The Cleveland Browns held family night this past Wednesday at the Browns Stadium, it was a great time by all. There were all kinds of reporters attending this free to the public practice session, many of them say Colt McCoy clearly is a much improved quarterback this season and he out shined the Browns named starter Brandon Weeden. While Weeden did impress some of the fans these same reporters stated Brandon Weeden looked to have problems and threw a few interceptions. The question is why rush Weeden into the war? If the guy isn't ready to compete on the N.F.L. level and Colt McCoy really is as much improved as these guys are saying why won't Browns head Coach Pat Shurmur give Colt McCoy a shot?

Shurmur may be using Colt McCoy as an excuse for his poor season as a rookie head coach. The Browns want to be an improved team this year, if Weeden goes into competition when the season starts and continues to throw interceptions it isn't going to help the Browns win. Pat Shurmur obviously knows that. The head coach has a responsibility to put the best players on the field at every position. Shurmur has to put his personal feeling behind him and forget about what happened in 2011.

If Colt McCoy is better than Weeden, Shurmur should play McCoy. He owes it to the fans to build a winning team, the fans in Cleveland have been loyal and have waited for years to see the Browns become competitive on the N.F.L., Shurmur should realize that. Browns fans want to see winning football. Pat Shurmur needs to do whatever it takes to win games. People that have watched the Browns for years and go to the training sessions report McCoy is playing better than Brandon Weeden.

Pat Shurmur is ignoring that fact and his personal feelings could end up costing the Cleveland Browns wins. If the Browns are only giving Weeden a start because of his age and McCoy is the better quarterback for the Browns, Shurmur could be doing this city and Browns fans a terrible injustice.... Lets hope this guy isn't letting his personnel feelings dictate how he coaches the Cleveland Browns.....

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