First it was Mitch Mortaza who took a bunch of the American LFL players to Canada to cover up the fact the Canadians weren’t ready for prime time. Then he fired the coaches in Canada, now he is paying the American Girls while the Canadian Girls get nothing. Mortaza will stop at nothing to make it seem like he is taking over the world with this cheap imitation of football. He has to constantly find ways to pull the wool over the Canadians eyes. This way they think they have something that resembles football.

As we know Mortaza suspended paying the women in the States some time ago. It seems like the guy is always promising to do great things for the women who sacrifice so much to play in his LFL. Mortaza makes all kinds of promises to the LFL players and part of that may be the women in the States getting paid in 2013. If you play in the LFL and you want to get paid it looks like you need to go to Canada and help Mitchell Mortaza pull the wool over the good people in Canada’s eyes.

I wonder how the Canadian women like the fact Mortaza is paying the American players and not them?

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  1. Anonymous Player

    LG you are rite. We hate this but its a fact of life. If you want to play you have to play under their rules. One of the girls said that Mitch is paying them a per diem of like $250 per game down from the $500 he already promised. I love football but am surprised the CBC hasn’t picked up on this. Idk if Canadian fans would support a sport that doesn’t pay their own but pays Americans to play. Doesn’t seem fair to me.. Its not the American girls fault but the Commissioner is cheap.


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