New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III said today he is leaving the team in good hands. Haslam III said he misses running his Pilot Flying J truck stop chain, he is returning to the company to resume his duties as the CEO. Haslam feels he has a great group of people in charge in Berea, he feels the team is in capable hands. The Cleveland Browns have a new head coach and new offensive coordinator and a new defensive coordinator.

Haslam III has placed the trust of the team in Joe Banner’s hands. He is the guy that Haslam expects to take care of the day to day operations of the Cleveland Browns. With Jimmy Haslam returning to run the empire he and his family built, I wonder what the Browns plans for the NFL are. I’ll bet Haslam makes trips back to Cleveland and I’ll bet he sits in on meetings to see who the Browns plan on taking in the NFL draft.

It is going to be an interesting time over at Cleveland Browns headquarters. lets hope Haslam has placed his trust in the right people.
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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Bob

    Are you kidding me? Is this an early April Fools joke? Haslam leaving after not even being there a full season? What happened to the idea of an owner that was going to be around for all to see? Would rather run a truck stop business then a NFL football team? – lol .

    So Haslam makes a big “I am here for all to see” SPLASH and then LEAVES after a couple of months? What a liar or should I say QUITTER. Maybe he did not like living in Cleveland? So strange. Maybe then FANS should quit on the team since the leader quit on the team & does not even want to be around? As it was already, I do not like the Chud hire and I do not think I have patience to watch this team rebuild again under another “absentee” owner. Maybe this organization should stop taking the fans for granted. I guess the fans will vote with their $$$$$ .

    • Bob

      Wait a minute. Maybe Haslam does want the fans to quit on the team. Haslam is a business man first. Maybe he wants to move the team to Los Angeles, San Antonio, Oklahoma City or some other city. I don’t know, but Haslam leaving for Pilot J is not good and sends a mighty bad message. Not good at ALL for fans who have been put through a lot with this team. Including the fact that the fans’ old team “The Ravens” just won a Super Bowl for another city. So approving an ownership by the NFL means what? NOTHING!!!!!

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi BOB … i think it’s just the opposite … he will be more involved than you think … and i’ll bet he’ll be at every game , home & away, unlike lerner.

        at first i thought he was going to be a very hands-on owner like jerry jones … which may or may not fly. he is a very smart man, & i think he realizes he hired good people to do a good job. now it’s up to banner , lombardi & chud to do their jobs … that’s the way it should be.

        have a good one …

  2. RB

    I don’t know enough about Banner to make a call on what I think of him. If Lombardi was his choice of a hire, that’s a strike against him, but I will still give him a benefit of the doubt.

    I’m okay with both our offensive and defensive coordinators. It’s an upgrade for both of them. I’m guessing we may only have Horton for a year or two because he’s head coach material.

    I’m okay with Chud. We’ll see how things go. I’m guessing Haslam will give him a minimum of 3 years to turn things around. We’ll just have to wait and see. He should be a significant upgrade.

    I am not convinced Lombardi was a sound pick. Free agency and the draft should give on whether he has gotten any smarter. I’m not convinced.

    I’m glad Haslam is leaving. I prefer he stay in the background when it comes to personnel.

    So I have Chud, Horton, Turner as +s, Banner & Haslam as undecided and Lombardi as a -.

    • tigersbrowns2

      good post RB …

      i wasn’t too keen on lombardi either … let’s see if he learned anything in his time away from being a gm … we should know when the upcoming draft & free-agency period is over.

      i personally like haslam’s hands-off approach … i’m sure there will be hell to pay if you don’t do your job.

  3. Terry

    The man is a business owner that was able to buy the Browns because of his success in business. That also means that to continue owning the Browns requires continued success in his primary business which is Pilot. He built an excellent operation to manage day-to-day operations of the franchise – no one wants an owner looking over the shoulder of the Browns staff second guessing every decision. He is an incrediblly smart man to understand his role in the Browns operation so lighten up Bob.

  4. RICK

    I agree with Terry on this one, good post


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