertain now, but I have a hard time understanding why Shurmur hasn’t been removed already. He’s certainly not doing the team any good.

      The only good reason I can think of is that the new leadership doesn’t feel that comfortable with any of the options as interim coach either. But this feels a little like Philadelphia West in the making.

      • Bob

        I agree. Maybe they are keeping Shurmur so they guarantee to draft in one of the top 3 slots. After all, the only thing Shurmur excels in is losing.

        In regards to Weeden, in my opinion, if he does not win one of the Steelers’ games, he’s definitely out. His biggest problem is not handling pressure. As we all know, champions excel in pressure.

        Can’t wait to see the game next week. Weeden will probably have to hear Cowboy fans calling for McCoy since McCoy is a legend in Texas. Personally, I don’t want McCoy playing until Shurmur is gone since it appears Shurmur has it out for him.

        • LG

          The Cowboys are probably going to kick Weeden’s ass, they need to win a lot of games to do something and they could take it out on the Browns…

          • ABrown

            Maybe they are waiting for Andy Reid. . .It looks like this may be his last year in Philadelphia.

            I can’t see Haslem keeping Shurmur to be in charge of anything. He was with the Eagles for over 10 years without a promotion. It would be like spending 100K on a fancy sports car and then letting the neighbor’s 14yr old son take it out to practice for his driving test. I think the “evaluation” at the end of the season will be a lot like the QB “competition” in preseason.

            Bob, I think you’re right about hoping Colt doesn’t play as long as Shurmur is calling the plays.

          • LG

            How about Mike Holmgren wanting to coach the Dallas Cowboys? The guys butt cheek prints aren’t even off the couch in Randy Learners office yet and he is already talking about coaching. When he was here and asked if he would coach he was the first one to say his coaching days were done. He said he wouldn’t work the kind of hours that a head coach needs to put in and now he wants to coach in Dallas. Lets hope Jerry Jones isn’t depart enough to fall for the hook,line and sinker this holmgren throws out. Now that he is labled as a loser he should have to live the rest of his life that way. After all, he made his bed now that he has to lay in it, he sure doesn’t feel to comfortable…..

  4. longhaul

    i agree with you bob. and banner is giving weeden all the chances he can to prove himself. then banner can say you had one season and you done nothing with it. as far as shurmur they are just biding there time until they find the right coach to lead them next year.maybe with any luck at all holmgren will get a coaching job and take his adopted son with him

    • Bob

      lol longhaul.

      LG – I heard about Holmgren wanting to coach the Cowboys. Can you see it? Jerry, Holmgren and Shurmer as the OL Coach (or tackling dummy) – Never happen though. Dallas is not big enough for a circus of that magnitude. Now that I think about it, I wonder what Uncle Fritz has on Holmgren to make Holmgren take his nephew as head coach? I can see Dallas going after Sean Payton though, since I think Payton still lives in Dallas.

      ABrown – I don’t think Reid will come to Cleveland. I believe I heard Reid & Banner had some issues in Philly. Is that right LG?

      The next coach? I think they go for a big splash for the next coach to send a message and make a statement that the Cleveland Browns are for real now. I think they’ll get someone who has either won a Super Bowl or BCS National Championship. Here’s my list in order:

      1. Bill Cowher
      2. Sean Payton (may want a fresh start)
      3. Nick Saban
      4. Urban Meyer (longshot, may want a National Championship with Ohio State first before taking the leap to the NFL) BTW – I thought Meyer had heart issues. What happened to that?

      I am not sold on Gruden and I heard Dungy say he’s not looking to coach now. Unfortunate because I think Dungy would be a top choice tied with Cowher.

      On Weeden. Forgot to add that besides not handling pressure, I think the ultimate thing that he has against him is his lack of football smarts under pressure as many of you have pointed out also. As we all know, they made such a big deal about his age and maturity as a reason to start him as the starter right away. In the end, if he does not improve, they may say Weeden, at his age & maturity, should have performed better at this level. In my opinion, it may be Weeden “the statue” who ends up as the career back up and not McCoy “Mr. Mobility”.

  5. Bob

    Hmmm . Where are the McCoy haters with this article?

    • LG

      Haters? We need to see what Colt Can do. Weeden could take a big hit coming up soon and they are going to need Colt…

      • Bob

        Meant responders who were McCoy haters. Not your article itself. Sorry.

        • LG

          I know Bob….


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